It’s Band Season!


So last night was the first night of community band. I love community band. I’m not any good but it’s fun for me. I like it because it’s socialization. I hit a lot of wrong notes last night. Me and this older guy are the 2 consistent trombones. The guy is a retired teacher and is so much better than me.

Last night I showed up and they go “Hey Megan, you’re going to have a young one sitting by you” “Sweet I can torture right?” (bad idea because I think this girl was one of our trumpets sisters.) Now when they said young, I thought like freshman in high school because we have some junior and senior high school kids in band. I was wrong. Once again in my 25 year history, I’m wrong. This girl was like 11 looking like an 8 year-old. Well, okay, I dramatize. This girl is probably going into junior high.

The, I think, sister said “That’s Megan. You’ll be fine.” The band instructor goes “That’s Megan. She’ll get you through this” Awesome. No pressure. Then someone said “Where’s the old guys?” I then realized that the older guy wasn’t there. Let me explain that question further. There are three older guys that are really good that are in band. A trombone, a tuba and a soprano sax. All of them are retirement + age and all of them super good. All of them were out-of-town. There was a new tuba player and we made fun of him.

Anyway, I found out that the older trombone wasn’t coming and I was sad. I don’t want to have this girl depend on me. I’m a follower, not a leader. Crap, what do these people expect from me. I haven’t picked up an instrument since Christmas. My lips are out of shape, positions are not coming back to me, incidentals suck. I bombed it. Horribly. I did however, pull it together a little near the end when we weren’t doing marches. So it was a fail on my part. Not an epic fail, just fail. Look at me, it’s been one night and I’m back to complaining about music and how I’m musically out of shape.

I know this girl was nervous. She’s the youngest of everyone there. The sister (?) goes, “Just own it. I mess up all the time and I’m loud” Which is the best advice ever to a musician, I think. It’s decent advice to non-musicians but when you’re a musician you have to play loud enough for either yourself or your instructor to find the mistakes or make changes.

Off the topic portion. Sometimes I find it amazing that I’m into as many things as I am like embroidery, knitting, reading, music. I grew up on a farm. Now a farm isn’t a bad place to grow-up. It’s actually great. But I put in a lot of hours helping. I helped move cattle, move trucks, etc. I don’t know how I made time for everything I was in growing up. My parents understood that there is always time to work but there is also time for personal activity. But it does seem interesting that I got into like knitting and embroidery because, dang, are they useful. Maybe my parents had an ulterior motive for me having interests. It kept me from annoying them and it was productive.

It’s my 300th post! YAY!


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  1. My favorite sentence from this post: “My lips are out of shape.” This made me smile!

    I’ve never thought about that, but I used to play the trumpet WAY back when, and I’m pretty sure that if I were to pick one up now, I’d find that my lips (in addition to some other things) are out of shape, too!

    Proud of you for being a leader last night!!

    • Thanks. I lead when necessary. We started playing “Mombo #5” and my lips were shot and the director was trying to explain the low note to the girl and I was like “It’s like a trombone fart”, director laughed and said yeah, it’s like a fart.

      you need to find a trumpet, get back into music shape and we’ll start a mariachi band and become the best white girl mariachi band ever.

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