The 3 Angels


So today I’ll talk about the Angels Trilogy. I was just so upset yesterday about that ending. I still think it’s stupid.

Lurlene McDaniel mainly writes for early teenage girls and usually her novels include an illness, traumatic event, etc. They’re the kind of books that on the right day, will make anyone and everyone cry. Well, I had a weekend I needed a book or trilogy, something like Lurlene McDaniel. I now remember why I was obsessed with her in my early teens.

There are, obviously, 3 books in this series. Angels Watching Over Me, Lifted up by Angels and Until Angels Close my Eyes. It follows a teenage girl and how she gets a form of bone cancer and falls in love with an Amish boy. I had read these books when I was an early teen and they’re still on my bookshelf at home collecting dust. I got them on my nook due to portability and I was in one of those moods.

I’ll talk about these books collectively because they’re very fluid and I would get the three books confused.

I really liked the character of Leah. But what I can’t understand is why her mom and step-dad would leave her alone at 16 with pretty much no supervision? Well, mine did but my grandma lived in a trailer house on the property and my brother is 3 miles away, so I did have people there. I did feel like she had self-center problems. Ethan’s your boyfriend and your 16, 17 years old and he talks about leaving everything he’s ever known, willing to be shunned and you pretty much say okay? What’s wrong with you? Talk about this a little more with him. It’s a big life decision. AND learn about his Amish culture. I grew up in North Dakota where there are pretty much no Amish and I knew more than you do at your age.

Ethan. He’s totally worthy of being crush worthy. He’s sensitive, he listens, right amount of defensive of Leah. But then, last chapter, right after Leah’s stepfather’s funeral you knock on the door, break up with her and go back to the Amish. Talk about lack of communicating in this relationship. But I think he did do the right thing.

I obviously can’t handle teenage relationships. What am I going to do when I have teens?

After those rants, I do enjoy those books for a quick read. They’re simple, quick, have a good moral in them and deal with issues. So I would definitely would recommend them to early teens and p.m.s. women.


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