I am Blue AGAIN!


So by some kind of miracle/accident/I-don’t-know-how-this-came-about, I found out there was a movie version of Blue Like Jazz. Remember that book? I kind of made fun of it a while ago. Go read how I felt about it. It’s not a great post or thought process but it’s ideas. Well, I may have been harsh on it. Maybe I was in a mood. I’m female. We get that every once in a while. I wanted to see how they dealt with turning this book into a movie. I found it on Netflix and I have watched it. The regular version and the commentary version.

It wasn’t bad. I knew the book was popular but I had no idea that the movie was such a big deal. Two guys started a campaign to raise money for the movie and did it in 10 days. That’s amazing. I find it amazing when a project has that kind of pull. Like I said, I knew the book was popular but crap. That’s really popular. And everyone that donated got their name rolling during the credits. Not after the credits, during the credits. That’s legit.

They obviously had to change a few things to fit into a movie format. I liked the references from the book they kept in like the rabbit and the carrot. (the cartoons, I found out in the commentary, was because Donald Miller needed to make the thing longer to make a page requirement, well played. That was one of my favorite parts of the book.).I liked the pope’s character. Not was he an interesting character but he was probably the best looking guy in the movie.

I think that the movie did a great job in getting across the point of the book. Obviously the book is a kind of memoir. Sort of. So it would be hard to get into a movie but it went well. Now don’t hate me, but there’s a lot of “Christian” movies that are really cheesy and the acting is horrid but the acting was really good and I thought that the cheese factor was kept at a minimum. I also didn’t hate the secular references/jokes in it. The point of the book and the movie, or a point of them, is that the church isn’t perfect and that Christians shouldn’t be kept to the church.

I liked Penny. She had my favorite quote of the movie. She was talking about how she read the Bible for a class and she goes “It turns out, I like Jesus”. Lauryn, she was so pretty. There was no ugly female in the movie. Throw in an average looking person please. The bear/the Russian entertained me. I thought his story was interesting.

I loved the ending. I thought it was a great thing and that Don knew that the Christians have messed up in the past and he was going to apologize. I also liked the closure that the pope had and that it was open-ended enough to let you speculate what happened. The whole ending was kind of like that. Not every movie can pull off the sort of open ending. This did.

I was going through the extra features late last night (it blizzarded here yesterday, so I closed early, did a little museum work at home and took a nap so I was up. This blizzard was way better than winter storm Gandlof. Did not disappoint this time.) There was a feature where the director (Steve Taylor) was working with the actors and the common theme was his love of The Hunger Games and Team Peeta and how “Lost” ended. At the end it went dark and said “More fun than The Hunger Games and a better ending than “Lost””, it made my night. If you get a chance, go watch that section. It made me laugh at like 12:30 this morning and I watched it a second time.

The commentary was hilarious. I could watch that again and probably will before I send it back to Netflix.

Goal for the weekend. Make plachinda. I don’t usually crave it, but all of a sudden, I hear the word and I crave it. No, I’m not pregnant. If you have to ask that question, you haven’t been paying attention.


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