New Projects


I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about the “Bee Keeper’s Quilt” I got the idea/pattern/concept whatever you want to call it, from Tiny Owl Knits. She’s definitely a different kind of personality than I am but someone I could totally get along with. She’s cool, go check her out.

Anyway, she designed “The Bee Keeper’s Quilt”, that’s where I got the inspiration for my last project. I didn’t but the pattern but I totally borrowed the concept and made my own pattern and made this lap quilt. I started last November and finished like a month ago. It’s a very time-consuming project but really cool.

So on Sunday after my little thing with Bambi and after I was in Bismarck (getting yarn). I decided I needed a new project to consume my life. I went on ravelry, saw some really cool projects for one day and then after desperate searching and lots of texts to my sister, I found the perfect project. It’s a baby blanket.

If you haven’t paid attention to this blog, I don’t have children. I’m not close to having children. I saw some married friends on Saturday and I was talking about marriage and babies and I said. “Everyone’s getting married…..except me…..I’m super far from being married”. They found humor in that because they know how I feel about marriage (I think).

Anyway, I don’t have a baby or close to it. So I thought about who was having babies. There’s been a string of boy babies. There really has. There should be more girls so these boys can have wives some day. This blanket can’t go to a boy because it’s light gray and purplish pinks. Little feminine for a boy. Anyway my friend Julie has a barely 1-year-old and a baby due in February. (That’s really close in my opinion but I really like her having children. It’s just a good idea, trust me) So I found a home for my new project. Yay!


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