The Hunger is Gone


I have finished the Hunger Game Trilogy. Sigh

Major spoilers ahead.

Katniss had babies. Boo. Now, don’t get me wrong, Katniss deserves babies and marriage and happiness after everything that happened. But I said after the second book to a friend of mine that if she had babies, it would ruin the character for me. When I finished the first book, I was very against her having babies, second book still pretty adamant about it. She was a very strong female presence that I was positive that she wouldn’t want babies because she wouldn’t want her kids to go through what she did. Even at the end of the last book she had to be talked into having babies.

There were some very strong characters in this series, which I totally appreciate. At one point I questioned if there were to many strong personality characters. But I don’t think so now. If there had been any less, I don’t think the series would have worked.

So, Team Gale or Team Peeta. Actually Team Finnick. I love him. (Best part of the series is when they tell him to get pants on, his response was classic! Again, I love him.) But back to the other two. Well I started out Team Gale because of Katniss’ guilt of kissing Gale. But then I was Team Peeta and then got mad at Peeta for being a “traitor” but then after he was rescued, totally back on the Peeta wagon.

I feel like Katniss developed throughout the series, which being a round character is good, better than a flat character. But I was never sure how I felt about it. I finished book 3 last night and usually after sleeping on a book, I can process and figure out how I feel about stuff. But I like Katniss, I think she handles things very well. I hate that Prim was killed.

I was mildly surprised when Katniss killed 13’s president. I mean, I should have seen that coming. There were huge signs for that. But I had to reread it. Maybe I just wasn’t expecting it to happen like it did and with those consequences. I don’t know but I was a little shell-shocked with how it went down.

Haymitch. I don’t think I can go without talking about him. At first HATED the man. He was an alcoholic, who likes those guys? But after you saw what the Hunger Games really was like, you can’t help but feel for the man. At the end of the series, I kind of felt affection for Haymitch.

And can we talk about Cinna? I mean really, he was amazing and the Capital tortured and killed him. BOOO! He was a good friend to Katniss.

Anyway, liked the series and I’m sure I’ll publish this and think of more things to write, so keep checking back for updates.


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