I Had One of Those Moments. I did.


Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re in a meeting or a class or something of the sort and you zone out and you’re in your own little world and you’re yawning without trying to look like your yawing and you’re doodling and you get to this zen place and totally happy and then everyone looks at you because someone asked you a question and you didn’t hear it and then you’re stumbling all over yourself trying to figure out what you’re supposed to say? First of all, if you got through that run on sentence, way to go. Second of all, that happened to me today.

I was in an archaeology meeting today and we were planning our summer and when we’re going out to search and all that good things. Well there’s this board member that likes to get off the subject and he was talking so I zoned out. And I was doodling. I’m also tired. I’ve been at the museum for 10 hours a day all week and yesterday it was 12 hours, I’m tired. I’m surprisingly not loopy. So the discussion picked up again and I was sitting next to the sheriff of the county just north of us and he needed a piece of paper and he looks at me and asked me for a piece of paper.

Deer in the headlights.

Then later I had a board member talk to me about an organization he’s a part of and I couldn’t keep focus. I can’t keep focus now.

Similar story. I took driver’s ed. when I was 15 and I had been driving for some time all ready, being a farm kid, so it wasn’t like I didn’t know stuff. The teacher (also our gym teacher) asked me what a speedometer was right in the middle of a big yawn. I got asked the question because I was yawning. Pretty sure.

I feel like that’s becoming more of a problem for me as responsibility keeps adding on. Good thing I react fast. I obviously need to change my schedule to surprise my body into being awake through these things. Maybe that will work right. I also feel like those are some of the funniest things to watch. Some people are pretty creative and some people’s reactions are just funny.

Jane Eyre post is coming. I promise. I just didn’t have the brain power today. I’m working on a Granny Square blanket. I’ll probably post a picture of that some time. I’ll post again when I have more brain power.


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