Find the Path


My favorite analogy ever, right now at least, was put like this: Compare your problems to trees, and your trees create a forest. Now you see just one tree in your forest and you come right up to it so the only thing you see is bark. A lot of people will stand there saying “How do I get through this tree?” What needs to be done is instead of telling God the path THROUGH the tree, ask God to help you back up and find the path AROUND the trees, through the forest.

I feel like that’s an appropriate analogy, period. Even if you take the God out of it, which I don’t recommend-but if you do, it’s still good to look for the path around not through.

On a funny note, this analogy was used in church a couple weeks ago. We live in the extreme southwest corner of North Dakota. Do you know how many trees we have here? You can count them on one hand.

That also makes me wonder what else I haven’t been thinking consciencely. But problems cover a lot of ground. So it will take a while to go through the “Forest”.

Book update… Finished Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, I enjoyed it. Maybe a review on that soon. I just got The Wonderful Wizard of Oz for fifty cents, I’ve never read the book and I might have mentioned that I’m really creeped out by the movie. But I got the book and plan to read it, soon.


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