Time Travel is Confusing.


So I’ve been having a Disney VHS marathon and I thought it was a good time to step away and do something else. P.S. What is better than Disney on VHS? Shasta pop for $0.50? Yes. Both are my childhood. Yes, I have a working VHS player. My grandma got a new television last year and she gave me the old one (because it worked fine) and there’s a DVD-VHS combo and Disney movie marathon. Disney is really amazing on VHS. It’s classic. And Shasta! I love Shasta! My sister is totally jealous of me now and I don’t blame her because Shasta for 50 cents! SHASTA!

The past few days, all I’ve wanted to do is sing. That’s odd for me. I sang a LOT growing up so when I have the desire to sing all the time for like 2 days straight, it’s weird to me.

So The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Neffenegger. Let’s talk about that today. We’ll talk about the movie and the book. And there will be spoilers.

I love both Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams but the movie wasn’t great. It didn’t give you a good view of what the book is. I know you can’t fit everything from the novel into the book but still. Don’t suck. They sucked at telling the story. The acting was good; she’s pretty, he’s very good-looking. Great couple. The writers of the movie failed though. I had a friend that watched the movie and didn’t read the book and she didn’t understand it all. I tried to explain but you really just have to read the book to understand. This is not a book you make into a movie. This is a book where you read and fantasize and that’s that.

I thought the book was interesting. One thing that was and is universal in any series, is that time travel is complicated. I liked the concept that Henry kept going back to Claire while she was growing up and she was kind of a stabilizer for him. In the book I never got confused where he was and what was going on. I didn’t have to go back and re-read because it wasn’t clear. I think that’s an amazing feat.

I’ve read/seen interviews with Neffenegger where she talks about how she isn’t a romance novelist. And that makes sense to me after reading the book. There’s a couple that love each other but really the book is about 2 people’s life and one just happens to time-travel.

Gomez. I didn’t really like him. He’s a good friend to Henry and Claire and married to Charisse? That’s her name right? Anyway, he totally cheats on his wife with Claire. Actually he cheated twice. She was bored waiting for Henry (between ages 18 and like 21) and then mourning Henry’s death. So she cheated too? Sort of? Making them both sleazes. I don’t have much else to say about Claire.

And let’s face it, Henry was a super sleaze at the beginning of the book. How about the girlfriend before Claire? If that wasn’t a diabolical relationship what is? Then there was the part where he had sex with himself? To me, my mind didn’t make sense of what was going on there. Maybe it was written clearer and my mind just didn’t want to process it. I wouldn’t have put up with Henry. But I try to think about it in the terms that Henry’s mom died tragically while he time-traveled. There has to be some kind of repercussions for that, mentally.

Then there was how Henry died. Lord, that was heart-breaking. And they finally had Alba after trying so many times. I find it interesting Alba was like a hybrid time-travel. That sounds creepy when you say it like that but that’s what she is. She is a hybrid.

There’s so much else I could talk about with both the book and the movie, but it’s Sunday and my day off technically so I’m not going to over-work myself. Not happening.

So until next time.


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  1. Audrey Neffenegger had a book signing in London yesterday. One of my friends attended it and said she was lovely to listen to. She claims that she has never seen the movie. Interesting huh?

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