Just One More Day + More!


I know this week has been super exciting and you are all hyped up on mermaids but we need to calm the heck down. But get through this first part and then I’ll talk about something else other than theories.

I feel like this week I have spent a lot of time talking about theories and maybe making fun of them a little. I’m pretty sure that I have a love affair with conspiracy theories.

Last night my friend R and I were texting back and forth planning on what we’re going to do for her birthday. (going to the Monsters University BTW) Then we started talking about Elvis and she thinks he’s alive, I’m not all that positive. If I remember right, that’s about 36 years of being in hiding. Long time to hide right? Here are some ideas that we came up with.

He’s hiding in the reservation by Mount Rushmore with a Native American wife and reliving his glory days there, also making him a polygamist.

The mermaids have him.

Mexico (yup, the whole country) is holding him hostage and the government doesn’t want to pay the ransom because Elvis has military secrets from when he was in the military in WWII.

Now here’s another question for people to think about. Was there a shooter on the grassy knoll to shoot Kennedy? Here’s my history minor opinion. I think that there may have been someone on the grassy knoll BUT they weren’t working with Oswald because from what I know of Oswald, he would work alone. Now, everything happened with Oswald so that IF there was a grassy knoll guy, they wouldn’t be able to get off a shot because everyone was running around panicked. Win for me. If I remember right, Oswald had some involvement with Russian Communists and probably Cuban Communists but I don’t think that he was working with either of them with this. I think he was just extreme.


First speaker of the year this Sunday! He’s a guy that does all these different historical figures and he’s doing a buffalo hunter on Sunday. Can’t wait!

It’s another coffee day. I was kind of dragging so I got coffee…….I have an addiction. And who lets me get coffee, seriously? I mean it’s the same result, every time. EVERY TIME! Abundance in energy and 300,000 words a minute out of my mouth.

I’m not reading anything right now because I can’t decide what to read. I have a lot on my list and I do have a book jar but everything that comes out just doesn’t seem good. Talking about that, last night after almost 2 1/2 years of living in my apartment I realized that a lamp next to my bed would maximize my reading non-nook books greatly. Luckily, I had a lamp in my living room I could steal and bring in my room. Why did this take me that long to realize this?

AND now that my work day is over at the museum, I can go home, put my hair up, get ugly and do nothing. Other than make cookies, maybe.

Section I debated about putting in and then put on my big girl pants and just did it because this might be an ongoing topic.

So the last post, post before (?) I talked briefly about actively looking for a significant other. I did sign up for Christian Mingle and started emailing this guy through the site. I totally expected a conversation. Nope. Once again, I expect to much. Yup. I have a habit of doing that. It was me trying to get to know him and him just answering. Now, I’m not really sure because it’s been a while since I’ve been in a get-to-know-you situation but aren’t you supposed to get to know each other through a series of questions going back and forth? I figured he wanted to get to know me since he was the one that initiated it. Ugh. The struggles of being single in a small town. Boo. This would not be so hard if I lived in a more populated place.

I’ve been thinking about doing Christian Mingle for a while because I live in the middle of no where. If you don’t believe me, look for Bowman North Dakota on a map and then see the scarce amount of towns around it. But since I’ve been thinking about it, Christian Mingle ads everywhere. Television, internet, everywhere. So I’m thinking God is trying to give me a hint. I’m not very good at hints so God decided to hit me with a bunch of ads. Well, hopefully this won’t come back to bite me in the behind.


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