Claire and Frank……and Shelving.


So exhausting weekend. Saturday had 114 visitors at the museum, author signing and 74 floats made, community band performance, signs put out and brought back in, 3 trips to the store for more root beer. I’m really not recovered from that. But I haven’t blogged for a while, so I thought I’d better get on that.

Originally, I was going to do a little rant on the little episode with boy that happened. But no, not worth the time thinking about it. Let’s just say, I think I may have people starting a boy hate club……that I’m not involved in because it’s not worth my time. And I ranted about it to my friend MJ about it so all the anger is out of my system.

I bought myself some bookshelves last night because I need bookshelves and they were on sale. Mentally, I’m thinking (best way to do some thinking is mentally right?) “I can put these shelves together. I’m a young, somewhat intelligent young woman that can read directions.” It shouldn’t be hard. No, it shouldn’t be and it really wasn’t but you give me all these nails to pound in and you don’t really tell me where they go. You just tell me they connect the backing to the rest of the piece. I like when you give me the exactness of a project. Like in knitting or crocheting a pattern will tell you, cast on 208, do this stitch, do that stitch, repeat. Ta-da. You have an afghan. No they just threw in the nails and said go and nail. Give me numbers. Give me the exactness of where they go. Did you get lazy and just not care anymore so you didn’t put where the nails go? And this isn’t because I don’t know how to put a nail in where I want it to go because I’m mighty handy with a hammer. It’s because I know not everyone is me and doesn’t know how to hammer.

I just had a long texting conversation with my sister on if when you blow on skin if it’s raspberries or sherbert. I’ve never heard sherbert. We didn’t have a name for it growing up, we just did them and we did them rarely. On the Sims games its raspberries so that’s what I’m basing my opinion on.

That was a waste of time. Now with MOBY (Book 8 of Outlander) coming out in March, I’ll periodically be talking about things of the series. More than I have. More fan-girl-y. Let’s start talking about Claire and Frank, because we start the series with them.

The first time I read the series, (because, let’s face it, there has been multiple readings) I didn’t mind Frank in the first book. Then I got emotionally invested in the Jamie/Claire love story that took place and then started the criticism. Frank and Claire don’t necessarily seem to match. Claire is very independent. Frank is an ass. He spends their second honeymoon researching his ancestry and let’s face it, his family’s just as much of an ass as he is. I wonder why they got married in the first place. Was it a legitimate love or was it because the war was on and the benefits. Did the British army have benefits in World War II? I’m not sure. Or did a very young Claire lust after Frank and was determined enough to marry him, which doesn’t seem like her.

Another thing. I don’t think that they would have had a faithful marriage if Claire would have stayed. I think the reason they stayed together and happy as long as they did was because they were separated by the war and they didn’t know that Frank was sterile. (not that a baby would have kept them in love. I mean Frank loved Bri as his own and that didn’t help) I wonder how long it would have taken them to start sleeping around on each other if she hadn’t gone back to Jamie. I also want to know how long it took Frank to start sleeping with other women after Claire left. She was gone 3 years and I always got the impression he had slept with a decent amount of women in that time. How long did he look for Claire, how long did he mourn, how many women were there exactly? I kind of understand why they didn’t divorce after Claire got back. They needed each other professionally and it worked out well with Claire being pregnant. Not that Claire wouldn’t have rocked the single motherhood but it worked out for the best.

That’s all I have right now on the couple. I might make this a weekly or every other week thing, talking about Outlander. I may or may not be a nerd. If you haven’t noticed.

Band practice is cancelled. WHYYYYYYYYYY? That’s the highlight of my week.


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