A New Book Has Been Started


I talk a lot about my singleness and relationships on this blog. Way more than I should. But in my defense, it’s what comes to my mind when I sit down to write, it’s something that is going on in my life. So I write about it. If you go back you’ll see that the books that I have a definite opinion on are books with religious aspects. That’s how our culture is now, we have an opinion on religion, unlike in the past where you were just supposed to accept what you were told. Now we’re let to form our own opinions.

These two are things are two separate ideas that are marrying today for this post and probably at least one other post in the future.

Today I started reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris with a foreword by Rebecca St. James. Big sigh. This was published 1996/1997. Meaning I was 7 or 8 when it came out. I obviously wasn’t dating or even thinking about dating at this time. I have heard about this book off and on through the years and have always thought it would be a great book to read and then it would be put back into some storage unit in my head. The other day, when I was looking for my birthday present to myself in my library’s book sale room, I stumbled upon this book. I picked it up, turned it around and looked at it, and said “what the heck, it’s a quarter, it’s my birthday present, I’ll buy it”. I started it today.

As a single female, I’m intrigued by it. I wish I had read this in high school. I think that it would have given me a lot more confidence in being single when I was in high school. Let me be clear, I wasn’t completely single through high school, but it was close. I’m only through the first part of this book (there’s four) and it makes me think. As much as I would have gotten out of this in high school or when I started thinking about guys, I’m getting a lot of this now at 25.

At this point of the book (a quarter of the way through), I’ve started making an opinion. Harris likes making lists as much as I do. Harris isn’t bad as a writer. I do wish that he wouldn’t use so many examples. It seems like everything that he touches on, he has an example. I do understand why he has them though. I think that this book is geared for teens who are starting to get into relationships. Not that non-teens won’t enjoy this book or learn something form it but that’s who is learning a lot about relationships, the fastest. The examples are there for people that need them and I have to admit, they do help a person grasp his concept. There just has to be a different kind of way through that example.

My favorite thing that he talked about, so far, is that he had a friend that had a dream before her wedding. In this dream, throughout the wedding, these girls kept coming up and standing on the other side of her husband. When she asked him about it, he said these are the other girls I’ve been with. I thought that was interesting. You always hear that, with sex, you’re with however your partner’s with but I never put it together with dating. And it’s true, the people you’ve dated, shape who you are.

I’ll probably talk about this book more in the future. This is just a starter post to get people up on what I’m doing with my reading life. If you’ve read this, what did you think? What are your opinions on the subject period, if you’ve read the book or not? Let me know.


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