And There’s the Crater from the Bomb.


So the county fair is over as of Sunday. I’m exhausted. There’s one other county fair at the end of August in the county north of us that I need to make an appearance at. I’m not excited. Do not want to go. Nope. But I’m going to do it because it’s for work.

Lately I have been very in my bubble. It’s been kind of apparent on the blog. It’s not that I just generally hate life, it’s just things have been irritating me lately and it just irks me. I just like my bubble. There’s books and movies and it’s safe. Super safe.

Here’s what I’m thinking on doing. There’s a Christian organization that trains people and then sends them overseas, mainly like the Czech Republic, Asia, not Western Europe, and have them do ministry and teach English. I’m really interested in doing it. My reservation is the support raising. I have friends that have gone overseas with this program and taught and I’ve had friends go over and do ministry. I have had this thought of teaching English as a second language for some time but I find myself…….hesitant. It’s a big decision. Like life changing decision. I know I’m not supposed to be here all my life but the change is difficult. I’m not a fan of change.

But here’s the thing of this program. Yes, it is faith-based. I teach 20-25 hours to probably teens, I raise the money, and I get the experience. It’s not a bad idea right? I have support here in the states, there overseas. It’s pretty protected.

I just finished Jewel of his Heart by Maggie Brendan. Not a bad book but not hard literature. Still working on Panic. Still don’t know who I’m trusting. I don’t want to trust anyone.

New song addiction: Something to Believe in by Parachute.


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