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I Can’t help but like Them.


I again apologize for going a little off course lately. It was stuff that I needed to unload.

Back to the literature right? Something positive for my life.

I’ve mentioned a few obsessions when it comes to literature. Some of them might be evident like my obsession with hating the mess Stephanie Meyer created or the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. We can add Dee Henderson to this list, more notably, her “O’Malley” series. Follows 7 adults who were in the same orphanage growing up and they all adopted each other and took the last name of O’Malley. There’s 6 books to the series and a prequel.(I don’t want to talk about the prequel) We’re going to run through the 7 books and discuss the main characters. Ready?

Kate Kate totally scores a guy with an English Accent. Way to go, pretty much what every woman wants: an accent. A very close 2nd for my favorite girl.

Marcus He’s the most comparable to my brother. He’s the oldest, feels the most responsibility for the family, nice guy all around.

Lisa I just want to say, that when an attractive, old-school cowboy asks you out. Take it. But when she found out she was the last sister to ask out, I would have been mad too. But still when a cowboy asks you out, especially one like Quinn, you say yes. She’s my favorite out of the girls.

Jack I enjoyed him, but he wasn’t much of a reader. I liked that he was all into a girl with baggage. He’s a jokester.

Rachel eh, I feel like I don’t have much of an opinion with her. I don’t know why. Maybe Henderson, got sick of writing the series, but that doesn’t explain why I liked the last one better.

Stephen Probably the brother that I would most likely date. Again, I like that he was into a girl with baggage. Stephen and Jack are best friends and Stephen is the more reserved one and I just liked him better.

Remember me saying there were 7 of them? One died. I do find it a little odd that they all have jobs like FBI Agent, hostage negotiator, EMT, Fireman, Doctor. I mean really. Can’t one of them have a job like a sales clerk? I do admire each character for holding their own in a desperate situation. Each have their own demons but most kids that are in the system as long as they were, I can see that.

If you do read them, I will tell you that there is a Christian theme throughout the entire series. The writing is not hard. All the books got high ratings on GoodReads. Some people did feel like they were having organized religion on them. On that count I feel that if you go in knowing that there is religion is a major theme in a book, you shouldn’t complain. Now, if you went in not knowing, that’s a different thing.

I originally borrowed these books from my mom and now own a copies of each of my own. They’re not for everyone but they’re easy.

Not a Light Post


I apologize that I haven’t been reviewing any books lately, but with life, getting sick, meetings and the such, I haven’t been able to finish a real book. I also have to apologize if this blog has seemed to get a little personal lately. But the great thing about having a blog is that I can get as personal or as impersonal as I see fit. If you see differently, if you would rather me just stick to the reviewing, I’m sorry. I can’t seem to stay within your confines. This is a heavy and personal post so take that into account if you proceed.

I rarely ever talk about my insecurities on a real personal level, on this blog and in real life. There is a few people who I do talk to about them but they are very few. I have talked about how I want to get married, but that’s more of a general “Hey, my ovaries like this idea.”

Lately I have been feeling…..insignificant. It’s been with everything and anything. It’s been with work, relationships, this blog, my own self. It is not a depression thing it’s a poor me thing. I want to stress I am not depressed. Trust me. The moment I feel myself going even deeper than just a “Oh poor me” thing and move on, I call someone and I get myself out of it. Feeling insignificant has always been a demon of mine. This demon was part of the reason I start this blog a few years ago. I needed a way to get the thoughts out of my head. I needed a distraction. This blog was started and has kept going on purely selfish reasons. It’s like my psychologist.

I’m sorry (feels like only the millionth time I’ve apologized here today) if that bursts your bubble on who I am. But you can’t expect me, a person whose blog you visit periodically, to be perfect. Now this doesn’t just apply to people who come here and read my blog, but in real life to. So don’t think that it’s just a ranting session right now. Just a ranting session from a lack of human contact the past week or so escalated by not having a phone. Dang life.

That’s the most in-depth as I feel like I need to go right now. I add on to posts every once in a while, but I doubt to this one.

My Oopsie


So I had a moment of “What just happened here?” Last night. I’m still sick with a cold, though I’m way better than I was. Anyway, right next ro my bed is my cd player with the speakers on top of it. Yes, I still have a cd player and I still use it. Yes, I know it’s odd for someone my age to still have a cd player, but that’s not the point. Anyway, on top of the speakers I have my alarm clock and a box of kleenexs with my phone on it. In front of the speakers I had a plastic cup about half full. Can we see where this is going? I think we do.

I was watching a movie and trying to fall asleep. That’s quite a feat In itself. I had my back toward the cd player. I needed a kleenex. So I reached back and……..I missed. The box and phone went flying. My cup of juice, however, solid as a rock. Now I was tired and not all the way coherent. I saw my glass lit up (from the phone) and had thoughts of “am I really a female Superman and never knew it and this is how I find out? A bug comes and drops kryptonite in my juice and I’m going to die from it?” Yes my actual thinking before I realized that it was my phone.

I called my mom from work this morning and told her and she was amazed how much talent I had. Even my Facebook friends are amazed. Some of them were worried about the expense of a new phone, but don’t you worry Facebook Friends, rice will fix this, trust me. This is not the first time I’ve gotten a phone wet. Sadly this is the 3rd. I hate that I just admitted that, but it’s true.

There is no point to this story just an insight to my life.

Yes, it’s back


So my drought of me talking about my non-existent love life has come to an end. For at least this post.

I was home this past weekend. It was extremely cold out, so what does one do? Dress warm. I had a white cami with lace under my sweater and it was showing. My nephew proceeded to tell me that I was getting married because I was wearing white lace. I wonder how much my 5 year-old nephew really knows about my love life?

Then all of a sudden my friend MJ and I started talking about relationships last night (she’s the one that I have bet with to see who gets married first) and I realized how antsy I am to get married. What does the institution of marriage have over me?

Things that would be pretty good with marriage….
1. I’d have someone to take care of me when I was sick. I’m sick now and I want someone to take care of me.

2. I’d have someone 24/7 to talk to. I don’t have someone like that now. I have people I can talk to but he’d be available all the time and he’d have to listen to me.

3. Someone to laugh with. I’d like that.

4. Someone to back me up. Needs explanation? I think not.

Things that wouldn’t be so great with marriage….
1. He’d be around 24/7. This is good and bad. I think that sometimes I’m hard to be around and I like to be alone. So that’s going to take some time to get used to.

2. He has facial hair I have lived with a guy who didn’t clean up his facial hair after he shaved. I’m hoping my husband will clean up his facial hair when he shaves. True story.

3. Laundry is going to double. UGHHHH. Laundry. 😦 Not a fan.

4. I have to share money. Not a bad thing but I’m going to get used to it.

Those are my top and bottom 4. But if someone has someone to set me up with. HAHA. No, don’t do that. thanks

Sorry this isn’t long, I’m sick and tired and whatever.

That Does Put a Damper on our Relationship


I have a tendency to watch a lot of movies. I also have this other tendency to quote said movies. One of my favorite movies ever to quote is “The Princess Bride”. Book by William Goldman. Movie had Cary Elwas in it. Both are amazing. I love them both, but more the movie. There’s several things you learn from watching the movie. Now, I have to thank my friend Renée for this. She posted this on my and some other’s wall. I’m going to steal this because I can and it’s so true. You’ll get this if you’ve seen the movie.

10. Use the word “Inconceivable” as much as possible. (I’ve been slacking on this one, it’s starting now.)

9. Avoid saying “To Blave”. Instead talk about true love as much as possible. (I’ve done that, taking a break because it gets on my nerve a little. It’ll start back up soon enough, trust me. Maybe around Valentine’s Day)

8. Eat MLT Sandwiches. Make sure the mutton is nice and lean. (That’s not happening)

7. When someone asks you a question, answer in rhyme. (Anyone got a peanut? That didn’t rhyme but if you know what I’m talking about, start laughing now.)

6. Ask strangers if they have 6 fingers on their right hand (Great Elevator question)

5. Go into a drug store and ask if you have enough for a miracle. (Gregg the pharmacist would be so confused)

4. Stay out of the revenge business. There’s no money in it. (Completely planning on it, thanks for the advice)

3. Always carry a holocaust cloak, you never know when your going to need it. (true)

2. Spend years building up a resistance to iocaine powder (I didn’t know that it really existed until recently)

1. Have fun storming the castle. (Always do)

Here’s some more I decided to add to the list.

The Fire Swamp can be survived Buttercup and Wesley did it

Always start the fight with your left hand Because if you fight with your right…. over to quick.

Don’t run into an R.O.U.S.s They’re feisty creatures. Did you not see what they did to Wesley’s shoulder?

When looking for transportation, look in the prince’s stables. “And there they were, 4 white horses. And I thought to myself, there are four of us, if we ever find the lady. Hello Lady!” I love André the Giant in that role. I just want to give him a big hug.

If your name is Humperdink, you’re going to be a little crazy.

Remember, don’t get in a land war in Asia, but don’t take on a Sicilian when Guess is on the line. Ahahahaha

If you couldn’t tell I love the movie with a passion. It’s inconceivable how many times I’ve watched that movie. I quote it all the time. There are very few people in the world that can truly understand how much I love “The Princess Bride”. I’m totally making my kids watch this movie. But that means I have to have kids doesn’t it. Well, that’s going to be a while. So right now, I’m going to settle with my niece and nephew watching it by force. I’m okay with that.

Any other movies similar to this that I need to be aware of? (Yes, I know of Mel Brooks and I completely love him as well. “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” is totally at the top of my list of movies as well) Still working on Northanger Abbey. I’m a little over half way through it. So, expect a review or comments about it soon.

Dragons Were Meant to be Cool.


I have several literary obsessions. The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, anything written by or about Theodore Roosevelt’s family, James Rollins novels, the list could go on and on. But I promise that it won’t. For a while, yes a while, I was really into the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I did grow out of this series. Here’s some things that I greatly appreciated about it.

1. The names of the book. Eragon, Brom etc. The only name that didn’t seem quite right to me was Angela. Maybe that was the point? Or Paolini just wanted to put his sister in the novel. Every other name fits in with the genre (y.a. fantasy). Angela just seemed simple. Whatever. There is no Edward though. Dang overused name. Even the name of the places are amazing.

2. The Scenery/places. I kind of got lost in the places. I heard, now this is hearsay but, that he based it on the mountains of Montana. I haven’t been that far west, but I could buy it.

3. The intricacies of the story. There was a lot going on. I like a book that can keep my mind going without being stupidly overworked. Now these books weren’t overly hard but they still made you pay attention. Expectations shouldn’t be to high because it’s a y.a. novel. There were a few twists in the book where they surprised me but it happens.

4. The language of the different cultures. I always have been fascinated by elvish, dwarfs and that kind of cultures’ languages. I don’t know why. I have no explanation.

5. There’s a dragon or 4 I want a dragon. A real one. And it has to be big. And I’d take it out to fly all the time.

I did grow out of this series. Unfortunate. I still watch the movie every once in a while. I really did lose interest after the third book. So there was a relief when the fourth book was done. For those of you who didn’t know, this was only supposed to be a trilogy but Paolini couldn’t get it all into 3 books. There was a lot of things he put into the series and it was probably a good idea that he did 4 books.

I’m really curious to see what else Paolini will bust out in the future.

Random Thursday Jibberish


This post is how my brain is working today. I go from one subject to another and this is what you’re getting today. If you don’t like it, deal with it.

I watched “Amish Mafia” last night. The season is technically over and this was like their “reunion” show. But the whole cast wasn’t together, they were broken up into groups. You know it’s bad when they can’t sit in the same room together for like an hour…..for a special. I understand though. There would have been guns and violence and someone would have ended up dead. Not Jolin though, he can’t die and from my understanding, he has a lot of guns…..(insert an innuendo here if you have one, because I came up with one). I really am surprised that more reunion shows don’t end in death. Like any of the Housewives reunions.

This episode was, maybe, a little bit repetitive. They all said like a million times “Yes, I’m Amish. Yes, this is real. Yes, we hate each other, I’m not telling you my plans, we’re not talking about this.” It was seriously a waste of my time. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20 right?

Briefly did I question the validity of this show. I’m a girl from southwestern North Dakota. What do I know of the Amish Culture? It’s not like we have a great Amish population here. It does seem a little fishy to me but what do I know? (don’t answer that, it was hypothetical) Really, I don’t care if it’s real, staged or somewhere in between. For me, it’s entertaining. I need some kind of noise in the background on a Wednesday night.

We could talk about Amish Mafia some more, but let’s not. They need their privacy. And I just really don’t want to criticize them because they can hurt me. And I’ve had a lot of criticism today because one of the town’s previous newspaper editors put out his own thing and it was very critical of some of the members of the community and reading this thing was like 2 hours of my life today. So no more criticism.

I really AM reading Northanger Abbey (correct, it’s not a lie) and I’m kind of enjoying it. I personally feel like it’s Jane Austen’s version of a teen novel. Yes, it was written as a comedic stab at Gothic novels but a very easy, teenage girl version of a comedic stab at Gothic novels. I feel like I could really get along with Jane Austen, we would have the same sense of humor I think. That and she can actually use words and I’m in awe of that. I really am. So therefore, we’d get along.

I’ve been reading a lot of y.a. books lately that’s why I’m reading Austen right now because the y.a. books are driving me crazy. Now a new literary phrase has hit me. “New Adult”. I don’t remember that conversation in college. Is it because I focused more on the 18-19th centuries? Really, New adult? I guess it makes sense. That age group does need a title. I don’t know. It kind of rocked my world so I really don’t want to think about it right now.

Since I’m going from subject to subject, let’s move on. I was talking to my best friend from high school last night and she’s in school and working as an l.p.n. at a nursing home and one of her residents asked her out and I yelled at her because she didn’t go on a date with a guy with experience. That’s completely true.

I guess this is all for today. If I don’t post for a couple days, it’s because of meetings and/or going home.