It Always comes down to the Dragon


I got in a shipment of merchandise for my museum store today.

Side note – You would never guess how much of a debate there is over if it’s a museum store or a gift shop there is in the museum community. This seriously blows my mind how defensive some people are for one or the other title.

I ordered some dinosaur stuff because we were running low on some of our dino stuff. Makes sense right? Right, it does, I do have a tendency to be practical every once in a while. So, while I was on the phone ordering my sales guy, Danny, says “Oh, I’ll send you some free samples and if they sell, not a big deal, you order more”. I was like “That’s great! I like free stuff!” I had no idea what he was going to send me, which could have ended up really deadly.

I got the order today. And 2 of the 4 packages was what I ordered. One package was a really cool dinosaur banner and the other box was like a plethora of like goodness. I had all sorts of dinosaurs in there and all types of toys and there was an assortment good luck minis in there, which are cool. If you don’t know what a good luck mini is, look it up. Retail wise, I hate them but from a consumer stand-point, I love them.

Anyway, the thing that was in this box that blew me away was they sent me 2 dragons. Yeah, dragons. Like purple and blue and have wings to fly, fire-breathing dragons. I picked them up, looked them over, put them on the counter and yelled “HOW DO I SELL YOU?”. I was alone so I could get away with yelling in the museum. My museum is very fact base. We have a top paleontology program. I told Danny this and he sends me dragons.

I don’t hate dragons. Dragons and mythology around them and things like elves have a history of intriguing me. I just can’t sell them in my store and feel like I was legit. Now they can create a square with the frog and goat (who are the unofficial staff mascots) in the pile of stuff that we aren’t going to sell.

Danny tried, yes he did. He sent some legit stuff to me. I spent most of my day playing with this stuff and putting it out to sell.

Just thought I would share my experience with the dragons. Now “play” time at work will be a lot more adventurous.


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