2. Fear


Post 2 is 3 legitimate fears and how I got them.

1. Losing my immediate family/loved one. Losing my grandpa at 18 was tough but losing my parents, siblings, niece/nephew, future spouse would tear me apart. They are or will be my support system. As I mentioned in the last post, I’m insecure and I need that kind of support system pretty much daily.

2. Bison. I’ve mentioned before I worked in Medora. Medora is in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. There’s lots of bison in the TRNP. They’ve always scared me. They’re so big and could come up with several ways to kill you. It’s a legitimate fear, I don’t care if they won’t aggravate me if I don’t aggravate them.

3. Driving over water Don’t get me wrong, I can do it. I just have to hold my breath every time I have to cross. And when someone else is doing it, it’s not as bad. When I was a fifth grader, one of the sixth graders was in a car accident on the bridge that goes over the dam near where we live and passed away. It was a really tragic accident that killed all 3 in the vehicle. First day of hunting and the bridge was a little frosty. Ever since then it’s bothered me.

Number 3 to come soon.


About frustratedreader

I'm just an average 20 something female that loses myself in a good book. Life has gotten hectic trying to balance small town living, working towards teaching overseas, finding that special someone and figuring out how life is supposed to work post-college. Thank God for books and knitting!

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