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I was Confused.


So I was in the big town for a workshop. I wanted to get something at Bath and Body works. And the salespeople in there are usually overly nice. Not a bad thing. They’re not as bad as lingerie salespeople. Because not only do I have an irrational fear of “The Wizard of Oz”, I have an irrational fear of lingerie salespeople. My poor, future husband will have to deal with me rarely buying bras. That’s going to be an interesting love life. Anyway. Off the subject.

So I was looking at something, smelling stuff. This sales lady comes up and goes “Hi! How are you? Long time no see!” and I’m standing there, feeling like a jerk. Why? Because I don’t recognize her.

I am one of those people that I can recognize people that I’ve had a decent conversation with or I had English 201 with them or something like that. I may search for a name but I’ll recognize you.

I must have looked lost because she goes “You were in like a month and a half ago, like right after Valentine’s Day and I showed you these scents and our new stuff, I’m ____________ and what was your name again?” Oh……yeah, I remember you? And then I go out to check out and the girl behind the counter starts being friendly and the first girl goes, “you know Megan too?!?!?!?!?!” No, neither of you do. Stop trying to be my friend. I live 80 miles away and I don’t come to town. Back off.

I’ll talk about my workshop lately.


Work, Ugh


So here I am at the museum, avoiding cleaning up after a sale week on a Sunday evening. Really, is this what my life has come to?

In my defense, I would do it tomorrow during normal hours but I’m going to a workshop early tomorrow morning and don’t have time to do it before I leave. Like I’m leaving at 7 in the morning. And I really don’t want to be at the museum before I get on the road. No, I don’t. And don’t expect any posts from me in the next few days because I’ll be busy.

So I went to the library this afternoon to get an audio book for the trip up. I got sucked into the book sale room. 10 Disney movies, 8 books and $3 spent later, I was finally happy with the collection. Sigh books make me happy.

That’s all really I wanted to say.

Showers and Fixing Things.


Jane Eyre is coming up, I swear. I’m just not mentally prepared for the immensity that will come with that post. This is just a glimpse of how my mind doesn’t work.

A couple of weeks ago, I popped out of the shower, grabbed my towel from the rack and wrapped myself in it. When I grabbed it, I noticed that the rack was loose. So instead of acting normal and getting dressed and then fixing it, I just grabbed a screw driver and did it in my towel. Again, I don’t know why I didn’t just get dressed. It would have made sense. But when have I ever made sense.

I couldn’t get the screws to tighten. So I figured they may be stripped. I called home to talk to my dad because he usually took care of things like this and I wanted to confirm that they were stripped. Now if you ever wondered where I get my sense of humor, pay attention to my father. I told him what was going on and asked him how you know a screw is stripped. His response (and you could tell he was near laughter): “Well, dear daughter, I would have thought you knew this but they’re stripped if they don’t have any clothes on”. I knew he wasn’t being serious and I busted out laughing and I was thinking “If only he knew I was still in a towel.” Yes, that’s right, I hadn’t dressed yet. But I didn’t tell my dad that. He doesn’t need to know that his daughter is fixing stuff almost naked. He explained and I go okay that’s what I thought.

So today I was doing errands and I got longer screws for the hook. Do you think I could get them tight? NO. I’m upset about it. I was talking to my mom and I went, I need a stronger man to do this because it’s not working on it. I secretly think she was thinking that I had a strong man around but that’s another thing for another post that I’m pretty sure has been written.

If you found out too much about me in that post. Sorry, can’t unread. Here’s what is going on with the book situation.

I’m mentally writing the Jane Eyre post. There’s a lot that I could talk about with that book so that’s why it’s still coming. I’m going back and forth on what subject I want to talk about. It’s hard to pick just one aspect of a book you love to talk about. Maybe I’ll just make it into a series of posts.

I have made a big dent into Treasure Island. So much better than I ever thought it was going to be. Ah the language used. I love it.

I was browsing for VeggieTale movies…..Those are for my niece and nephew. Yeah let’s go with that. I don’t enjoy them at all…….Okay yes I do. At 25 I still love VeggieTales and they’re my de-stressing movies. I need new de-stressing movies. Anyway, I got a fiction bundle. 10 books for $9.99. Great deal right? I’m pretty excited about it. And I did get VeggieTales movies for me.

So until next time.

I Had One of Those Moments. I did.


Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re in a meeting or a class or something of the sort and you zone out and you’re in your own little world and you’re yawning without trying to look like your yawing and you’re doodling and you get to this zen place and totally happy and then everyone looks at you because someone asked you a question and you didn’t hear it and then you’re stumbling all over yourself trying to figure out what you’re supposed to say? First of all, if you got through that run on sentence, way to go. Second of all, that happened to me today.

I was in an archaeology meeting today and we were planning our summer and when we’re going out to search and all that good things. Well there’s this board member that likes to get off the subject and he was talking so I zoned out. And I was doodling. I’m also tired. I’ve been at the museum for 10 hours a day all week and yesterday it was 12 hours, I’m tired. I’m surprisingly not loopy. So the discussion picked up again and I was sitting next to the sheriff of the county just north of us and he needed a piece of paper and he looks at me and asked me for a piece of paper.

Deer in the headlights.

Then later I had a board member talk to me about an organization he’s a part of and I couldn’t keep focus. I can’t keep focus now.

Similar story. I took driver’s ed. when I was 15 and I had been driving for some time all ready, being a farm kid, so it wasn’t like I didn’t know stuff. The teacher (also our gym teacher) asked me what a speedometer was right in the middle of a big yawn. I got asked the question because I was yawning. Pretty sure.

I feel like that’s becoming more of a problem for me as responsibility keeps adding on. Good thing I react fast. I obviously need to change my schedule to surprise my body into being awake through these things. Maybe that will work right. I also feel like those are some of the funniest things to watch. Some people are pretty creative and some people’s reactions are just funny.

Jane Eyre post is coming. I promise. I just didn’t have the brain power today. I’m working on a Granny Square blanket. I’ll probably post a picture of that some time. I’ll post again when I have more brain power.

The Book Note Project


So totally changing subjects today. I’ve started working with a project called The Book Note Project. This is a fantastic project.

I don’t usually talk this extensively on a project I go in on. I mean, I’ve talked about the museum and the different departments and maybe Lions Club and reading and knitting but I haven’t really talked about a group like this. For me, this blog is about things that are going on in my life and the books that I’m reading. I try not to be a promoter of something specific. I try to be kind of general like yay books or education or people not being stupid! So being general is something I try but doesn’t always happen. But I’m really excited about this project. So I’m going to talk about it.

Emma from A Wordless Blogger came up with this idea. You can always go and read about it but here’s the general idea. The world is crappy. No doubt about it. So the idea is to start putting little notes in your library books, returning them and just leaving those notes in there to be an encouragement to people.

I love this idea. Books are my escape. They have been for years. It’s amazing how you can have a bad day and then dive into a book and it makes your whole day better. I had it easy and real life has never been so bad that I had to just sit and read and not get overly involved with a book world. I know people where the highlight of growing up was reading and books. The characters become friends, you become involved with their lives. Books become an escape. As much as words can hurt, they have a healing power as well.

That’s what makes this project special, I think. You are getting a double power of words. A double shot of encouragement. I think this project can go viral. And it should. It’s a way of helping your fellow person. I’m totally excited about the people involved. We have a little group on Facebook and someone said something about our Book Note family and I have this feeling that we’re going to be just that: a family. From what I can gather, everyone involved is super passionate about this project. Which makes that super special.

Another thing that I love about this is that it’s with actual books. Technology is taking over everything in our lives and books are the same way. So to find a hand-written note in an actual book. A-mazing. And this is a world-wide thing. Like there’s people from all different countries doing this. That just blows my mind. It’s uniting people AND I’m involved. I’m just an average person in a small-town in the middle of no where. Needless to say, I feel pretty honored to be a part of it. So kudos to Emma for this brilliant idea and making it happen.

If you want to get involved, contact Emma. My first note will be today. I still have to write it but I am going to return a book today. I’m not sure how well this is going to work since I live in a small town, but I WILL make this work and I’ll pull it off. Get involved, do something. Now I’ll go back to talking about literature. Jane Eyre is coming up.

Going to Wales


Not really, I wish though. So awhile back I mentioned Catrin in Wales by Mabel Esther Allan. I decided I needed to talk about it because it holds a special place in my heart and because it’s one of those books that aren’t really known and I think it’s too bad for this book.

Let’s go far back. I didn’t used to like to read. It wasn’t until I was 11, between 5th and 6th grades, I started to like to read. It took breaking my wrist (I fell off a horse. I’ve never remembered actually falling off, I just remember being on the ground) and me not being to do everything I used to for like a month for me to start reading. My sister was a reader as long as I could remember though and I think it was around that time I took this book from her. I have loved this book ever since. I read this book at a point in my life where my love of reading was blossoming into something amazing and doing it quickly. After I read this book, I became a little bit more cynical about what I read so this book came at the perfect time.

Here’s the synopsis from GoodReads. “When 16-year-old Catrin (she’s really 18) went for a short visit to Wales before settling down for work in London, she little suspected she would stay for the summer and longer because of a sick aunt. How she coped with the situation, became the custodian of a historic building, overcame the wariness of the villagers, participated in the Welsh national life, and found friendship and romance in the colorful, picturesque community, make for another fine teenage story”. This is pretty true. She’s 18, she goes to Wales to see her deceased mom’s sister who runs a historic building and then breaks her leg and Catrin is left to watch this historic building. She meets the Williams family and gets to be best friends with the sister. Catrin’s relationship with the brother, Ifor, is a little shaky at first but then ends up in love and they marry. It’s a great story of people aren’t what the originally seem. Originally published in 1960-ish. Recommended for young readers.

I have never been a fan of books where it seemed that the love between 2 people seems rushed or not genuine. Romeo and Juliet anyone? It’s been a while since I’ve read the book. But I don’t question and never have questioned the love in this book. This may be because of when I read it and I just didn’t question love in literature at that point. To me it seems like Ifor and Catrin’s love was legitimate. Their personalities just made sense to me that they would love each other. And I always seemed to understand that they spent a lot of time together, making falling in love right. I would sit around daydreaming about this love the whole summer after I read this book. It’s something that I want. It’s stable, it’s not silly. It’s a love that will last until they die.

This book also made me want to go to Wales. Unless you count Canada, which I’ve only been briefly (and let’s face it I’m from North Dakota, I’m close to Canada so it can’t count for much), I’ve never been outside U.S. soil. Even though I have a standing offer to go to Taiwan. I have a friend that I worked with in Medora that said I can come visit her anytime. I feel like I would stand out in Taiwan. A tall, blonde chick that wears cowboy boots will probably stand out right? Since this book, I’ve been fascinated by the history, culture, literature, pretty much anything with Western Europe. I might be going next year, but that’s a totally different post.

Back to the book. It’s a good book, an easy read. It’s a book that’s underappreciated and not known. I love this book so much, mainly because of the lovely memories that I associate with it, I wish other people knew about it. I think that everyone has one of those books they feel like this with. I’d love to take suggestions on what to read from people’s lists of books where the book isn’t really known but it holds a very special place in their hearts. You can learn a lot about a person from the books they hold dear.

I haven’t found another book by this author so I don’t know if this book was a “one hit wonder” or if I’m just not looking in the right spots.

I’ll probably be pulling books from the archives and reviewing them or pulling stories out of my past for you until I have something ready for Treasure Island. It’ll be fun I promise.

Catch up on my Life


Let’s catch up with my life.

The Book Maven nominated me for the Sunshine Award. This is the second time I’ve received the award and I’m just as honored as the first time. I’ll just link that here. Not that I hate writing about me or my blog but I just want to talk about other things today. Thanks Jhobell! She’s great, everyone should go and read her blog.

Something great that I thing a fellow blogger(s) are doing is The Book Note Project. I plan on joining this because it’s such a cool thing. It’d be great if everyone did this.

I had a lot of cancelling going on this weekend. I was supposed to have a museum round-table on Saturday-cancelled. Then I was supposed to go up to Medora with my friend Lisa-cancelled. (if you don’t know what Medora is or haven’t gone there. Go) Then I got to go home-Not Cancelled. Finally something that went right. It was fun, my cousin had a meeting not far from my parents so he and his family came out and stayed with mom and dad and then went to see Grandma. I realized this weekend that my niece struggles with pronouns. How do you teach a 3-year-old pronouns? I know she’s only 3 but her pronoun mix ups kind of bug me. Like she’ll say “Her sneezed” this is the same girl who used swell correctly in a sentence. What?

I’m stuck at work late all this week. It’s my own fault though because I decided to have extended hours this week. Oh yeah my sister announced she is pregnant. This kind of surprised the family. We didn’t think that they were going to have children.

I’m happy for them. I really am. But here’s my problem leading up to this. (which happened Friday night) My friends have had a history of having me fix some minor relationship questions. I’ve never understood that because I’ve never really been a real dater. But I try and help. There’s a lot of that going on lately. And it’s been bugging me because I’ve known that I’m supposed to be married. Then my sister told me about her pregnancy and that bugged me even more. I don’t know why. So my friend and I ranted about singleness. I love having friends to bounce ideas off of and rant. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around why I’m still single or am I just that stand-offish? Maybe I should change-up my schedule or get a new job to get to know guys.

I did finish A Game of Thrones. You know, I didn’t mind it but I am not addicted to the series. I did like the shorter chapters. Favorite characters: the imp and the Kahleesi. I hated the Kahleesi’s brother when he said something about giving her to like all men to save him. I liked the imp’s forwardness. That’s a monster of a book. No lie.

I also read and finished Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story by Dee Henderson. It’s a quick read like 150 pages. I wish it were longer. I really wanted the characters to develop more. Maybe I just read this to fast and couldn’t see the development. I love the characters in this series and I just wanted more.

I’m still reading Treasure Island. I love that book so far.

I really don’t know much else.