Dreams, Boys and Talk about Maiden Head


I am a believer in dreams. Not the random ones where you’re being chased by evil, murderous clowns but the ones that wake you up and you know in the deepest parts of yourself that there was something true about it. I think that the best part of these dreams is that they come when you least expect it and that they come when you most need them. I look forward to those dreams. I’ve gotten a few that give me closure. But when I get them, they mostly are about one thing……the guy I’m supposed to marry. God must know husband dreams will satisfy me for a while.

Here’s what I’ve put together from my dreams. He has dark hair, he’s decently taller than me,(and coming from a tall girl, that’s great) likes to hold my hand, there’s something special about his eyes and his name is Mike. There was one dream that I called him Moon Doggie. I’m not sure where that came from. Maybe I was watching the Gidget movies that night. Because I know that there might be a few people who will ask, the new guy that I’ve been talking to doesn’t fit all of this list. Like the name and he’s only an inch taller than me if I were barefoot. But he does have something about his eyes and he has dimples. Cute dimples. I’m a fan of his dimples. But last night I was praying and I go “God, I don’t know if this guy’s the one. I have a hard time talking to him. I’m pulling away from him all ready. Is it to soon for me to start pulling away from him, am I not giving him a chance?” Pretty sure right after I prayed that I got that “He isn’t the guy” feeling. Thanks for pointing that out God. I don’t know where this guy road is headed but it’ll be an adventure and I’ll keep everyone updated. And don’t worry, I won’t lead this guy on.

Back to dreams. I did have this one dream my senior year of college where I can assume that it was one of those dreams telling me that it may get tough but I’ll be okay. But that’s an assumption. I also woke from that dream 90 degrees away from a normal sleeping position. I always remember that dream and it kind of reassures me that no matter what’s going on in my life, God’s got me in his hand.

Ionia talked about this today in her post about romance novels, she asked that buxom not be used in a novel. I don’t mind buxom as bad but Maidenhead. Oh my God. It makes me feel violated 8 different ways, maybe 9 on certain days. Like I told Ionia, Maidenhead makes me want to cross my legs and kick any guy in the nards with my boots on if he comes near me, especially if he comes near me with his man banana. This word honestly makes me feel like I should be a helpless girl that doesn’t know how to protect herself against assault.

I know this is kind of a weird combination, dreams and my Maidenhead, but hey, it’s my blog. Deal with it.


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