Sunshine Award…..WHAT?!?!?!?!


The Sunshine Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers. The recipients of the Sunshine Award are: “Bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere”. The way the award works is this: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. Answer questions about yourself. Select 10 of your favourite bloggers, link their blogs to your post and let them know they have been awarded the Sunshine Award!

I was nominated by Julie over at Julie’s Chick Lit. She’s a complete Rawr-asaurus.(Good thing, trust me) I’m completely flattered by this. Every once in a while I’ll see an award go around and I’m like that’s a cool award but NEVER thought I’d get one. So thanks Julie!


What inspired you to start blogging?
I’ve kind of told this story before but I was doing an internship at a museum to finish up college and doing an internship, I didn’t have any homework. Also not being at my summer job in a tourist trap town, I was without a lot of my summer friends. Let’s just say, I was bored. I also knew that writing was going to disappear soon because I didn’t have a real job and I didn’t want my writing to go away (not that I’m great at it, but you get the point)…… so that’s how a blog was born. Now let’s not discuss how real, live babies are born

How did you come up with the name to your blog?
I went to a small college (Dickinson State Yay Blue Hawks) so the English department was small. I was known for (in my little group) being hard to impress by a piece of literature and at times, probably more than I’d like to admit, I was frustrated by what I was reading. Then after college it turned into being frustrated by not knowing what to read after being told what to read for years. Hence the name. Obviously, the actual name of the blog is misspelled. I actually didn’t notice at first but now the story is that I was so frustrated, I misspelled it.

What is your favorite blog you like to read?
I love Julie’s Chick Lit (who nominated me? Is this real?), Confessions of a Love Addict, Four Little Fergusons, among many others.

Tell about your dream job.
I’d love to have a job where I could read as much or as little as I want and then intermingle that with watching movies and working on my embroidery and knitting. Does that last part make me seem 25?

Is your glass half empty or half full?
Silly question, it’s always full, half fluid half air.

If you could go anywhere for a week’s vacation, where would you go?
Scotland to find Jamie Fraser…….yes. Then maybe do some traveling in that western part of Europe.

What food can you absolutely not eat?
That’s a hard question because I eat pretty much whatever’s in front of me. I tried liver and never again. And one time I had to eat a raw onion for a game at camp so raw onion is another thing. I am fine with it in things but after this game that was even a little sketchy for a while.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
I go back and forth. Right now I’m into cookies and crème chocolate. But if I had to choose between the two I think milk chocolate.

How much time do you spend blogging?
It depends. Days like today I spend quite a bit of time on it. But some of my shorter posts I just whip them out. There are days I work on a post while I’m at work. I take a break and write a paragraph or thought down and leave and come back. It really just depends.

Do you watch TV, and if so, what are some of your favorite shows?
I’m more of a TV is on in the background. Jeopardy is great while knitting. You get smarter while you make something, win-win. I like the classics while in the background like MASH and Bewitched. I’ve talked about this before. Go find it.

I’m so glad this is narrowed down to just blogs because if it spilled into vlogging, I’d have a harder time. It’s hard enough picking 10 blogs. I hope I make it to 10.

1. Minnesota Mom

2. The Confessions of a Love Addict

3. 4 Little Fergesons

4. Knitting With Pencils

5. Knit the Hell Out

6. 25toFly

7. The (not so) Secret Life of a PhD Student

8. A Solo Singer in America

9. Reasonably Ludacrous

10. You Monsters are People

I made it. Whew. Congratulations for making it all the way through! And to the nominees! And to everyone! Feel the love yet?

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