Old Friends


After my workshop ended on Monday, I checked into my hotel which was conveniently located across the street from the museum the workshop was at. I loved that bed. If I could have figured out how to get that king sized bed out of room and onto the top of my car without getting caught, I would have. In a heartbeat. But it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t take it because I could not find a spot for it in my apartment. Because my apartment is tiny. Anyway, I changed into different clothes and called my friend Lisa. I was so excited about this. I made it known at my workshop that I was going out with this friend. It wasn’t awkward letting people know because I knew them all.

I love Lisa. We’ve known each other since we were ten. Her grandparents lived in my home town and her grandma worked at the same nursing home as my mom. Through the years, we’ve remained friends. I went to her senior homecoming game/dance. And she came to hang out on weekends, we’ve gone to friends’ weddings together. To clear that up a little. Around here, little towns’ homecoming dances aren’t a big deal. We show up in jeans and t-shirts and dance with your friends and not with a date. So we’ve done a lot together.

We are both farm kids so we walk in like farm kids on the town. Our good boots, hair done, make-up done, nice jeans and shirts. We looked good. I have to admit, she looked better than I did because she tried more. Yeah I admit, I didn’t try that hard. But I didn’t completely look sucky.

She moved to Dickinson when I left Dickinson right after college. I hate that we haven’t been better at finding each other in our adult life. We’ve tried keeping our relationship and lately we’ve been rocking out on that. So I saw her on Monday night. We went out to eat and then we sat at the hotel’s bar. I love Lisa. We’ve known each other long enough that we can usually get each other to crack up laughing without too much problem. I usually have her laughing harder than the other way around.

Lisa is one of my favorite people to go out with because we are okay with a silence and we’re okay with randomly telling stories and bearing our souls to the other. She’s like family. Everyone needs that kind of friend that they have a history with and that they’re comfortable with and do things with. Everyone needs a Lisa and I totally appreciate that I have her. I don’t want a lot of friends like her. I could do with just a 1 or 2. I feel like you’re just putting your heart in unnecessary bad place if you have a lot of close, old friends like that. I mean you have to weed people out for the new ones or the ones that you drift apart from.

I do feel bad because I got invited to see a former roommate’s new house so I bailed on Lisa. She said it was fine but still, I feel bad. I tried to convince myself that it was okay because I paid for supper but still, I feel bad.

Book Time. It’s my favorite time.

Treasure Island has to wait for a while. It’s on my Nook and right now my charger isn’t working so until I have a charger, I will not be continuing it.

Jane Eyre post. Yup, I have it started. Nope, not finished. It’s going to be a work in process. I promise one day it will come.

Katytastic did a video on a Book Jar. It’s a way to get all your unread books read. I will be doing this. I’ve gotten a lot of books over the years that I’ve had the best of intentions on reading and never got to. This will be fun. The jar will totally be tonight’s project.

I started reading In the Woods by Tana French. I was a little disappointed in the reviews on goodreads. The book has a pretty good review. I wanted scathing reviews among the good reviews like super mad this book completely sucked for reasons a, b and c. No. They were all nice bad reviews. I am enjoying the book so far.

So until next time.


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