So I’m Upset.


Today is a rant. Not a rant on something like social media or something like that but a rant on life. Mine, in particular. Just be warned. If you don’t want to hear a female rant, stop reading.

So today started great. I did my bi-annual haircut. I was talking to a guy that comes to meetings at the museum, does some other stuff and we started talking about his wife this is what he had to say: “She had the prettiest black hair in the country when we were going together and it went to the middle of her back. Now it’s short and white. Pretty sure I made it all white” I did a tour and life was good. Those go under Moments I Love my Job.

Now for the moment when I hate my job. The museum store has consigners. I had one stop in today. Not a problem. I don’t mind when they come in. I had a board member helping me with something, it was time for a break, not a big deal. So we’re standing there talking and he goes

“So you’ve been here for a while”

Me: Yup just over 2 years

Him: Well get out. It’s time you left. (I had a board member standing there remember that? Probably not a good time to tell me to leave.)

I looked confused, obviously.

Him: Well Bowman is where all the spinsters are.

I’m 25. Yes, I would have been a spinster like 100 YEARS AGO! Do not remind me I’m single. I am fully aware of that. And how do you know I’m single? I obviously don’t have a ring on but still, some people don’t wear rings. And we’re in a population growth. So don’t talk about spinsters around me. I am not a spinster. Now I probably took this the wrong way but still, you are insinuating that I came there to be a spinster and that’s all I’m destined to. Can you tell I’m upset by this? Telling or insinuating to me what I’m destined for is not how you get on my good side.

But I held it together. I’m fine.

We’re having some carpet laid tomorrow in the store. So I’ve been cleaning. Now I have explained that we have that one bookcase that isn’t moving so I have pretty much all the books on it. I had a board member come in and say that is not how we’re doing this. The bookcase is moving. So I start to question it and he goes well what if we want to make more bookcases and have to move the original bookcase and I go then you add on and not move. (mentally because I shouldn’t lip off to the president of my board) I spent a long time on this. Do you know how much more this upset me?

Now instead of working, I’m being pissy and blogging about it and I’m watching “Wings” and none of my friends are available to vent and I don’t want to.

Sorry I had to get that out. I didn’t have anyone to vent to tonight.


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  1. Board members, volunteers, public who speak without thinking….all can be a royal pain sometimes. I tell my board members all the time, I could accomplish so much more…and faster…if I didn’t have them. Hahaha. Besides who wants that many people who think they are your boss???? Have some chocolate…you deserve a treat!

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