I Swear I’m not Vain.


When I was born, I had some serious black hair (I also had special poop, they had to snip the bottom of my tounge because it was attached, and my dad forgot my name, but those are different stories of my birth.) and by the time I was 2, my hair was 2 or so shades away from being albino white. My hair has gotten darker from there. Now, I’m still super blonde but I’m not where I was. This came to me as I was looking at my hair this morning. I was combing it, not being vain. Yeah, okay, I was being a little vain. But when you have long, blonde hair with natural highlights and everyone thinks it’s not God-given, you tend to be a little vain about your hair.

Anyway, back to the real topic at hand. I am not 17 years old anymore. I am not where I was. I’m not even where I was a year ago, personally. But that’s what makes me human. I’m okay that I’m not 17 anymore. I was annoying. I would like to be the weight I was but not my personality. Wow, I needed to be put in my place.

I’m finally caught up with the Jane Eyre series on YouTube. I think I’m nerding out more with this series than The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. And the guy that plays Rochester, just as shady as I hoped he would be. I feel like every other character has to prove themselves to me a little bit more. I don’t know why, but I do. I’m kind of liking Jane though. She’s just as bally as she should be. I’m just taking a while to warm up to her.

I checked out Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. I’m curious to see how I like it and the librarians are curious too. I swear they like pounce on me after I return a book.


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  1. lmao those sound like some massively interesting birth stories! I hope your dad only forgot your name that once–mine still can’t tell me apart from my sister and I’m going to be 30 in August. :/

  2. I am. But we know this. I like you just as you are. You are the queen of sarcastic humour and that makes you the best show around. Love it. I wan to hear the poop story.

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