I Can’t Talk About One Thing…Nope.


Today has been one of those days I’ve been running non stop. Lots of short trips in my car because of the fair. During one of the trips, I had on the Wally Show. It’s a Christian radio show based out of Nashville. They were talking to, I think Tenth Avenue North and the subject came to their new song. One of the guys said: “Before God fixed us, he felt us”. I never thought of that. I always think of God giving us the tools of fixing us, not feeling us and then fixing us.

So I’ve mentioned in a past post that I am a believer in dreams. I had a dream about boy last night. He was a total loser in it. He was engaged and still flirting with me. I was mad. Maybe it’s because I’m still not talking to him. He needs to man up and talk to me first. Petty? Possibly. But……Never mind. I shouldn’t complain about him.

So I’m at the fair today right? Right. And in our town, during the summer, we have these weather mods come into town and they always have a booth. The guy who comes out with it was here last year and last year he and his wife bought a stuffed dinosaur for their little boy. He came over today and I haven’t seen him for a year and I go, “need to add to your collection”. He told me that the one they got is the little boy’s favorite. I fist pumped.

Talking about pumping, no. Let’s not tell that story. Trust me, all you male readers will thank me for using discretion and not telling that story.

I randomly had to go on the radio this morning. I made a really bad joke about how it was a good hair day so no one should pick my brain too much. Random story: I’m sitting at the museum and this couple comes in and I explain to the lady that it’s $3 for an adult. She explains it to her husband. He then asks me where the museum was and then says “oh, I’ve been in it.” Mmmmmm. Ok?

This morning I had the television on while I was getting ready and the program was talking about monuments and they were talking about Devil’s Tower. Did you know there are 21 Native American tribes that talk about Devil’s Tower and they all have different names for it and they all have a slightly different story about how it was created? Now you know.

So yesterday I mentioned Harry Potter. I have read the whole series. I got the first book when it was still relatively unknown but not necessarily very new. I really didn’t know about it. I do remember taking the first book along one day when I was like 12 or 13 and my dad came in that day (it was summer vacation) and goes “We’re going to South Dakota to deliver a bull, get in the pickup.” That was only one of two times that happened. I don’t know why it didn’t happen more. I’m great company. I didn’t get the book done or started or do anything with the middle that day. But I did eventually get the book and the rest of the series.

Here’s what I like about the series. It’s a world. An elaborate world. I almost have to compare it to The Chronicles of Narnia because you start in the real and then go to the new world and get sucked in. They have their own language, their own way of doing things and their own sense. I think that these books will be good for generations to come. But for people my age, you grew with the Harry Potter characters. There’s definitely a connection between a lot of people my age and the Harry Potter series. It’s definitely a series for my generation. I really liked the writing and how it kind of matured through the series with Harry and the readers. I wasn’t a big fan of the movies. They’re entertaining but nothing I’d watch all day.

Well I suppose I could go back to work or to the fair. Blah. Someone come visit me and entertain me.


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