Just a Little Short One.


Now that I’ve mentioned innuendos I see them everywhere. Just like that kid in “The Sixth Sense” seeing dead people. Except dirty.

Last night, I was having a girl night. Not the girl night where you watch “You’ve Got Mail” and paint your toes but the night where you feel less superior to everyone and everything and you wonder what’s wrong with you. You feel just plain insufficient. What did I do? Not talk to boy……he had plans and he REALLY brushed me off. We’re not talking to him. No one talk to him. Do NOT be sucked in by the dimples….Don’t worry, we’re really not that mad at him. He has his own life and it’s not like this is going to last. We’re not even in a relationship. So go ahead talk to him if you know him. (That makes me like a teenager doesn’t it? GAH) But what I did do is I ran back to work to send an email I forgot I really needed to send and then I got these little shelf things for my yarn. I put them together myself. I had to read the directions though. And I still don’t have enough room my yarn. But I made it. And it sure does look good.

I often wonder if guys have the same kind of nights where they feel insufficient. But it’s also really interesting to me how people deal with their insufficiency. I deal with it by being busy cleaning or throwing myself into a book or building shelves. I also angry clean which gets my apartment cleaner like nobody’s business. Picking people’s brains is what I like to do. Odd, I know.

There is a group called Anthem Lights and they did a redo of a song called Don’t You Worry Child. I really like it and I had it on repeat yesterday because it made me feel better. It’s amazing how some of those songs just have the power to make you feel better and bring you peace.

Why has no one informed me that there is a Jane Eyre Series on YouTube? I will be obsessing about this for like ever. Just so everyone knows.

What have we learned today? I’m sucked in by cute dimples, I can make shelves, and I have moments of insufficiency. That pretty much sums it all up. Oh and Jane Eyre….YouTube! YES!


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