In Where I do a little Comparison or Contrast.


Last night I started re-watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube. Then I popped in the Kiera Knightly version of the movie and read the book until I fell asleep. Several things out of this.

1. There should be a Jane Eyre adaptation on YouTube. Because that would make me squeal like a Catholic School Girl. I would totally record that for everyone.

2. I’ve never seen the BBC version of P&P. Is that okay? Is that blasphemous? Because I’m kind of in love with Matthew McFayden in that role.

3. I love the language in the book.

P&P (Pride and Prejudice if you didn’t know) is celebrating 200 years of being published this year. Congratulations for standing the test of time.

Actually, let me say before I move on that I’m a hard-core Bronte fan. Austen comes in second. ALWAYS. (only 34 more years until Jane Eyre is 200. You know I’ll be celebrating this.)

I think that P&P has lasted this long, in part, because of the solid characters and story line. Let’s do some comparison between P&P and Twilight. (I just puked in my mouth a little) Please do NOT say that Twilight is just as good as P&P. It isn’t. In 200 years Austen will win whereas Meyer will be a footnote. Now remember I have a degree in English and have more of a background in English Victorian Literature. Remember that when I start ranting and raving. (I’ll try to keep it under control.)

Edward and Bella Edward is definitely the dominating force in the book. I always felt that Bella had no backbone. Bella had to have vampires save her, chasing her and just ran. You are a young woman, grow a backbone.

Darcy and Lizzie Both are strong personalities. Lizzie had no issue with telling Darcy what she thought. He did too but in that time, you did not just offer an opinion. Either sexes. But it was pretty much vice versa after they got going.

T They only talked because Edward couldn’t hear Bella’s thoughts. Great communication there guys. If they could have acted it out, it might have been better. Oh wait, isn’t that what 50 Shades of Gray is for? That’s a legitimate question because I haven’t read 50 Shades and have no intention to.

P&P Communication got between them got better through the book. They used their words and used them well.

T Edward and Bella had to be made into immortal beings to stand the test of time and I’m sure that they will be mentioned but I don’t see them as having staying power.

P&P They’ve lasted 200 years, without the aid of being an immortal creature.

T Edward and Bella were so brooding. And they were brooding the whole, entire time. It’s okay to smile, life or the non-life you’re living isn’t so bad. And it felt like the emotions by the other characters were extreme.

P&P They had their ups and downs emotionally making them more realistic. They were happy, they were mad, they hated, they loved. They acted like humans should. But then again, they are going up against vampires and that’s just not human-like.

T Escalation of time is a problem for me. They met, they tangoed around each other for like 2 weeks and then BOOM they were in love. Yes, some people do fall in love quickly but dang, make it believable. I guess one of them is a teenager so that’s how it works? Maybe I’m misunderstanding it.

P&P They took their time. I did say in a earlier post that I thought it was quick but I started thinking about it. They took their time. Lizzie was proposed to twice, there were letters sent and received, Wickham was found out to be dastardly, plus there was a lot more going on before they actually fell in love. What happened for Edward and Bella? Algebra test?

T Is there a universe outside of Bella and Edward? Yeah but it sure felt like Bella and Edward were the only 2 that mattered.

P&P They dealed with people. Like Lizzie’s 4 sisters and meddlesome aunt’s (just like Scoob and the gang) and best friends. Lizzie and Darcy were the main focus but let’s face it, Darcy wasn’t there all the time. Lizzie was.

In general, P&P felt like they had more round characters. They learned something, they grew as people. In Twilight, they were just living as vampires, not really learning or growing. Just there.

I’d totally compare Meyer and Austen but I feel like that would be unfair. I find it unfair to pit Austen and Meyer against each other. One’s dead and the other one I don’t respect her writing. Actually, let’s talk about the writing.

WTF was Meyer doing? I get that she was writing for a younger audience but a younger audience doesn’t mean they are stupid. Put some class into it. Do a better job of setting your characters up. I really don’t have any qualms about Austen. She actually had some detail into it and set things up very well. I feel that Austen put more thought into her writing, maybe because she didn’t have a backspace key.

And a dream that turned into a story where the characters talk to you? I have a hard time with that. I really do. Not so much the dream part but the characters talking to you. If a character is well-developed, they shouldn’t have to talk to you, you should just know. But then I’m not an author, what do I know? Apparently nothing.

Hate me if you must but this is my opinion. I’m not going to change it any time soon. Give me your opinion though. Do you agree, do you disagree and why to both of those. I know there’s a few of you that think my van down by the river needs to be rolled into the river. Let me know.

There are good things to Twilight I think. It’s a possibility. I just don’t see them right now.


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