Dear Mother Nature…….WTC?


Dear Mother Nature…..What the crap are you thinking?

So remember how I said I got sunburned on Saturday and was out surveying with our paleontology department? It’s storming now. Like to the point they’re letting schools out at noon. And that means it’s bad. We don’t let out school for anything.

I had this couple at the museum once and they were from the south and they were asking me questions about the area, which isn’t a big deal because that’s my job and it got me out of doing paperwork. We started talking about whether. I go “Well, we’re a little different from the south. You get like an inch and school’s out. We have to have like no visibility with negative some windchill and like an estimated accumulation of like a foot to cancel school.” They look at me like I was insane. I’m not. This is true. Then they asked me when I put chains on my tires. I almost laughed. I don’t put chains on my tires. We do on some of our tractors. I knew two people in high school that put chains on their tires. They both had really nice cars with tires that weren’t good for snow. One of them had to have 4 of our classmates push her up the hill to get to school. They were amazed. But then it’s different down in the south. They’d have a hard time with my winters and I’d have a hard time with their summers. I’ve also rarely gotten stuck when going into town after a bad storm. A few years ago it was all the time when it was a horrid winter but even then it wasn’t bad.

All I want to do is close the museum, go home and watch Disney movies. Not just any movies, Disney movies. It makes me remember my childhood when school was cancelled. Those were the best days. I loved the whole day when we had a snow day. We’d gather around the radio to see if school was closed and then going back to bed after we found it was. Then it was movies and just lying around or maybe going outside and playing.

Funny random story. After college I commuted like 50ish miles while living at home and doing some work in Dickinson (why didn’t I just move? I don’t know.) One day I took my dad’s pickup to work. Here’s the thing. That was the only time I got to drive dad’s pickup to Dickinson. I rarely got to take it to town. If I needed a pickup growing up it was a junker. Now while I was at work it started to freezing rain. It took me forever to get home. So I’m almost home, I’m going slow and wasn’t in 4-wheel drive yet. I start circling and went into the ditch. All I saw was white going in. Needless to say, I was startled. I kicked the 4-wheel drive in and got myself out. My dad wasn’t in a good mood that night so I didn’t tell him but I told my mom. A few months later I was home visiting and we were driving home and I pointed and said “That’s where I put dad’s pickup in the ditch” Dad whipped around so fast and I was like chill dad, and told him the story. He was okay with it then and especially since I didn’t do any damage to his pickup. But it was kind of funny to see him whip around like that like I was in major trouble.

Anyway. That was your weather report for my area. You’re welcome. I knew you wanted it.


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