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These next few posts will be a little shorter due to I’m super crabby this week. Work sucks and there’s just a lot of junk going on. Not impressed life, not impressed.

So I mentioned that I’ve been listening to Eragon. Gerard Doyle is reading it. Now I have nothing against this man’s reading, he’s doing relatively well. Except for one voice. That’s right Saphira the dragon. He does it in this low growl voice and it doesn’t suit Saphira at all. Or at least in my mind. In my head, Saphira is more feminine.

It’s amazing how some people’s voices are more suit to read than others. Brendan Fraser read the Inkheart books and he is utterly fantastic in it. Maybe it’s his acting background but the voices he brings to the characters bring you in and make you imagine even more. Another book I really liked read was The Help. There was a speaker for the 3 narrators. The Time-Traveler’s Wife was like that too. I like the different speakers for different people.

There are other speakers that are unfortunate sounding. My copy of Wuthering Heights has this English speaker and not that I don’t like the sound of the English but I feel it was over-dramatic. Is that because I’m American?

I feel like I would enjoy doing an audio book. I feel like I would suck at it but it would be a bunch of fun. That is the next profession to try. Anyone with me? I thought so.


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  1. That WOULD be a fun career! I think I would also stink at it, but who cares if I’m having fun, right? Sorry to hear you’re busy. I’m with you on that one. It stinks when things like “jobs,” “bills,” and “surviving the world” get in the way of blogging. Drains my creative juices. But keep it up, looking forward to more from you later! xo

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