I need to get my Crap Together Here.


So recently, I have the inability to do anything that deals with writing things down. Numbers, my name, stuff on this blog. Stuff like that. Comes out all wrong. It seriously took me an extra 20 seconds to write the past 4 sentences because of my typos. I need this weekend to be here like yesterday. This is utterly ridiculous. I have a degree in English. I should have this kind of stuff together. (I realize my grammar and punctuation isn’t always on but I’m better than some.) Really, I don’t want to suck, but I am.

I had my stuff together for 3.82 days and then it started falling apart. What is it about late Thursday afternoon that makes me want to fall apart? Last night I was working on my fossil and it started falling apart, like really falling apart. I’d touch one part and the next one would come off and then the next one and then next. It was like an avalanche of matrix and fossil. Not pretty. One of the guys that help get this fossil called it shit and now it’s my shit. Last night I kept yelling “I can’t keep my shit together”. That’s true from the fossil and my mental situation.

I can’t even mentally put together a decent post. I started a post last night about what “Friend” character I’m most like. (I decided Phoebe, by the way. We’re both blonde, had some kind of music in our lives, and by my mental space right now, we have the same I.Q.) It wasn’t any good. So I’m saving everyone from that. There have been no good blog thoughts this week. So if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait until I finish a worthy book for a decent post.

Anyway. Thank God it’s the weekend. I can’t handle much more of this.

Plans for the weekend I’m helping a fellow Lion with something at the school tonight and then I’m watching a movie. Then tomorrow I’m going to Dickinson for some museum supplies, a Radio Shack run and seeing one of my oldest friends. That should be entertaining. We’ve been friends since about 10 so we have a good history. Then I’m doing nothing on Sunday. This is all considering that I survive mentally and the weather holds.


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