Yay for Independence.


If you couldn’t tell from reading some of my posts, I may or may not have a little bit of sarcasm and may or may not have a little bit of a sense of humor on things. When I got to my parents’ house the other night, we had a late supper. My dad is a farmer so he has some late nights and 95% of the time growing up we always ate together as a family. They weren’t always the most rambunctious or lively meals but we ate them together most of the time, no matter the time. So supper was at like 9:00 at night. I’m never sure what kind of mood my dad is going to be in after a really long day on the farm so, I always feel it out. And my dad, by the way, has a similar sense of humor as me. So we sit down. We start talking and dad was in a good mood. He made fun of my long hair, I made fun of his random bald spot on the top of his head and how it wasn’t my fault. Actually, that’s not true. First I told him it wasn’t my fault then I told them I was such a good kid he had the rub the top of his head contemplating what to do with such a good kid. Then he told me that he was hesitant to tell me I was a good kid because he didn’t want me to get a big head and then not be able to wear a hat. Yes, this is my life.

Since we’re on the topic of my parents, I was talking to my mom this morning and some how, the subject of facial hair came up. I announced I was going to grow a beard and join the circus. Mom didn’t think this was a good idea. I told her it was my next career move and it was either the circus or a hobo and the circus paid.

While I was at home, I was in the office for a while playing piano. Two things. One: IIIIIIIF anyone wants to donate a piano to me so I don’t have to wait to come home to play, that’d be great. I’d give you a concert. I may not be great but I can pluck out a tune. Two: In the office my parents have two sets of photographs of us kids. One is each of our junior year pictures and then one of our senior pictures. I was looking at them and I came to conclusions. I was sooooooooo blonde. I’ve darkened up. I’ve darkened up. I want my old hair back. I really do. But I was so naïve.

I have a friend whose birthday is on the 4th and I told her on Facebook “Happy independence from your mommy’s womb day”. She thought it was funny.

I went to the rodeo and it took me forever to get out-of-town but I got to see some really good friends and meet new people so I’m okay that I had to sit forever and get to mom and dad’s at 1 in the morning. I also got a little sun. I got to see the sun! Not that the sun doesn’t shine in North Dakota, but I’m always stuck inside so I don’t see it. Yesterday I did and got a little tan. Yes, I know. Summer is like half over and I’m just getting a tan. Back off. I don’t have a staff so I can go take days off and work on a tan. And even if I did have days off, I’d be home working for that tan.

I was with my friend Kristen and a group of her friends last night at the rodeo. I was asked several times how we met. Kristen had a hand to forehead moment each time and I said, “I’m glad you asked, it’s a good story.”

I went shopping and I hit up the Boot Barn in the mall and I took off one boot I was wearing to try on another boot and the sales clerk about flipped because there was purple butterflies on my boot and pointed it out to the other sales clerk and they both about peed their wranglers because I have purple butterflies on my boots. Chill, they’re in nature and not endangered from what I know so you can go outside and see them. I didn’t find any new boots though. They didn’t have much of a selection in my size and the selection wasn’t anything cute or something I’d wear to work. Sad day. I did get 2 outfits from another store. YAY!.

I saw the niece and nephew. I always enjoy seeing them. I love watching them live. I snuck in the house yesterday and I turned the corner and they were watching some cartoon and ask “what do you guys think you’re doing?”. My niece lights up immediately, runs to me, I pick her up and hug her and while I’m hugging her she’s yelling “Mommy, it’s Megan!” I know I need to go home more often but her mom was right there, no need to yell. My nephew (who I’m closer with out of the two kids) kind of stand back until he gets a private moment with me. His little sister can be a little overbearing at times. I sat watching television with them and my niece was all ready sitting near me and the nephew kept getting closer and closer and closer. By the time my brother said let’s go, nephew was sitting pretty close and was talking pretty good to me when his sister let him. This kid. He sure knows how to melt my heart and then break it all in one trip. He insisted on holding my hand all the way out of house and he’s 5 1/2 so holding hands isn’t high on his priority list. Opens the door for me. That’s the melt part. The break part is after the door is closed, I can still hear him and he says sadly “I really like Megan” and his mom is comforting him. 😦 I want to be home more for him.

Know how a few posts ago I said I was yelling out the name Don Pedro every time I saw a Don? And I didn’t know who Don Pedro was? Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare has a Don Pedro. Now I know why that name kept coming up. I read the play and watched the movie that had Denzel Washington in it. Good movie, by the way. At one point they have fake horses. It’s hilarious. In high school when we did this play and watched the movie, I was the only one who got that joke and knew what was going on.

Well, that was longer than expected. Oh well, I don’t have long posts often so suck it up.


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