The Written Word(s)


I know that I’ve talked before how language is going to crap and how I wish we’d go back 100-200 years ago when language was an art form. Let’s face it here, language has changed a lot in the past century. I could do a whole post on the common misspellings on the internet. If you really want that, I’m going to point you to Blimey Cow. I love them. Totally says what I think.

What I really want though, other than wanting language to go back to being elegant and a tool other than just a sad form of communication, is letter writing. Like hand-written, I took time for you to write down my thoughts, letter. When I’m hand writing something, a grant, a thank you card, something of that sorts, I think of what I’m going to say. I swear it makes me sound smarter.

Take Pride and Prejudice, how many letters are in that novel or how many times are they going to sit down and write a letter. (I looked it up, there’s 21 letters in the book) They didn’t have pencils and pens like we did. A fountain pen wasn’t invented until 1884. That’s after Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte was published. At one point of history, they used quills. I used a quill once in college. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. You used to have to be really talented to write a letter. We have it so easy now to write a letter, why don’t we. Plus you get to mail it and who doesn’t like getting mail?

I guarantee that actually hand writing letters, term papers, assignments or what have you would save our spelling. Some people would probably have to walk around with a dictionary, but that’s the price you have to pay for something like this. I’m not going to blame our education system for not making our youth write long hand. It’s easier to read a piece on technology than it is some people’s hand writing and it is easier on the students with the homework load some kids have these days. (Listen to me, it’s like I’m a million years old instead of pushing 25)

Books with letters-not emails sent in them:

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Eyre

pretty much if it’s Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte, there’s going to be letters all over the place. Or if it was written pre-electronic like Alexandre Dumas, James Fenimore Cooper, authors like that, so we won’t mention all of those books.

Beastlyby Alex Flin

There’s some in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. P.S. Book 8 is coming out this year and I pretty much jump up and down every time I think of it.

Inkheart series has some actual writing going on

Shakespeare had some writing in his plays

That’s just a few of them. Notice that a lot of books with actually have writing in them are authors pretechnology. I say let’s all start a campaign to write one long letter once a month and see where that gets us.


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