Questions I Have.


I really don’t have the energy to keep on one subject so here’s questions I have for the universe.

Does someone want to explain to me what the lure of mason jars are? People are using them for weddings and utensils. To me, yeah, they’re useful but I’m not going to decorate a wedding with them. To me, why use them at a wedding unless you live in the mountains or a forest, not if you live in a city. Mason jars aren’t that great. Thanks.

And since we’re talking about weddings, what’s with the pouring sand in a jar. Yes, I get what it symbolizes but really? Let’s get the vows, short biblical story/message, rings, kiss the wench and we’re done. None of this extra stuff.

Why is phonetic not spelled phonetically? Phonetics doesn’t help me like ever making dictionaries like table levelers.

Why are decisions so hard? I don’t like them. They should be nice and soft and squishy. And I should call him squishy and he will be my squishy.

Where did the phrase “Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place” come from?

Why can’t I get a day off?

Who wants to come with me and steal Diana Gabaldon’s copy of her new novel that’s coming out next year? We can’t do that, no matter how desperate I am to continue the heroic saga of Jamie and Claire.

Does someone want to give me a fake beard and moooooooustache? I’m breaking out and I feel like a fake beard and moooooooustache would help my self-confidence right now. Which brings me to the question of: Who’s played Moustache bingo? If you haven’t played Moustache bingo, here’s how you play. You put a moustache on a random place on the television, where you normally wouldn’t have a moustache and whenever it hits the appropriate spot you yell BINGO. We used to play that at the bar of the Pizza Parlor in Medora and tourists thought we were crazy.

I can’t get my hair to keep curl. I have board hair. I put mousse in my hair and then I douse my hair with hair spray, like that hole, in the ozone layer, might be my fault and it’s still looks like a warped board at the end of the day. How does one keep curls or waves in one’s hair all day? I totally blame my father for this problem.

Who lets me drink juice by myself from something other than a sippie cup? I always dribble. You would think that at 25 I could drink without spilling juice through that hole in my mouth. I can’t. I’m failing at being an adult. First: I spill fluid out of my mouth and Second: I find out that fluid is non-spiked juice-a very not adult drink.

I lost a subscriber. Where’d you go. Come back. Let’s not break up. I’ll try harder to be a good….blogger. Yeah, probably not. But come BACK!

That’s all the questions I really have. Answer……………now.


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