If You Like Journeys into My Head…


then you will love this post.

So a month or so ago, I helped with a pee-wee wrestling tourney and I helped with concessions. I got a thank you note today with a sparkly flower sticker on it. It made me giggle. And I really don’t have any affiliation with the wrestling program, I was asked to help at a Lion’s meeting and nothing going on. So I’m not a random creeper hanging around little kids. But sparkly flower sticker…………hehe. Little things like that make my day. I’m easily entertained if you couldn’t tell.

Here’s the kind of week I’ve had. I texted my friend MJ today and here’s the convo.

Me: I hate when I can’t remember the real day of the week.
MJ: hahahaha it’s Wednesday
Me: Thanks I forgot
MJ: Haha no problem!
ME: You might have to remind me every once in a while I kind of want to punch this week in the face (that’s just my mind. I don’t know why I’m so vicious maybe it’s my thing with social media)

We’re both farm kids and so we understand that spring is a busy time in North Dakota. Here’s the conversation from a little later.

MJ: I forgot about North Dakota Traffic jams!
Me: Drill or anhydrous? (meaning the thing that plants the crop or the stuff you put on to help stuff grow. Both are out and about now and both have to go really super slow. Like 30 mph at most.)
MJ: HAHA Neither. Fertilizer truck
ME: Haha next guess.

I miss the farm. This past weekend when I was home I got to go help my dad move trucks from one field to another. I didn’t realize how much I miss doing the little things like that until I was in the middle of doing it. Granted the conversation with my dad was more grown-up than it was back in the day but once I was in the pickup alone, I instantly turned into a form of my teenage self. The pickup told me to buckle up. I yelled no. Then this pickup has a smaller engine and it vrooms a lot. So we’re taking one of the trucks and I’m following my dad and I’m driving going “VROOOOOOM, VrooooooooOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM” the whole way. And it wasn’t far like maybe 2 miles. But the whole way.

This confirms that if I don’t marry a farmer, I’m going to be one disappointed female.

I put in another application somewhere today. I’m itchy to leave. Someone hire me. I’m entertaining, I promise.


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