Chart of my…..Heart? No, Just Chart.


I haven’t talked about Outlander lately. Don’t worry I still love Jamie and Claire.

Last night I took a shower. (This is relevant, just go with me) I do random thinking in the shower. As a Facebook friend said, “when I was little I’d sing in the shower…now its where I make my life decisions…..”, It’s true. I make lots of decisions in the shower. Last night while I was tipping my head under water (my shower is built into the wall and I have to slightly duck for my shower head that’s why I was tipping) I was thinking about the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and how freaking many people are in that series.

And what did I decided to do in the shower? Make a chart. And I started making it in my head. I decided to make a chart and write it out because it always seems when I want to explain a book or a series like this, I completely confuse the person I’m explaining to. So If I had a chart or something of that sort I would be able to explain it better.

Let me tell you, I didn’t get far because I was dead tired yesterday, it was late and I still had to piece together an afghan and I fell asleep not long after starting this chart. I have a feeling that I’ll make this chart more complex than it has to. I would find it funny if someone else did this and they actually carried it everywhere and talked about it in weird places like Perkins or Maurice’s. Someone should do that and tell me how that went.

Anyway, back to the books or buch if you’re German. I’m so anxious for the next book to come out. It’s like adult Christmas for me when these books come out. I know I only had to wait like a few months for the last one but still, like Christmas!

So that’s all I really wanted to talk about. I wanted to share my genius idea somewhere.


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