Same Old Rant and my Maidenhead!


I promise I won’t talk about my maidenhead today. That could be a horrible post. As great of a story as losing my maidenhead would be for a post, I don’t want to tell the internet! Some things need to be private. Maidenhead is one. Anyone hating the major use of maidenhead yet? I’m on the verge of puking because of it. I’ll try to be gentle about it when I talk about innuendos….or not have innuendos. Let’s change the subject shall we?

I went to “Monsters University” last night with my friend R and her son and niece and nephew. It was a cute movie. Me and the son had an argument if he was old enough or not to have seen the first one in theaters. He’s not by 5 years. I tend to have really good, deep conversations with the son. That’s just how I roll.

I was talking to boy (Those dimples, my God. New weakness, right there. Add it to the list with being a bass, wranglers and boots. I know I talk a lot about his dimples but they’re so cute) the other night and I was sitting on the ledge outside my apartment and I have mosquito bites all over. We didn’t even talk that long and I have like a million bites. What’s with that?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about blogging and people’s writing style when they’re blogging. Someone just left a comment on one of my posts that makes me scratch my head. It was like they were trying to impress me with how smart they were but it came off bad because they totally used the wrong wording and it came off redundant the whole way through. Don’t do that to me. I do tend to use a big word here and there, but since using big words aren’t over-populating my speech in real life, they don’t always make on the blog. Talk to me like a college educated 25-year-old. Because that’s what I am. And don’t speak above your education. Example: If you don’t know the meaning of concupiscence, don’t use it. And while we’re at it, let’s remind everyone to try to and at least use the correct spelling of words. I can make out the meaning if you use the correct spelling. It’s not as much of a problem blogging but on social media it is. Makes me want to kick people in the nards when they screw up like that. English Degree, right here. Remember I do judge you by how you speak. I know you’re not supposed to judge but how you speak is how I start figuring out how to react to you, the references I use, the words I use. Everything. I’m not going to make a joke about Austen if you’ve never read Austen. Just remember you don’t need a college education to be smart but you’re not smart because you went to college. Just speak to where you’re comfortable, not above or below.

I think that my problem is that when someone new comes on my blog and I get so excited about new people (I’m a little bit like a puppy in that way because it’s new people and I don’t get many new people. it’s like how I react with coffee, it gives me more energy) and then they post something or I check out their blog and it totally shoots down my over-the-top expectations of them. Which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just I tend to get a little disappointed. But there are a lot of pleasant surprises with people that cross my blog.

And since I’m talking about blogs and I’m thinking about it, I’ve been getting really random followers lately. No, I don’t want to know how I can make money from my blog or how to boost my viewership, I do this because I want to. It’s fun for me. I want people to follow me because they’re entertained by me or they like my taste in books or they like my rants. And I don’t usually go around overly-promoting my blog. I will go and mention a post to someone if it’s applicable. Or I’ll tell someone I mention them. But do not go and promote your blog on my blog if I have nothing to do with or would find no interest in whatever you’re talking about. I know that sounds harsh, but that’s how I’m feeling today.

That was completely more rant-y than I thought I’d be today. Obviously I have some buried feelings about this subject.


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  1. I utterly concur with the whole lot of what you have written. It was especially well conveyed, my friend.


    Oh, and FYI – I judge people on the way they speak, too.

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