That Does Put a Damper on our Relationship


I have a tendency to watch a lot of movies. I also have this other tendency to quote said movies. One of my favorite movies ever to quote is “The Princess Bride”. Book by William Goldman. Movie had Cary Elwas in it. Both are amazing. I love them both, but more the movie. There’s several things you learn from watching the movie. Now, I have to thank my friend Renée for this. She posted this on my and some other’s wall. I’m going to steal this because I can and it’s so true. You’ll get this if you’ve seen the movie.

10. Use the word “Inconceivable” as much as possible. (I’ve been slacking on this one, it’s starting now.)

9. Avoid saying “To Blave”. Instead talk about true love as much as possible. (I’ve done that, taking a break because it gets on my nerve a little. It’ll start back up soon enough, trust me. Maybe around Valentine’s Day)

8. Eat MLT Sandwiches. Make sure the mutton is nice and lean. (That’s not happening)

7. When someone asks you a question, answer in rhyme. (Anyone got a peanut? That didn’t rhyme but if you know what I’m talking about, start laughing now.)

6. Ask strangers if they have 6 fingers on their right hand (Great Elevator question)

5. Go into a drug store and ask if you have enough for a miracle. (Gregg the pharmacist would be so confused)

4. Stay out of the revenge business. There’s no money in it. (Completely planning on it, thanks for the advice)

3. Always carry a holocaust cloak, you never know when your going to need it. (true)

2. Spend years building up a resistance to iocaine powder (I didn’t know that it really existed until recently)

1. Have fun storming the castle. (Always do)

Here’s some more I decided to add to the list.

The Fire Swamp can be survived Buttercup and Wesley did it

Always start the fight with your left hand Because if you fight with your right…. over to quick.

Don’t run into an R.O.U.S.s They’re feisty creatures. Did you not see what they did to Wesley’s shoulder?

When looking for transportation, look in the prince’s stables. “And there they were, 4 white horses. And I thought to myself, there are four of us, if we ever find the lady. Hello Lady!” I love André the Giant in that role. I just want to give him a big hug.

If your name is Humperdink, you’re going to be a little crazy.

Remember, don’t get in a land war in Asia, but don’t take on a Sicilian when Guess is on the line. Ahahahaha

If you couldn’t tell I love the movie with a passion. It’s inconceivable how many times I’ve watched that movie. I quote it all the time. There are very few people in the world that can truly understand how much I love “The Princess Bride”. I’m totally making my kids watch this movie. But that means I have to have kids doesn’t it. Well, that’s going to be a while. So right now, I’m going to settle with my niece and nephew watching it by force. I’m okay with that.

Any other movies similar to this that I need to be aware of? (Yes, I know of Mel Brooks and I completely love him as well. “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” is totally at the top of my list of movies as well) Still working on Northanger Abbey. I’m a little over half way through it. So, expect a review or comments about it soon.


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