24. Meine Familie


24. Describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs. your family dynamic now.

I think that we’ve always kind of had a tight family dynamic. The thing, I think that divided us, (not that we were, just if I had to look for something) is the age difference between my siblings and I. There’s 7 years between my brother and me and 5 1/2 between my sister and me. So I have always been the baby and to an extent, have always been treated as the baby, even though it has evolved to me being an adult over the years.

The thing when I was little, my parents were stricter with us. Now that we’re all adults, they don’t have to punish us now. How our parents treat us is definitely different.

I think that now we all have an opinion. It’s not that we didn’t have opinions growing up but now they are developed into something a little smarter.

Having spouses and children definitely changed our family dynamic. Granted not all of us are married and have kids but it’s definitely made the family more fun.


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