Story Time Once Again.


I decided to play catch up on stories because some of my quotes yesterday needed to be explained. P.S. Thanks for everyone that made my WordPress stats explode. I didn’t think yesterday’s post was that entertaining, but obviously it was. Well, yay for me entertaining. Welcome to newcomers…..picture a really awkward looking Megan, that’s me because now I feel I have a bunch of eyes on me.

So I did get several questions about my birth a couple posts ago. Here’s what happened. When I was being brought into this world I pooped at the most ill-advised time and there was something about the color of it and they brought in a specialist to make sure I wasn’t toxic to other life-forms and he said I was fine. And then at the bottom of your mouth where your tounge is connected, my tounge was overly connected and they had to snip it so I could at one time in life speak. Now here’s the really good story. After I was born, my mom got sick and so she went into the bathroom to throw up. So my dad’s sitting there. I’m the youngest of 3 so by the time I came along and Dad having been around cattle and horses his life, a new baby was exciting but kind of old hat by now. So Mom was puking, Dad was sitting. Nurse comes in and asks what my names was. Mom and Dad had my name planned out. If I was a boy-Joshua Lee and if a girl-Megan Jeanne and remember this was back in the late 1980’s so ultrasounds weren’t what they are now so they had their bases covered. So the question was posed. Dad goes blank. BLANK. There’s some general stuttering until my mom yells from the bathroom…”It’s Megan”. Yes, this happened and yes, I do remind him of this all the time. I feel like this set me apart from my siblings and I am the special one, making me more destined for more awesomeness. But the siblings are pretty awesome.

“Maybe you should ask your baby daddy.” Remember in the last story time the roommate also known as Megan? This story includes her. We just moved in with each other and we didn’t know each other before, the school shoved us together. I take a little while to get used to people, especially ones that I’m made to live with. But Megan and I clicked early on but were still a little distant. There was this rumor that roommate Megan was pregnant.(small college, in a small college town, what do you expect?) She wasn’t and we talked about it, we were roommates, things were going to come up. Roommate Megan was an elementary education major and that year she had to shadow a teacher and dress up for it. Can you see where this is going? So she comes to the apartment and dresses up and leaves, comes back and was going to change back into jeans. She couldn’t find a certain pair of jeans and yelled “Where are my jeans?”. First thing out of my mouth, couldn’t stop it was “Maybe you should ask your baby daddy” This came out of me, the one who hadn’t really joked with her before. Pretty sure I got her on the floor laughing with that comment. This kind of cemented our relationship and what we could and couldn’t say around each other. We still giggle about it.

I’m really struggling here. Again Roommate Megan comes into play. We were having a tough week and Roommate Megan hinges at the waist to pick something up, she can’t reach with her short arms and says “I’m really struggling here” to the floor. I was sent into a fit of giggles. This shouldn’t have been funny. She was struggling. I laughed at her struggle. I’m not usually this mean but this was my roommate, I can laugh at a roommate’s struggle. Especially when it’s said to the floor. After that, every time we struggled it was “I’m really struggling here”. Every time. I still say and laugh uncontrollably.

Are there walnuts on that Turkey Sandwich? This one is actually stolen from an MTV show. There used to be a show where people would set their friends up on really bad blind dates. I was watching this show with none other than Roommate Megan. And this woman (actress) starts freaking out about the sandwich she gotten because she’s getting sick so she’s yelling “Are there any walnuts on this turkey sandwich?” because she’s allergic. The guy is totally creeped out. This was the best thing ever in our minds. We would have a post on Facebook where all we did was quote this show. We had a ton of these quotes. This quote was always first.

Another story about me and Roommate Megan. We played hockey in our kitchen with brooms and an ace bandage. She won because she has a bigger behind. Our R.A. lived kiddy corner from us and every once in a while him and the guy that lived next to us would come over and make sure we were okay because we would end up yelling at each other over something like kitchen hockey or yelling at a game. We were awesome neighbors. And we were classy because we had “Golden Girls” marathons. Just an FYI.


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