Saved by the Bell.


It’s a little known fact of anyone who is involved with the museum; me, my board, other staff/volunteers, that I have something going on in the background all the time. Music, t.v. shows, movies, etc. I’ve been watching the last season of “Saved by the Bell” here’s a question. What happened to Kelly and Jessie in the last season? It was their senior year, why would you just leave?

Did you ever notice that they use the same classroom for ever single class? That would be redundant.

“Saved by the Bell” has to be my favorite show from back in the day. Some would “Family Matters” was the best show, but I couldn’t get it into it. Sad right? “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” was a close second. I can still do the theme song.

Anyway, I miss the days where shows were legit. I blame kids getting smarter.

Book Update: about a hundred and fifty pages left of The Scottish Prisoner and Saphira’s voice is still annoying me to no end.


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