What’s it Like to be Beastly?


So before I get into my review 2 things.
1. I got coffee this morning. It made me happy that I could get some quiet time with coffee and reflect on life.

2. A guy I went to high school with was found dead in his house this weekend. Cause of death not known at this point. 22 years old and deceased. I didn’t know him well since we ran in different circles, but still a hard thing to hear this time of year.

I got to read a lot this weekend. I finished 4 books, Beastly by Alex Flinn and the Angels Trilogy by Lurlene McDaniel. I’ll talk about Beastly today and then work on the trilogy for a post.

Beastly is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I love the Disney movie. I didn’t care so much growing up but now that I’m older I love the movie. I don’t have a reason why. This novel is a y.a. novel, which I’ve read a lot of this year for some unexplained reason. With being a y.a. novel, I totally expected to feel mediocre about it. Instead I really liked it. It’s not that I don’t like the writing of y.a. novels, it’s part of why I read them sometimes. They’re simple. This novel is definitely not one that is really complex when it comes to the writing. With that I mean it’s not like Anna Karinana where you have to think when you read.

I did like the chat room discussion at the beginning of each section. I thought it was a smart way to introduce each section and then bring in some other fairy tale characters. I loved seeing Adrian’s transformation from a complete jerk to a sensitive guy. Now I understand all 16-year-old’s are jerks and self-centered but Adrian took the cake on it. The way he’s written makes you root for him.

Lindy was okay. I can’t say she was a really developed character but she wasn’t a main character. She was but she was talked about more than she was there, I feel.

Another character I feel like I need to talk bout since there aren’t many characters in this novel is Kendra. She’s the witch that transforms Adrian. I liked her character more than I thought I would. I liked how she appeared in the mirror and that she was really the maid in the end. It’s a little creepy that she was kind of always watching over Adrian but it’s a cool concept that she was always someone in his life guiding him.

One thing I totally loved in the book was that they referenced The Princess Bride. It’s one of my favorite movies ever and they watched it and discussed it in the book. I had a little bit of a nerd moment when that came up. I also really liked the rose playing such a big role throughout the entire book.

Adrian didn’t look like I expected him to in the book. I had seen/own the movie and I thought he looked really cool in the movie when he was transformed into the Beast. Instead, in the book, he looked almost like the Disney version of him. Not a bad thing but it did catch me by surprise.

Like I said, I have the movie and I like it. Not a complete favorite but it’s good. It has Vanessa Hudgens in it as Lindy (whom I thought didn’t develop overly much in the movie either) and Neil Patrick Harris as Will the tutor. Hudgens didn’t suck and I always like Neil Patrick Harris. He has some really good one liners in the book and the movie. The guy they have for Adrian is Alex Pettyfer. I enjoy him. He is one good-looking guy. sigh.

Any who. That’s what I thought.


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