Callie and Kayden Forever!


I finished The Redemption of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorenson last night. With the first book, I stayed up to all hours of the morning finishing it and then spent quite a bit of time mad at the ending for making me wait for this book. I pre-ordered, it popped up on my nook yesterday. I was excited because did Kayden die? Did Callie say what was going on? What happened to these two? Well, didn’t take me long to finish.

There are some spoilers so if you haven’t read it and plan to and you don’t want to know some details, just turn back now. If you really don’t care, forge on.

Honestly, I loved the first 3/4 of the book. Then the ending. What? It was good and all ends were sort of taken care of but in my head, that’s not how it ends. Granted, I know I’m not writing the book nor am I an author but I always thought that Callie and Kayden would work out great together but it seemed to be almost a little too tidy. Parents left, found a brother and family history, guy who raped Callie went to jail, peace. Fantastic, things worked out. But I thought there would be a little more angst at the ending. The first book had angst, and rightfully so with all the pain going on, and I was just hoping there was more at the end. I didn’t want it all fixed and it felt almost all fixed. There were also time lapses at the end of this book like the author wanted to just finish the book all ready. I keep going back and forth on how I feel about that. I did like that when the point of view changed it picked up about 2 paragraphs before the last person ended. It didn’t necessarily do that in the last book or maybe it did and this book just did it better. But I like it. That part of the book was brilliant.

They had a lot of sex. I mean, why not right? But just……I don’t know. I was over it by the end. I get the why of the sex, I do. They’re just super active. But if I had a boyfriend like Kayden, I’d probably jump him a lot too. And I love that Callie is still kind of innocent in this area. There was one part of it and Kayden made a reference and she didn’t get it and I was like that’s so cute. It’s kind of sad that I’m picking up on innuendos and she’s not. I would have gotten that reference at her age. (that just made me feel old at 25 and way more experienced at sex than I really am)

I talked about the ending, so let’s talk about that beginning. Hmmmm. It was a nice transition from the fist book into this book. Kayden pulls away from Callie and I was like WTF man? But the more I thought about it the more it made sense. He was going through stuff, he was destructive, he was cutting. At that time, he wasn’t good for Callie. BUT I understand Callie’s persistence. Kayden pretty much stood up for her honor and was falling in love with Kayden. You fight for something like that. I feel like in the first book Kayden kind of took the strong role and Callie took it in this book. That’s what makes them perfect together.

Family and music played a large role in this book and I think it was a bigger thing than in the first book. Callie’s family was like super intense and was all Kayden hating and kind of went Romeo and Juliet about it. “You can’t see him, he hurt Caleb and Caleb is like family” Yeah, didn’t like Caleb so much when you found out he raped your daughter at 12 did you? Then Callie’s brother started acting like a brother at the end. My brother would have taken my word at the beginning because why would I lie about that? But then my brother is 7 years older than I am so his friends didn’t really look at me.

Then there was the music. I think there was a lot of songs flung around in this book compared to the last book. Music was definitely a mood setter in this book.

There was one line in the book that stood out to me and I don’t know why. When Kayden was being destructive and they were in California and Kayden was like “let’s take a break” and they were at the club, I think it was Seth that said “Don’t worry, big, strong Kayden will protect you”. That was a running theme for them in this book. They were protecting each other and they talked a lot about it and I don’t know why but that one line just jumped out at me because Kayden did protect Callie and vice versa. When Kayden needed to, he was a man when it came to protecting Callie. It’s amazing that at 19 a character, although fictional, has it figured out to protect his woman and there are real, live 40 year-olds that haven’t figured that out.

So overall. I love the writing. I love the characters. I still want a book just about Luke. I don’t really care as much about Seth, though a great character and I’m glad he found someone and got past his issues. Luke just seems to have like this great back story and I want him to fall in love, like Callie and Kayden. I like him more to have a spin-off than Young Ian in Outlander and I love him and Rachel. I just love Luke. He’s a guy I’d go for, he’d just have to stop smoking. You know I like a book when I pick it apart as much as I have this post. And I know it seems like I’m all over the place with this post, but it makes sense in my head and that’s what matters.

It was a great book. I’d definitely re-read. I read through it super fast yesterday so a re-read is in the future.


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  2. maybe i got something wrong but her brother didnt know anything right untill the end and as soon as he found out he believed her and made Caleb pay

    • yeah but my problem was that he didn’t notice something wrong with his sister after her personality changed dramatically? I mean I get he’s a guy and he’s a teen making him wrapped up in his own world but something that dramatic would make my brother take up and notice.

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