9. The Most Influencial Goes to….


9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

We’re going to keep God as a “no duh” on this list. Because if you know me that’s obvious. These are also in no particular order.

1. My Parents I go to them for pretty much everything: random medical questions, car trouble, what to do when your door at work is shattered, stuff like that.

2. Mary Lou The MOST influential person in my life outside of the family. Mary Lou was my Sunday School Teacher in junior and high school. She obviously taught me a lot about spirituality but another fact about Mary is that she has cancer. She is the strongest person I have ever seen when it comes to her cancer. If I had something earth shattering as that (which I hope never happens like that), I want to handle it like her. Her strength comes from her faith and I’m getting there but I still have a lot to learn from her.

3. Mrs. Meissner My music teacher from junior/high school. She taught me a lot musically and was a supporter. What I appreciate about her was that she was our teacher first but then was almost like a friend too. We had a HUGE, bad thing happen at school my junior year and we all were all pissed off about it. She sat us down during choir, while we were practicing for our musical, and made us talk about it. She did stuff like that made a big deal for me.

4. Voege Mrs. Voegle (Voege) She was my high school English teacher/ drama coach/ speech coach in high school. I’m not in high school any more so this isn’t sucking up. English was one of my favorite classes in school because a) I was good at it b) it was fun. She made class fun. She also listened to us as well. I remember sitting in the front seat with her going to speech meets my senior year and talking and getting advice. It was a good thing.

5. Matt and Vicki Brother and sister-in-law. I have always looked up to Matt and not because he’s always been taller than me. He took a lot of responsibility for both us girls growing up. When they had kids it was natural because he had helped raise me. (not that our parents needed his help) He made sure I didn’t cry, made sure I was happy growing up. Vicki just fit in the family and is totally another sister to me.

6. Marv and Monica brother-in-law and sister. Monica is more influential because I’ve known her longer. But they gave me a home for the first 3 months I was out of mom and dad’s house, which I appreciate. Monica watched me a lot when I was little, because there’s a 5 1/2 year difference, and we’re sisters and we have common hobbies.

7. karen lowered-case k for a reason. That’s how she does it. She was my first advisor in college. I remember sitting down in her office half way through my first semester and her explaining to me, pretty gently, that mass communications/journalism wasn’t for me. Something I was starting to realize but it was just hearing those words that set me in the right course.

8. Each of my roommates I’ve ever had by name: Amber, Jewel, Alyssa, Rachel, Cassie, Blake, Mary Jo, Megan and Courtney. I learned something from each of them. They each brought something out of me either good or bad.

9. Kristen One of the first people I met in college. She challenges me spiritually, gets a little crazy with me. Good sounding board.

10. Pastor Dave and Karalyn Youth pastor and wife from high school. They took time with each of us to speak into our lives. Yay. I hung out with them a lot back in the day.

If you couldn’t tell I was getting lazy at the end but yeah that’s my list! Surprise!


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