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Update on my Event


So the Easter Event is over. It was a massive hit! I’m tired, sweaty and ready for a nap. We had about a hundred people and four people here. (pretty good for a small town) I’ll try to get a picture or two up from the day. My friend R and her son and niece were there. Everyone wanted my attention. Only 1 crier. Criers make good kids events. One lost kid. Another thing that makes a good event. Can’t go an event with usually both happening. Yay.

I (and my volunteers) hid 556 eggs in the museum. It’s hard to find a spot for all them and museums usually have a lot of nooks and crannies. There were also 4 tables of crafts. By the end of the event, I had my jeans rolled up and my boots off and my ponytail was a mess and sweating and it was horrid. My volunteers were freezing. I was sweating. How did this happen?

Favorite part of the day. It was near the end of the event. I looked like a mess like I said before. This grandma was trying to get her little 2-year-old grandson to leave and this little boy has a mop of blonde curls. He’s so cute. Now I know from experience kids don’t want to help clean so I came around the corner and said “how about helping me clean?” (If you can imagine my museum is kind of dirty now) This little boy came running to me with arms wide open and wanted to help me clean. Then he put his head on my shoulder. If you saw my heart, it’d be a puddle. His grandma got a picture of it and then we went to go find mom and dad and they were impressed with him, obviously. I want kids!

Husband first. Then kids. Wait for it Megan.

So that’s an update of my day. I have a lot of left over candy and a lot of cleaning to do. Not today, Monday night.

Warning: It’s a Nerd Post.


I am bitter. Why am I bitter? Let’s talk about it. Today is Thursday. I’m kind of making it a low-key day at the museum because tomorrow is going to be kind of hectic. So what do I do at 10? Watch the last episode of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I felt it was anti-climatic. Here’s things I’ve gotten out of the series.

1. I am going to be calling Mr.Darcy the Darcinator for the rest of my life. Thank you Lydia.

2. Male genitalia is now a man banana. Thank you Lydia again.

3. Dressing like condiment bottles is not cool. Collins and Charlotte prove this.

4. Bing Lee is totally crush worthy. I never felt that way about this character. He’s an underrated character.

5. No matter how you present Collins, he’s still stupid and clueless.

6. Even though Wickham is the embodiment of jerk-dom, I could watch him take off his shirt ANY DAY! That’s right ANY DAY! All caps and an exclamation point. It gets serious when you add the exclamation point. I watched and re-watched that part-time and time again. He’s a nicely built man. I’m not in love with him, I’m just admiring him. And if we’re being real here, (which we always are) I’m not to fond of his face, just the trunk of his body. I’m just admiring, I told you that.

7. I want to do costume theater on a regular basis. How legit is that? Random ugly hats and jewelry and random voices. Someone do that with me PLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEE! (notice the exclamation point) I’ll make it fun. I promise.

8. How genius is it that they hold out to show Darcy and Bing for like ever. It really kept me going, not knowing what they looked like.

9. Don’t be proud, don’t be prejudice.

10. Don’t be an awkward dance partner. But if you’re hated, you can’t really help it can you? I feel like that could be a vicious circle.

11. Green Beans in Cranberry Geleton. Let’s just save that for later.

12. I feel like I’m super lucky that my mom, or the rest of my family for that matter, hasn’t pressured me to be married. I’m super okay with that. Finding a good guy is hard enough without family meddling. I’m sure they wonder why I haven’t ever been much of a dater but they know eventually I’ll step up to the bat for the right guy.

13. Fitz is the most amazing person ever. I want a friend like him.

There’s going to be another rendition of an Austen novel coming in a few months! YAY! That makes me so much happier. But still totally bummed me out about this. We could totally keep this going with Lizzie and Darcy’s relationship. It’s doable in today’s society. THE PEOPLE WANT IT! I warned you this was a nerd post.

Now for something totally different. Yesterday we had to remove a live bird from a vent of the museum. Even though I’m a tough farm kid, I refused to touch it. Birds have germs. I made a board member take it out and set it free. I wouldn’t do it without gloves. But put me behind some head of cattle and I can move them. And I can bottle feed a calf. I miss that part of life. That used to be my job, bottle feeding. Again, like yesterday, my future husband should come with a cowboy hat.

Random moment. Anyone watch “The Voice”? Remember Gwen Sebastian from last season? She was on Blake’s team and she got the boot in the battle rounds and then ended up doing some back up for Blake? She grew up in the town next to where I did. Our moms were in a singing group together. AAAAAAAAAANNNNNND she was singing on “Live with Kelly and Michael” today and she was on the “Today” show. Now she’s a little older than me so I really didn’t know her but it’s still so cool to see her on the television box.

I’ll try to post tomorrow for an update on life and how the event went, but don’t hold your breath. I will probably be scarce for the next couple days or so due to the Easter holiday. I’m going home to see my family and I might not have the time to sit down. It’s not that I don’t like you peole, it’s just I like my family more. Sorry. But you’ll be excited to know that I get to see Cousin E this weekend. I’m pretty excited.

Growing Up. BOOOOOO


Well, yesterday was a little rampage rant-y right? (A+ for alliteration for me) Sorry about that. Not the opinion, the rant. Like I said, I’m a little crazy this week. Proof above that I get a little creative outlet at work. That’s one of the projects we’re doing at my big kids event on Friday. (Pintrest is my savior for these events, just saying) I was getting projects ready for this event and I was holding a cutter and something was upsetting me and I go “I’m holding a cutter, do you REALLY want to take me on?” to an inanimate object. Yes, I talk to inanimate objects. Is that a problem? Maybe? I’ll get better after Friday.

Continuing with the work theme here, I did a webinar today. I fell in love with the moderator’s voice. He has such a lovely voice. He should have spoken more. It makes me smile, even now, hours later. Yes, I fall in love with people’s voices. I’m pretty sure basses are the most attractive men ever. Josh Turner, a country singer, has my heart. If my future husband doesn’t have a cowboy hat and a low voice, I’m going to cry. And then outfit him.

Sitting here, avoiding things that need to be done, a thought just occurred to me. You know it’s amazing how the things that capture our hearts change. If you would have asked me back in the day how I felt about a movie like “Step-Brothers”, I would have been a little skeptical because I was more of a prude in high school. Now I realize that, though not the cleanest movie, stuff like that happens. Though some of it is done by idiots. Granted, that’s a silly thing to capture your heart but you kind of get the point.

The way a different thing gets to come and capture your heart is if you grow and change. That kind of hurts. Growing up periods hurts. Having to leave behind some of the immature things that you used to have or do is hard. I had a pair of Nike high tops that were around forever and they were my farm shoes and when they died I had a funeral. It was a dark time in my life. But obviously there are other, more life-shattering things that I’ve changed since high school and even college. For example the man I thought I wanted in high school, isn’t quite who I want now. Now if a guy isn’t working out, I’m out. He has to be stable. He has to legitimately love me. I don’t have to be with a guy. I’m more okay with that now than I was in high school. I could go on and on about that subject but I won’t. I have found out so much about myself in the past 7 years, it’s ridiculous. And I’m still finding stuff out about myself out all the time.

To tie this in with a book, the first real book I read out of high school was Wally Lamb’s This Much I Know is True. It’s one of my sister’s favorite books and I was living with her the summer out of high school and I borrowed her copy. This book made me realize that I was no longer not responsible. I didn’t have to answer to my parents anymore. This was scary. This book is amazing but I read it and felt more insecure because of the responsibility the main character had and I was overwhelmed by maybe having that responsibility one day if I had a child with a disability like his brother did. I started growing up. I started considering what was going on in life around me. We had that conversation in my Brit Lit II class and one of the ladies looks at me and goes “Realizing adulthood is one of the scariest feelings ever”. It kind of is. I don’t like it. Someone stop it!

One day at a time and sometimes one second at a time, that’s all I can take. It’s all anyone can ever take. I have to remind myself of this all the time. I tend to get a head of myself and it got worse in college and stress would really overwhelm me. I’d call home a lot when that happened. My dad started getting in the habit of saying “One day at a time, Megan, that’s all you can take. Slow down and breathe”. I love my dad. He calms me down pretty well. It’s amazing how well dads do that isn’t it?

There are times I wish I could turn back time and go back to college or high school but then I wouldn’t be really living and life right now isn’t that bad. So I guess I’ll take the right here and now.

But how cool was being 4 right?

New Mantra: I can do this?


So in good news, I got a slightly better night’s sleep last night so I might be able to pull off the week. I think I was just exhausted from lack of sleep. AND I think I’m going to be able to pull this kids event once again. Though I’m still stressed. I can do this. You might hear that a lot in the next few posts. I can do this. I CAN do this. I can DO this. I can do THIS! If I repeat it, it will come true. If you want to come help or watch me run this event, you’re more than welcome to.

Ever have that one person in your life that their voice is like nails on a chalkboard to you? I have a vendor like that. He called me toady and he’s going out of business because he is writing a book. Just to give you an audio he had a nasally, medium-pitched voice and it kind of grated my ears. He proceeded to tell me that he about this guy who died and left his money to a Christian charity and he had to move his storage and how amazing his product sells. Then he asked me how the desert in Arizona was…….I live in North Dakota. Thank you. He said he was from Jersey. Does that mean he thinks that all states to the west run together? It’s quite a stretch from North Dakota to Arizona. Just saying. I mean I wouldn’t mind the winters in Arizona. They’re probably better than North Dakota winters. This phone call made no sense. I really would have had the guy take a breathalyzer or drug test to make sure he was sober. But maybe that’s a little harsh. So dude, in the one in a quadrillion chance that you’re reading this and you called……….no disrespect?

Have you ever noticed how many fillers we use while speaking? I was thinking about this while talking to Vendor guy. How many ums, uhs, ands, sos and erms do we use whiles speaking to a person or group? In high school we had to give speeches in English Class. Junior year we had a Swedish foreign exchange student and she could NOT stop using erm. (p.s. I have a funny story with her and a box elder bug, I’ll blog about it sometime.) We also had a guy that couldn’t stop using uh and he got docked on it. He was from a big family (10 kids) and our English teacher made the rule after one of his siblings that for an introductory speech they couldn’t introduce their siblings, spouses and nieces and nephews. It had to be about them, as an individual. I am always amazed with people who are great speakers. I was in speech and drama in high school and wasn’t necessarily good but loved experiencing the ones that were good. I wish everyone spoke well. And that I could use sign language…….

Now it’s gonna get a little political.

In other news. Actual news. Not just hear say. North Dakota’s Governor Jack Dalrymple (I’m kind of relieved he got reelected to a point because I was just learning how to pronounce his last name CORRECTLY at the last election. He took over for Hoeven when he went to the senate. I like Hoeven.) just signed an abortion bill that bans the procedure if a fetal heartbeat can be detected. This can be early as 6 weeks if I understand correctly. The governor also signed into law another measure that would make North Dakota the first to ban abortions based on genetic defects such as Down syndrome, and a measure that requires a doctor who performs abortions to be a physician with hospital-admitting privileges. It also makes us the hardest on abortion in the country. Now all this information did come from the Bismarck Tribune. I haven’t read any of these measures/laws myself. So I can’t say I am well-versed. My Facebook is all atwitter about it. I have mixed feelings.

Let me explain.

I am typically pro-life, yes that is partly because I am a Christian but mainly because I believe in life. I don’t understand, never have understood, how when you hear a heartbeat of the child in your womb, you can still call it a fetus. When does it become a life? I’m not trying to be smart, it is a legitimate question. If you can explain it to me, thank you.

I do believe that not every woman who carries for nine months is ready to be a mom and not fit to raise a child. I have 2 adopted uncles that are proof of that. Does that mean I agree with terminating pregnancy? No. It doesn’t. I agree with the choice of a woman to give legal custody of a child to someone who can take care of the child. But our foster care system, from my understanding, is not perfect. It needs tweaking.

Here is where I get the mixed feelings. I’m all for preserving the life of an unborn child. But where I have a problem is this measure got passed by a bunch of men. I don’t understand how these men can tell a woman what is right and what is wrong. It’s like we’ve gone back in history and women are the property of the men. Let me make the decision to have or not have an abortion,(which is never an option for me, personally) give the child up for adoption or keep the child. I have a friend that just got pregnant with her second and I don’t agree with this pregnancy but that doesn’t mean I can or can’t tell her what to do with the child, neither does the father who isn’t involved.

Am I crazy to think that these men can push through a measure on something like abortion and it be acceptable? Now like I said, I don’t agree with abortion, but I think this crossed the line. Obviously I have a problem with this because how many times do I post something with a political nature like this and then completely rant on it? Hardly ever. I just felt like I needed to put out my opinion on this.

Some people are also taking this into marriage equality. For me, this issue isn’t about marriage equality which I think should be touched on as well, but this is a different subject for me. Do I think a same sex couple should be able to adopt, yes. Some of these couples are better equiped to love than some straight couples. But that, to me isn’t the subject here.

This is obviously a hot topic and it could span off into a lot more conversations about who has the right to say who gets an abortion, doctors and abortions, when the proper time to have children is, it could go on and on. Like I said, I’m not an expert on this subject and not totally up on all the ins and outs of what was put before the governor, this was just a thought process. Relatively well-put together for a girl who’s going insane right?

I’ll try to put a more light-hearted post up next time.

Monday is HERE!

Monday is HERE!

I want to apologize right off the bat for any posts I post this week. I have this big kids Easter Event on Friday and I might go completely insane and I’m already lacking sleep. But it’ll fun watching me go insane. That’s why I’m posting this week. And it’s Monday and I’m tired from the little sleep I’ve gotten the past 2 nights. Coffee didn’t help much today. That doesn’t happen like ever except for today. Imagine me on Friday, the day of the event. Poor kids, they’re getting a crazy woman for their leader.

So today’s LBD….how bout that? If I were to sum up the comments, Pocket watch. He has a pocket watch? HE HAS A POCKET WATCH! Why is this such a big deal to people? Of course he has a pocket watch, he is William freaking Darcy. If I were to make a YouTube series off a classic it would be off of Jane Eyre.

Talking about my favorite novel, I bought it for my nook. I started reading it again. I forgot how lovely it is and how much this book holds my heart. I started loving this book at 12 when I first read it at the beginning of the seventh grade. It was the first classic novel I read and REALLY understood. That’s the start of the love affair and now, almost 13 years later, I still love it. Now I love it for different reasons because I’m older. I was in love with Mr.Rochester for a while and then I realized how much of a jerk he was and that Mr.Darcy was better.

Last night I was reading it, because it’s been since college that I’ve read it, and I was totally trying to be analytical about it and trying to diagnose Jane with a mental disease. That’s how I roll. My original copy of is kind of rough-looking. I have read it a few times. But only a few!

I always wanted to actually know authors from this time. More specifically, Austen and Bronte. How do they live, what would their thoughts be on modern subjects stuff like this. I’m fascinated by them.

Other news…..I worked on the pillow cases I’m embroidering on Saturday. As seen in the picture, embroidery takes over my life when I get into it. That is what happens to my couch. I still have a long ways to go. Sad face. One day I’ll own a house and have a room devoted to embroidery and knitting and it will be amazing and everyone will love it and be jealous of me.

I got to write a middle schooler today on the history of the town I live in. He had to do an assignment where he wrote and got info on a town with the same name he has. We were it! YAY us!

Happy Monday to everyone!

Covering it up and Maybe a rant?


To get things started off, it wasn’t a good day at the museum. So there might be a little bit of a rant. People were getting on my nerves left and right. My hair is even getting on my nerves. Dang having long hair and no hair ties.

I have worked with the public for some time. I worked in a tourist trap during summers in college, I worked in a movie theater, then in retail and now I worked in a museum. Total years worked with people on a tourism/service level = About 6 years. So I think I kind of have things figured out with how some people can be. After all this time I’ve found out that I am not cut out to deal with people for a living. And for the record it didn’t take me 6 years to figure this out. Let’s just say, I have figured out some parenting issues that I’m going to try not to repeat with my kids.

Anyway, I have a nook tablet. I love my nook. I’m always on the look out for a new book (okay and games to. If it’s made for kids my niece and nephew’s age, I’m all over it. I’m a kid at heart) to put on it. I was looking today and I made the comment today to my part-timer that I make harsh judgments of books just by the cover. Yes, I judge a book by its cover. But when you have two people who are suggested to be naked under a covers of a bed, I’m going to assume it’s going to have some kind of sex scenes. Trashy or otherwise. That’s all I could find today. I am so ready for something to be smart, easy and entertaining instead of easy brain candy. (slutty books)

I feel like it’s ridiculous how publishers put a trashy cover on a book because there’s sex in it and because it sells better. Why is society so visual driven? Now here’s a question: who gets these books? I have like 1 and that’s because I got bored and I needed something to read on my break. I got lucky with the Outlander series because I feel like it’s classy enough not to have scantily clad people on the cover even with the sex. Maybe because you actually have to think on what else is going on?

The book cover I kind of respect for their cover is the 50 shades books. They don’t have a trashy cover and their slutty. (from what I understand. I’ve made the decision to not read them because I feel I don’t need sex from a book. That’s a subject for a different post) So you don’t have to know what they’re about and innocently (maybe innocently) pick them up and read them. Because let’s face it, our culture drives on instant sight. No one reads a synopsis anymore unless you’re really into books.

Remember that this isn’t just with slutty books but it seems like every genre has their own steotypical cover. Slutty books are just easy……Wait they’re just easy to spot……..Wait I can’t help but make fun of slutty books easyness.

Things like this make me feel like I was born in the wrong generation. You wouldn’t see a slutty cover on a Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte novel because those books are smarter than books today. If I had a book, I’d totally have something random on there so people wouldn’t know what it was like a pig in NYC holding a bunch of international flags or something. That’s just off the top of my head. I’d come up with something better.

Point being….let’s be better than stereotypical covers. Let’s just be better than expected. (including me) That’ll throw every one of kilter.

Anyway, I don’t know if any of that made any sense or if it was my frustrated mind concentrating on why I’m frustrated and not what I’m saying.

Book Talk


Has anyone else seen today’s Lizzie Bennett Diaries Episode? Lord, I about peed my pants with excitement the whole entire time. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this series. It’s ending this month. This upsets me. There was a video uploaded right before today’s episode by someone else about the stages of obsession of the LBD. I enjoyed it and totally relate. I didn’t want to be obsessed. But I am. Darcy and Lizzie totally kissed today, hence the excitement. I have a feeling they were going to get it on after the video if Darcy and Lizzie weren’t fictional. They showed a thumbnail for Monday’s episode and it’s just Darcy. I love Darcy. I want a guy with Darcy qualities.

I’ve talked about several times about how I like Jane Eyre better than Pride and Prejudice but I would take Darcy over Mr.Rochester any day. Mr. Rochester was a jerk all the way through the book and sometimes you didn’t want to see the good qualities where Darcy totally redeems himself in the book. Sometimes, yes it is hard to for one to see Darcy’s good qualities but it’s easier than Rochester. Rochester was double Jane’s age where I think Darcy is more my age (in my mind at least Darcy is my age). I wouldn’t want to be with a guy who’s double my age. That creeps me out a little. Right now that would be like dating someone as old as my parents. Hence the creeped out feeling.

I finished listening to Eragon today. I have some issues with the voices. I don’t know if it’s because between reading the books and watching the movie (which wasn’t great, but it can somewhat hold its own) but I don’t understand the voices. Solumbum the werecat I though should have sounded like the Cheshire Cat but sounded like a muppet. Yes, Saphira sounded like a boy dragon and she’s a girl. Check pronouns for that. Then, when did Murtagh become Scottish? What the heck? If I remember right from later books, Murtagh and Eragon are related somehow. I would think their voices to be more similar. But maybe it’s because they grew up in different areas? Some of the Varden voices were cool. Then the echoy voice at the end. Seriously? That made me laugh out loud. There were some voices out I feel that Gerard Doyle (who read the book) had some issues with voices. I wasn’t a fan of the voices. But then I think Brendan Fraser ruined everyone else’s voices after I listened to one of the Inkspell books. He did an amazing job with that book.

I almost forgot how amazing this series is. Granted, it would be mediocre if I didn’t practically grow up with this series. If I had just discovered this series it’d would be very decent. But since I read this book back in high school, I love it. I think that considering that Paolini was like 15 when he wrote this book, he did a great job at it.

After reading the book and watching the movie, I was a little disappointed in the movie. They changed the story so much and I was just not pleased. I think that it’s okay they didn’t make it a series of movies because I don’t think that the books have that much of a following to justify it. The Chronicles of Narnia didn’t make it past 3 movies so I wouldn’t expect The Inheritance Cycle to. That could be the writing of the screenplay. But maybe I am wrong. And when did Arya turn from having black hair in the book to a blonde in the movie?

So a county sheriff vehicle is sitting outside the museum and it’s been there for a while. Should I be worried by this? I don’t think I’ve done anything illegal but still, I’m a little paranoid. It makes me not want to go get food or anything. I just want to sit and watch the vehicle and make sure I didn’t do anything wrong.

UPDATE: After an hour and a half, the sheriff left. He obviously was just using my parking.