Cowboys and Dinosaurs or Fairies and Princesses?


I am royally pissed off at one of my vendors. He told me that he was going to send some inventory and things that would work well in my store and send me an inventory sheet. Never got the inventory sheet and when I got the shipment today there was 17 boxes and princesses and fairies in it. We are an educational museum that has scientists from all over the world coming to study the Hell Creek Formation. Anyone see what’s wrong with this picture? Ummmmm, yeah. The sales guy had an ear full and I’m not even done with him. I’m not hard to work with, all I wanted was a list of what’s going to be sent out. If he had done his job, I wouldn’t have gotten 17 boxes with about half of it being stuff I will not sell in my store. I do have a museum’s reputation to uphold and princesses and fairies don’t help. It doesn’t help my mood that I have a funeral to go to tomorrow afternoon for a man I didn’t know very well.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind fairies and princesses. There is a time and place for them. It’s just how do they fit into a museum where we focus on western culture and paleontology? I mean really. Let’s think about it. Every time I think about it, I get upset again. I know I should probably be a little bit more forgiving because this guy is new but the forgiveness will probably come tomorrow when I’ve had time to settle down.

Rodeo starts today. I suppose I can go to the Rodeo Queen competition and make fun of them. Because that’s what I do and have you ever seen the outfits? If you’re not into it, they’re easy to make fun of and most days I’m into it but NOT TODAY! And the hair, my God, it’s like they left it in the 1980’s. Is it horrible I make fun of teenage rodeo queens? Because all I want to do right now is make fun of someone. They’re easy targets. I’d take that instead of playing piano or some farm work.

Today is obviously not one of those days that I have the patience to deal with people and all I’ve done is deal with people today and it was a busy day at the museum. For whatever reason, this is the place to be and not by the rodeo kids, just out of town-ers.

P.S. Dear Australia. First you suck me in with McLeod’s Daughters (I watched the whole series and am still traumatized by Claire’s death) and now Dance Academy, what show will I find on Netflix next from you?


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