Books I DO Like


I read a lot. I really do. I should stop reading for a while. No, I shouldn’t because reading keeps me sharp. And I learn stuff from it. Anyway, it’s just fair that since I talked about books that I didn’t like, I should talk about books I do like right? Right. Of course I’m right. Because I’m a fair person.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I promised that I would have a post specifically about this book. I promise that’s coming. I do. I promise but I’m having a hard time forming the words to make it happen and I have a large opinion of the book so I don’t what direction to go with. But I love Jane and I tolerate Mr. Rochester. Let’s be honest, he’s kind of a jerk. I was okay that he was blinded at the end and then the got together. I mean, I thought it was fitting. I love that Jane’s so independent and gets stronger through the book.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. This is a surprise right? It’s like I never talk about this series. I got the first one for fifty cents at a book sale. I’m so glad I did. I don’t want to say this book changed my life but it did start me reading books that were a lot smarter. This series expects more of me than just a pretty face. But a pretty face helps. But Jamie and Claire, Ian and Jenny, Young Ian and what’s her face and then for real with Rachel, Roger and Brianna. This series expects a lot out of me but it also expects a lot out of my future husband and our sex lives. No they don’t go over board with the sex. They talk about it enough and they’re all married. So it’s cool. It’s more about their lives. And LeWhore (not her real name, just what I call her) I’ve wanted to punch her since book one. She’s like a mosquito that doesn’t die. Then Frank and his ancestor that can’t keep it in his pants around men. Arg. Another book/series I could talk forever about.

Blind Your Ponies by Stanley Gordon West. This one takes place in Montana and is named after an actual event. The book is fiction but one of my librarians lived in the area that book takes place and she was telling me about how this incident actually happened and just hearing about it made me pout. It’s a sports book. I normally don’t read sports books and I don’t watch sports movies like “Remember the Titans” because they all end the same. The book did end the same as all of this genre but it was a good and interesting read. I think part of the reason I liked it was because I live so close to Montana that I know a lot of the places that are mentioned in the book. The writing doesn’t suck either. I think I really connected with the characters in this book. The best one is the foreign exchange student. He’s my favorite. I want one of my own.

The Fault in our Stars by John Green. Yay John Green. I talked about this not so long ago. I really was impressed that for a man he did a very good job of narrating from a 16-year-old girl’s point of view. I’m probably most impressed with that. It didn’t necessarily end the way I wanted it to but that’s okay. I like the monkey wrench. Read it. Read it. Read it. It’s sweet, it’s very much how teenagers with cancers would be. Not that I know any teens with cancer but you get the point, right?

The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I like the different narrators and the different voices. The voices are very distinct and I think the author did a good job of distinguishing the different sections. I did the audio book after I watched the movie and I’m glad that I did it. This is the first book that dealt with civil rights during this period. I have read books that took place in the civil war and there are slaves during like the Outlander series, but never during this point of MLK or any of the great civil rights leaders. I’m really glad I picked up the book.

The Five People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. This is a short book and I’m kind of liking the thought of it. I don’t think you actually meet only 5 people in Heaven, I think you meet more but it does make me think of who I would meet and who’s life I am involved in. I like that it’s the kind of book that really makes you think.

Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers. I had to read this for English my junior year of high school. It’s about this guy who goes and fights in Vietnam. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve read the book but I remember it just capturing my attention. Until then, Vietnam was something that happened and something I couldn’t relate to. This book brought it to life a little bit more for me. It’s a young adult novel but I would recommend it to like 15-16. You know, I feel like I didn’t have a normal reading list in high school. I didn’t read many of the classics. I didn’t read Of Mice and Men, I did get Animal Farm. I didn’t like that book.

That’s a list of my top books.

Funny Facebook Friend Post: Up until I was eight years old or so, I honestly thought that strip malls were malls where people would go shopping naked. I never really questioned it. I just figured adulthood was really weird and kinda confusing like that. The guy who said that is really entertaining and I used to work with him and we’d pick on him and always revoke his man card. We may have been a little mean to him. But he’s a winner.

So my FedEx man kind of looks like and definitely sounds like Josh Turner. He came in this morning. I’m surprised I’m not in a puddle by the door. That voice…….sigh. He’s a good-looking guy but it’s all about the voice. If you heard him, you’d understand. I would totally ask him to hang out but pretty sure he’d want to bring his wife that I think he has and I don’t want to deal with that.


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  1. I’d be right there with you in a puddle by the door – Josh Turner is one of my favorites – his voice, ahhh. I’ve seen him live 5 different times and I have a picture of me with him on my birthday many years ago. Getting that picture with him was a birthday present and one of the best ever gifts!

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