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Music and Literature


I had a hard time thinking on what I wanted to post today. I originally thought I would talk about being single and finding the right guy. But, honestly, I’m sick of talking about it. Right now, I think that it’s an issue that I need to keep to myself. Instead of being so vocal about it, I need to pray and figure out what I need for me. No one ask about it okay? Great. It’ll come up when it comes up.

Instead let’s talk about music and literature.

Isn’t it weird how you relate some songs with a certain book? I hope that I’m not the only one who does this. For instance Jo Dee Messina’s “Hold Me Now” goes in had with the fist of “In Grandma’s Attic” books written by Arlene Richardson. First time I read that combination, it was probably the Christmas of my sixth grade year. I just got a c.d. player and that c.d. It was pretty big stuff back then when it was still (just barely) the ’90’s.

Both music and literature are strong influences in my life. It’s like they speak to me. It’s not that it’s weird but for someone who doesn’t understand, it IS weird. Usually when I’m reading, I have music in the background. Usually. Now that I’m a little older, I can’t concentrate on both as much. Now I feel like that’s weird because I’m not that old.

Anyway, music and literature….more examples.

The Books of Fell M.E. Kerr and “I’m a Believer” the one on Shrek. AAAAANNNND I’m going one step further and the game was the original Sims. All things I got for Christmas my 8th grade year. Weird combination to associate together but still, they go together in my head.

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks and “10000 Angels” By Mindy McCready. Don’t know why.

Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffeneger and “Stuck on You” by Sugarland. I was ready the book when the song was playing a lot on the radio.

Wolf Tower by Tanith Lee and “Over and Over” by Mindy McCready. This book and A Walk to Remember were when I was going through a Mindy McCready phase

Watership Down by Richard Adams and “I Can’t Get Over You” by the Temptations. I haven’t finished the book yet but I read it quick one Christmas vacation when I was going through a Temptations phase.

That’s all I have for now. I’m too tired to figure anything else out. I am surprised that I haven’t figured out anything for the Outlander series. I’ll get there.


A Few Things


I apologize for blogging so scarcely but the past few weekends have been hectic. To put life in a better light, I didn’t make a deer unconscious this weekend and I get my headlight fixed this weekend.

Here is a few things a learned this week.

1. Yelling at me makes me shut down and pisses me off. Let’s just leave it at that.

2. My dad likes me a lot. Last weekend I went home and my dad had gotten headcheese because he likes it and liver-sausage because I like it. He will randomly do things like that. Stuff like that comes when I need to be reminded to appreciate my dad. He’s the strong silent type and I’m his little girl.

3. I have started to realize that my dad really is the type of man I want to marry. I was thinking about getting married the other day and I was thinking about the kind of guy I really needed. I then started to think of what kind of guy my dad is. He’s a gentlemen cowboy. With that he holds open doors and takes care you without being obvious about it. That’s what I need.

4. Running a kids event takes a lot of a person. Ah, I’m so tired from our kids event 2 days ago. It’s ridiculous.

5. I’m not doing a Halloween event ever again. It’s so much work for so little people that come, it’s not worth the stress and me being tired. The Easter Event is worth it, but not this.

6. I need more than a 3 day weekend. It’s because of this kid’s event. So it’s my fault since I think these events are good ideas.

7. October is almost over. Yup, just realized that.

8. I want to go back to school. I miss the intellectual discussions and the nonstop reading. I don’t miss being told what to read necessarily but I miss the discussions and literature being my life. Whereas now, it’s a hobby and passion.

9. Going back to school scares me. It would be a new beginning and new beginnings are scary, even a new job would scare me.

10. My apartment isn’t wide enough for both fleece and furniture. I tried. My furniture has to be moved or I have to find somewhere else to make a fleece tie blanket.

That’s what I’ve done. I’m still reading/listening to The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks. It’s super good and there will be a post about it when I get done with it. I’ll be a while since I’m only like a third of the way through it.

I’ll try to start posting more now that my life has slowed down hypothetically.

New Projects


I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about the “Bee Keeper’s Quilt” I got the idea/pattern/concept whatever you want to call it, from Tiny Owl Knits. She’s definitely a different kind of personality than I am but someone I could totally get along with. She’s cool, go check her out.

Anyway, she designed “The Bee Keeper’s Quilt”, that’s where I got the inspiration for my last project. I didn’t but the pattern but I totally borrowed the concept and made my own pattern and made this lap quilt. I started last November and finished like a month ago. It’s a very time-consuming project but really cool.

So on Sunday after my little thing with Bambi and after I was in Bismarck (getting yarn). I decided I needed a new project to consume my life. I went on ravelry, saw some really cool projects for one day and then after desperate searching and lots of texts to my sister, I found the perfect project. It’s a baby blanket.

If you haven’t paid attention to this blog, I don’t have children. I’m not close to having children. I saw some married friends on Saturday and I was talking about marriage and babies and I said. “Everyone’s getting married…..except me…..I’m super far from being married”. They found humor in that because they know how I feel about marriage (I think).

Anyway, I don’t have a baby or close to it. So I thought about who was having babies. There’s been a string of boy babies. There really has. There should be more girls so these boys can have wives some day. This blanket can’t go to a boy because it’s light gray and purplish pinks. Little feminine for a boy. Anyway my friend Julie has a barely 1-year-old and a baby due in February. (That’s really close in my opinion but I really like her having children. It’s just a good idea, trust me) So I found a home for my new project. Yay!

Bambi wasn’t my Fault


So let’s be honest here, I’ve been going home to my parents’ a lot lately. In my defense, being around my apartment leads me to come to work.

I was going to go to Fargo as a chaperone this weekend but they didn’t need me so I decided to take a little vacation and go home and go to Bismarck. I had people that needed to be talked to or see in Bismarck so it worked out great.

To get to the interstate from my parents’ house you need to go north and turn east into town. Well I got to the stop sign, I turned east and I was doing the appropriate speed for being on the edge of town and I looked to the left, slowly turned my head to the left and…..there were deer there. Four of five of them and one of them decided to derail into my car. It really happened faster than it took to say that.

I stopped and stepped out of my car, all that was wrong was the headlight glass was broken, not the actual light; that still works, just the glass. No dent, no internal combustion just broken glass and a little frazzled me.

I had people all over stopping to check up on me. I was intermittently on the phone and at one point I looked in my rear view mirror and the deer’s head popped up. Yup that sucker didn’t die. But considering the minimal damage on my car, it wasn’t surprising. But just as soon as the head popped up, a car of hunters pulled up. I’m a lucky girl right? Right. They killed the deer for me and pulled it off the road. Which was nice because I really didn’t want to touch it. But they used 2 bullets on it, like I said that deer wouldn’t die. They came and asked me if I was okay and there was a pause and then “Where’s the damage on your car”.

I got to Bismarck okay and I eventually made it to the Buick dealer and I talked to the guy if it was fixable and I told him that I knocked a deer unconscious and he laughed and said that was a new one. Well it was true. I wasn’t going to lie to him.

That was my weekend.

Another Massive Book Post


So I decided to do one big book post. It’s been a long time since I talked about the books that I read so here goes.

Three To Get Deadly Janet Evanovich. I like her books as an unwind book. They’re fun and they don’t need a lot of brain power.

Another Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone. Don’t be hating. I read this to my niece and nephew when we were at my cousin’s wedding. It’s good. It’s a classic.

Rain by V.C. Andrews. It was okay. I saw the movie version of this before I realized it was a book. It was bad. It’s for not as advanced readers…I shouldn’t be talking if I had just read the book above this right? But I couldn’t connect with any of the characters. The dialogue seemed to set up at times for me. I don’t say this often but I think I enjoyed the movie slightly more than the book. There were differences between the book and movie (there almost always is). So that was that book.

Devil Colony by James Rollins. I have enjoyed everything that I’ve read of Rollins and this one did not disappoint. I think I liked the premise of this one more than the others because I’m really interested in Native American culture and have a growing interest of the Mormons. This book did take me a long time to read but that was because of stuff going on at work and when I came home I wanted instant entertainment and reading was too much work at that time as sad as that is.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I liked this book more than I thought I would. I really thought that I was going to hate a Cinderella spin-off and at times in the book, I thought I was hating it. Negatives about the book was the setting, (not that I hate China but I don’t understand the culture and sometimes the names throw me off) cyborgs, (which was a plus and negative because the story couldn’t have gone without them and they added some interest) and every once in a while it was going to go the way of cheesy romance.But what convinced me that I did like the book was the interesting twists that were in it.

I tried to listen to Wicked because I tried to read it back in college and it didn’t work well. I didn’t like it then and listening didn’t help much.

A Walk with Jane Austen: A Journey into Adventure, Love and Faith by Lori Smith So I did somewhat enjoy this book. I feel like I am similar to the author in some aspects of personality, feelings about being single, faith, and literature but not I can’t completely relate to everything she’s done or gone through. I mean I’m still in my mid-20’s, I haven’t gone to England or have gone through some of her health issues. I believe she’s intelligent and can write intelligently. Does that mean I like her book because she has the ability to write and I can relate to her on some level? Not exactly. This book was pretty much what I expected from the title. She hit faith, she hit some love, adventure? Yeah going to a foreign country by yourself to “stalk” an author who’s been dead almost 200 years is an adventure. Some people on Goodreads didn’t like it because they didn’t know that there was religion in it. Well duh it’s in the title. What I couldn’t really get into was her format. I felt (now if I read this again, this might change) like everything was clumped together. Give me a chapter on faith, then love and then Austen. I understand that how she wrote it could have been how she lived it and it was more like a journal and it was printed but I just couldn’t get into it. I did appreciate some of her ideas on love and faith and how she put them. I just wasn’t a total fan.

Sorry I got carried away with the last few there, they were opinion books for me. Right now I’m reading the 4th Stephanie Plumb book by Janet Evanovich and I’m doing the audio book of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skoot at work. I’ll let you know how I feel.

The Experiment: A look Back


So Warning. If I start to sound a little cynical, it’s because something work related happened and, to be honest, it pissed me off. And I want to write so if pissy-ness comes out, that’s why.

I think it was a good experience. It really made me think about me and who I am. Would I do it again. Absolutely.

Coming up I will be doing some book reviews. I have not decided if it’s going to be one big review or several small reviews. The 30 days of questions turned into a little longer than 30 days. But that was because they made me think so hard. So lots of good reviews on the way. Yay.

30. 10 Things


30. List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.

Number 30! It’s the last one!
Again, no particular order to this list.

1. To be known for my compassion How bad would it suck to be known as the person who didn’t give a crap about anyone or anything.

2. To be known for how I love and for what I love Yes, I want to be known for loving my family and future significant others but I also want to be known for things that I’ve loved and how I chose to love those things.

3. To be known for the work I’ve done I don’t want to be known for just sitting back and doing nothing but for the hard work I put in things.

4. Knowing how to enjoy the little things. This is something I’m still learning how to master. I tend to work a lot so the little, simple things get pushed to the back, but I still make time for them.

5. Knowing when enough is enough. Another thing that I’m working on. But I’m mastering it.

6. To be known for having more allies than foes. I know that every ally is not going to be my best friend and I know that I’m not going to hate the guts of every foe. I just want to be known for being diplomatic enough to get along with the majority of people I know.

7. My sense of humor I know how to use humor and at times it does come out inappropriately, but that’s okay. That’s what people are going to remember about me.

8. My mad reading skills Yeah this one is kind of lame. But I’m good at it. I swear. That was a vain moment but still. I’m good.

9. Being Dependable. I want to be the person that people remember for being there for anything but again knowing when to say no.

10. Mad Frisbee skills I couldn’t think of a good last one, so Frisbee skills are on the list.

I know a lot of these are generic but it’s true.
I’ll probably be doing a recap of this soon.