What’s a Werecat Sound Like?


Really, what’s one sound like? I want to know. The one in the audio version of Eragon sounds like it should be on sesame Street. And it’s more feminine than Saphira. I want it to sound and always have wanted it to sound like the Cheshire Cat. I’m finding that this book is still really intriguing but the version I’m listening to is mediocre. I still think the name Angela sticks out in this book. But that’s the point? She is a witch that hangs out with a werecat.

Ever have one of those days that you know that you’re supposed to be really stressed but oddly calm? That’s me today. I know that I have a lot to do today and my list keeps getting longer but I’m okay. I love that peace beyond understanding.

Here’s my book thoughts of the day. I thought it was so appropriate that the Old Ian died at dawn in the last Outlander book. I feel like that if he would have died at dusk, it would have been to cliché like the sun was going out of their lives. But dawn felt like there was at least a little encouragement. MOBY can’t come fast enough.

I need another book like The Help. It’s a book with a heavy subject but still pretty entertainment. I think that there are books out there that don’t deal with a subject such as race and the line between classes as well as this book does. I completely appreciate it.

After 2 nights of meetings and before Paleo work night, I get a night to myself. How exciting is this? Very exciting. One does not even realize. I’m pretty stoked.


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