I was Confused.


So I was in the big town for a workshop. I wanted to get something at Bath and Body works. And the salespeople in there are usually overly nice. Not a bad thing. They’re not as bad as lingerie salespeople. Because not only do I have an irrational fear of “The Wizard of Oz”, I have an irrational fear of lingerie salespeople. My poor, future husband will have to deal with me rarely buying bras. That’s going to be an interesting love life. Anyway. Off the subject.

So I was looking at something, smelling stuff. This sales lady comes up and goes “Hi! How are you? Long time no see!” and I’m standing there, feeling like a jerk. Why? Because I don’t recognize her.

I am one of those people that I can recognize people that I’ve had a decent conversation with or I had English 201 with them or something like that. I may search for a name but I’ll recognize you.

I must have looked lost because she goes “You were in like a month and a half ago, like right after Valentine’s Day and I showed you these scents and our new stuff, I’m ____________ and what was your name again?” Oh……yeah, I remember you? And then I go out to check out and the girl behind the counter starts being friendly and the first girl goes, “you know Megan too?!?!?!?!?!” No, neither of you do. Stop trying to be my friend. I live 80 miles away and I don’t come to town. Back off.

I’ll talk about my workshop lately.


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