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I Do Have Smart Moments I Promise.


Not all of this may be me being smart but I am giving it a try.

This morning, I was talking to a fellow museum director and she was talking about this hotel room she recently booked. This hotel was left in shambles very suddenly by the former owners and the current owners are trying to get it back in order. This museum director said that she told them all she wants is a bed and a clean bathroom. I go, “And clean sheets, you want clean sheets”. The response: “Oh Megan, I’m glad you’re my friend”. I’m a thinker. And I worked in housekeeping in a tourist trap during the tourist season. I know what I want in a hotel room.

Recently, a high school friend of mine was named in the Bismarck Tribune’s 40 under 40. He is a young adult pastor at one of the churches in Bismarck. I could not be prouder of him. He’s done a lot of good and is amazing. He and a group just went to Chile for an outreach and I just saw pictures but it looked amazing. How many good things can I say in a short paragraph? Mmmmmmm, a lot.

I just recently stumbled upon a post by this woman and how her husband isn’t her soul mate. I had to read this because I was curious on how her husband wasn’t her soul mate. I was intrigued, let’s say that. I read through and I was impressed. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. There were points I haven’t thought about. No one’s pointed them out to me before. And it’s not like these points are like super hard, they’re just not thought about. Go check her out.

I know I talk about guys to the point of being obnoxious some times. There are posts I want to punch myself because I’m so obnoxious when it comes to guys. Like boy really didn’t need as much time as I gave him. This post kind of gave me a reality check that, God doesn’t necessarily promise me a husband. Yeah he has a plan for me and he cares about the desires of my heart. But a husband doesn’t always fit into that vision that God has for me. I should realize that. A little bit more often actually.

And you know, it’s kind of funny. I rant and rave about fictional characters and how teenage girls are obsessed with them for being sparkly and immortal and a lot of them aren’t looking at the good guys like Darcy or Jamie Fraser. Pretty sure, I’m not that smart with guys in real life. Why don’t I rant about that? I have enough awkward encounters with people to fill up a life full of posts.

And since we’re talking about relationships. Last week I was at a meeting and one of the women is pregnant and she’s due like any day and her baby is breached and they were talking about it and I’m not sure I want a breached baby like ever. Or go through childbirth. My own birth might be enough for me. Watch, I get married and the first thing out of my mouth is “Let’s make a million babies”. I can totally see that happening.

Since I mentioned Jamie Fraser, book 8 comes out in 8 months. That’s under a year…….if you didn’t realize. I know that the 12 month calendar is a hard thing for some people because I know I never remember which months have 31 days. I’m just helping. I’m amazing like that. (You guys are learning a lot about me today. First I’m a thinker, then I’m amazing. Who knows what’s next?) Ian and Rachel are going to get together, Jamie (I think) forgives Claire and Lord John for getting married because they thought he was dead and Claire needed some male protection because she’s too ballsy and gets herself in trouble. That makes Claire a polygamist. And it also means Claire is Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser Gray. And if we’re being technical, there should be another Randall after Fraser because she went back to Frank when she came back to the present. Confusing? Not if you’ve read the Outlander series. I would hate to be her if she had to fill out a scan-tron.

I finished listening to High Five by Janet Evanovich and started listening to Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. Remember me talking about these audio books? With the Muppet voices and the accents? Yeah, I’m continuing the insanity. But in my defense, I need something to listen to when I’m working. Alone. In a museum. So judge all you want.

Last night (or band night as I like to call it) I saw a friend that I haven’t seen in 3 years or since she graduated high school. She moved to Oklahoma and we just keep missing each other so I was super excited to see her. And she’s one of like 3 red-headed friends, making her special and maybe magic.

Remember when I said that there is another trombone player that’s this kind of old guy and he’s good in band? He was there last night for like the second time all summer and he struggled. I have never seen him like this. He couldn’t count, he seemed dazed. I was surprised and okay with my insignificance.

Well, I know that was kind of roaming in subject but that is my life. I am kind of a roamer and, in my opinion, entertaining. (yes, that’s vain. Deal with it.)


I’ve Been Reading Again!


I love my librarians. I walked in this afternoon and I looked for the librarian and said hello to Petra and she said, “Just the girl I wanted to see”. I’m automatically nervous when anyone says that. It makes me think I’m in trouble. But I wasn’t in trouble. I got a book…..for FREEEEEEEEE. She game me a 1932 copy of A Book of English Literature Third Edition Volume II. The reason I got it is because she knew I appreciate literature like this and she didn’t want to put the book in the book sale room because it wouldn’t sell. Free book for me! YAY! And there’s notes in the margins. I love when I find books with notes in the margins. They are another insight to a piece of work. Other insights are one thing I miss about college. It was priced at $2.80 at one time and it was in Jamestown ND at one time. That’s about 300 miles away. I have always wondered the travels and people that these books have seen.

One time, right after I declared my English Major-dom, I took British Literature 2. (I took the second part of Brit and American before the first part) We were discussing The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. We had a quick quiz on it and then we discussed the quiz. I remember this very quite clearly, I was sitting next to Joy, an older than average student, and across from the instructor. The instructor asked what the meaning of the poem was. (value every creature, big or small) First thing out my mouth before anyone else could answer “Don’t kill the bird”. Joy busted out laughing and I know the instructor wanted to laugh but she kept a straight face and almost threw a pen at me because it was a smart ass answer. I totally kept that class entertaining.

Yesterday, I had to open the museum for a group for a unguided tour and use of the meeting room. All I had to do was collect money and sit up front to answer questions. So I read. I read Lindy’s version of Beastly. It was okay. Didn’t like it as much as Beastly. I also started reading one of the Wizard of Oz books. I’m okay with reading the books but the movies aren’t good for me. I wish I had more time like this to just read.

I’m now listening to High Five by Janet Evanovich which is one of the Stephanie Plumb books. I like this series. It’s not a series that I can read or like to read all the time but their still entertaining. I like that they’re not overly complex and I know who to trust and I can figure out who the killer is and how they did it. I’ve always been good at that. Except with Panic. You couldn’t trust anyone in that book.

Entertaining family story: I called home on Saturday and was talking to my mom. We had a small fire in one of fields. Not a big deal, only a little bit of land burned. (never mind my dad got burned feet through his boots and my brother flipped the four-wheeler. They’re both fine) So we were talking about crop insurance. Now I do have a few planters with a few plants out side of my apartment and right after we talk about crop insurance I started talking my plants. My mom started laughing. Her mind didn’t flip as fast as I changed the subject and she thought I had crop insurance on my plants.

Project updates: I finished embroidering pillow cases yesterday and started another pair last night.

Boy update: No update on boy because we’re not talking. I did just describe his texts as ghetto. I can’t date a guy who I describe their texts that way. Be educated and hold a conversation. But there’s this guy at church that I kind of talked about before, a long time ago. My friend R thinks he’s stalking me, I’m not so convinced. Then I thought I saw him at the movie. False alarm. Then we had a $1 bet to see if he was in church or not. I voted not and I won. YAY!

This is the start of a few weeks that is non-stop. I’m not excited. Anyone want to come hang out and help me survive this?

Random Antics


The other night I was texting my friend MJ. I knew she was up to something when she said “Hey English Major, want a challenge?” How do you turn that down? You don’t. I always know when she (or anyone else) wants something because it always starts with “Hey English Major”. Never “Hi Friend” always English Major.So I help her and through a series of events throughout the night we end up be hermits in the mountains with a razor and tents because living in boxes isn’t cool. Then we find a cave with blankies, pillows and a fire. And that’s where we’re going to live and not be adults because adulthood is way overrated. What if you had to die at like 23? Like that was the life expectancy. When would adulthood begin?

Then R and I started texting. We have long texting conversations when her son is visiting his dad/dad’s family. We started talking about how her 7-year-old son kissed a girl and I told her about how my 5-year-old nephew kissed one and how he was getting more play than me. We went for pizza and The Heat last night. It was good. There’s a lot of cursing but still funny. Pizza and movie is like our hang out night. We passed one of the gas stations when we were cruising around town before the movie and there was a group of people hanging out and we were insulted that the cool kids didn’t invite us to their party. We are legit. We got over it though because we’re obviously too cool.

So today the church I went to when I was in college was down doing some inflatable games and getting ready for their tent meetings this coming week. I showed up for a while and I feel like they put me to work or I put myself to work putting strings on balloons. I’m not sure who thought that was a good idea. I’m not good with balloons. I can’t blow them up, tie the knots and the strings are debatable. Maybe I shouldn’t be helping kids which leads to should I have kids? Maybe, I should reconsider having a big family.

I finished The Panic by Jeff Abbott. Everything was concluded and you know how everything pans out and who was good or bad and who to trust or not but I still feel like I don’t trust anyone. It could almost overflow into my real life. Like, good luck trusting my parents. They might work for secret agencies. And usually I’m a romantic but I didn’t want him to end up with what’s her face. I wanted them to part ways amicably or die or something. Overall, it wasn’t a bad book. Decent writing, pretty good story line but you did have a hard time deciding who was good or not. Maybe that’s just me because I was listening to it at work.

I feel like I have nothing to talk about my life because I’ve been so busy at work. Work has kind overtaken my life. So that’s why I haven’t blogged as much. I work, go to meetings, eat and go to sleep. That’s all I do.

More Boy Stuff, but the Fun Stuff.


I know after yesterday that people will not want to hear me talk about guys. But I found a list via one of my Facebook friends and I couldn’t resist. It’s The 22 All-Time Hottest Hunks of PBS. PBS was the majority of what I watched when I was at Grandma’s house. Let’s talk about certain people on this list.

16. Bill Nye Yup, the Science Guy. He got a 7/10 and it wasn’t higher because they said it was like crushing on your seventh-grade chemistry teacher. I looked at the picture for a while and tilted my head and put it back straight and yeah. Bill Nye, you got something going on.

14. Jason Isaacs Otherwise known as Malfoy’s dad in the Harry Potter series. I seriously didn’t recognize him as a brunette. He need to have long blonde hair for me to recognize him instantly.

13. Levar Burton Heck to the yes. I tweeted recently that I would totally do his job on “The Reading Rainbow” but he is an attractive man and I think he’s getting better with age. I loved that show when I was little.

6. Fred Rogers How did Mr. Rogers rank higher than Bill Nye and Levar Burton? I don’t agree. There’s other men more enjoyable to look at. Here’s what they said: “Don’t even front like you wouldn’t hit that.” It’s not a front, no pretending, no lying. I wouldn’t hit that. The idea of hitting that makes me grimace a little bit, honestly. It’s because of his association with the puppet things on the show. They scared the crap out of me when I was little. He’s also old enough to be my grandpa. It wouldn’t be bad if I didn’t have the picture of him being grandfatherly in my head, but I do. And I don’t think he’s that good-looking. Bill Nye and Levar Burton are both better looking. Let’s be honest.

5.Benedict Cumberbatch He’s Sherlock. That gives him more of an appeal. It made Robert Downey Jr. more attractive to me.

2. Jeremy Irons + Anthony Andrews Okay, yes, both attractive men. But why both at number 2. One has to be better than the other. Why can’t there be 23 on the list. 22 is a weird enough number so 23 isn’t much worse. Can I just point out that Jeremy Irons was Scar in “The Lion King” and I didn’t put it together until recently. And he Irons was in “Eragon”. Wasn’t a great movie but he was good. Still attractive. I’m not a hundred percent sure who Andrews is or else I’d have an opinion on him.

Yeah that’s about all I have for an opinion today.

In Which, Boys are a Main Source of Material.


So remember yesterday when I said I found a program to go overseas and teach for a year? I was texting my pregnant (and only) sister about it last night and asked for her opinion. First I was going to be raped and then the Russian mob was kidnapping me. Is that what’s going to happen to me when I get pregnant? I ask questions about the Russian mob? I know she’s my big sister and she helped raise me but I know when to keep my head down and when to kick people in the baby-maker. I mean, I survived inner-city Chicago (with a group of people), so I should survive a country where I’ll have a support system. I pinkie promised I’d travel in herds and only to places where there’s a lot of police. And we all know pinkie promises are legally binding. Just like promises on Facebook. It’s documented. I try to tell Acquaintance John that because he promised me pancakes and MJ waffles on Facebook and 2 years later, I still haven’t gotten any pancakes and MJ no waffles. I know he doesn’t read this but I want my pancakes you……….jerk. I had a better name for him but I wanted to keep this kid friendly.

So I watched “Catfish” last night on MTV. Was that not the cutest thing ever? And they’re such a good-looking couple. I know that show isn’t the deepest or most intellectual show. But dang, it’s so good. There’s detective work, there’s drama, (always the drama) and there’s usually tears. Who could ask for more out of your Tuesday night? So I sat there watching with puffy popcorn and milk. That’s my favorite.

Last night I got to go home and just be. I wasn’t obligated. I didn’t have to be anywhere, do anything. I just existed with my puffy popcorn and milk. Monday night and tonight is a different. I did skip the chamber meeting on Monday but still had community band and tonight I have a meeting at 5:35 and running around town probably putting up posters. By the way, 5:35? What kind of time is that? Honestly. Why can’t it be 5:30, 5:00 or 6:00? Like that’s such a stupid time for a meeting. Even 5:45 would be better. Face plant.

Boy update. I told him that I needed to step away from the friendship to figure out what’s going on with me because I’m not myself lately. If he texted me, I would reply but I wouldn’t be just contacting out of the blue. He was okay with it. He understood. I think this friendship is over. Del Fin.

Breaking things off with boy also got me thinking last night. It got me thinking about the guys I’ve been linked to in the past. I was in love with B in junior high and was really obvious about it and nothing happened and now I’m okay with that because now I realize he isn’t my type. My junior year, yeah pretty much the entirety of my junior year, there was C. We sort of dated? It’s complicated. He was a really good sort of boyfriend. If he was a Christian and wasn’t so depressed-like, he would be the perfect guy. He figured out when I was having my moments and adjusted. I just ended up being caught up in his moods more than we were caught up in each other. It didn’t end well and I regret that.

Then in college there was another B and there was J. Didn’t date either of them but I got close. I realized that B was a little crazy for me and J was like my brother (no, I didn’t tell him that) so dating didn’t happen. Since my sophomore year of college, there hasn’t been any guys. That’s 5 years. And if we’re counting actually dating, like more than one date, that’s 8 years ago. I know girls who haven’t ever been alone for that long. Granted I have my moments where I wish someone was around but I can’t imagine totally depending on always having someone to be with me.

I did say I was going to actively try to find a guy. But at this moment I’m okay with being single. If I weren’t single, I probably wouldn’t be contemplating going overseas to teach. I wouldn’t be okay with just leaving. I’d want to stay for that relationship. So single is good. We like that. There are things that are good about being in a relationship, don’t get me wrong. There’s things that I could do in a relationship that I can’t do single but you could also flip that around. I’m obviously meant to be single right now for some reason. To be involved with a certain organization or to mature me. Whatever. I’m single. I’m okay. Which, sometimes, is hard for a single someone to say because we think that there’s something wrong with us because we’re single. There is nothing wrong with us. Just think of the blogs you subscribe to and notice the difference between the married and single bloggers. There’s a difference on writing styles, topics, word choices. I probably wouldn’t be as entertaining if I were married because my husband and I would be to busy making babies. (because I want a lot of kids, not because…anyway. Moving on.)

I know I’ve told this story before but I had a widow come in and was going to volunteer at the museum and she backed out because she needed to be around people and I understood because I’m single. I understand because I’m single, I understand because I work here. Being a single lonely, I’m convinced, is different from being a widowed lonely. I never had the relationship between a husband and wife that have been deeply in love and then one dies. There’s a different feeling that comes with the death of a loved one. But I could totally be wrong. Point of the story is, don’t judge me because I’m single. That’s a label I don’t think is fair. If you judge me, be it on my person.

Now with that ALLLLLLLL said, am I worried about finding someone? Some days. But there are other days, a lot of days, where I’m okay with being single. Which is what I need to be. I can’t make a guy show up faster. I live in a small town. It’s not like people are pooping out a lot of mid-20 something year olds for me. I would have to branch out.

I didn’t realize that this post was going to turn into a post about boys and relationships. I just started writing. I’ll try to keep the boy issues at bay for a while.

And There’s the Crater from the Bomb.


So the county fair is over as of Sunday. I’m exhausted. There’s one other county fair at the end of August in the county north of us that I need to make an appearance at. I’m not excited. Do not want to go. Nope. But I’m going to do it because it’s for work.

Lately I have been very in my bubble. It’s been kind of apparent on the blog. It’s not that I just generally hate life, it’s just things have been irritating me lately and it just irks me. I just like my bubble. There’s books and movies and it’s safe. Super safe.

Here’s what I’m thinking on doing. There’s a Christian organization that trains people and then sends them overseas, mainly like the Czech Republic, Asia, not Western Europe, and have them do ministry and teach English. I’m really interested in doing it. My reservation is the support raising. I have friends that have gone overseas with this program and taught and I’ve had friends go over and do ministry. I have had this thought of teaching English as a second language for some time but I find myself…….hesitant. It’s a big decision. Like life changing decision. I know I’m not supposed to be here all my life but the change is difficult. I’m not a fan of change.

But here’s the thing of this program. Yes, it is faith-based. I teach 20-25 hours to probably teens, I raise the money, and I get the experience. It’s not a bad idea right? I have support here in the states, there overseas. It’s pretty protected.

I just finished Jewel of his Heart by Maggie Brendan. Not a bad book but not hard literature. Still working on Panic. Still don’t know who I’m trusting. I don’t want to trust anyone.

New song addiction: Something to Believe in by Parachute.

I Can’t Talk About One Thing…Nope.


Today has been one of those days I’ve been running non stop. Lots of short trips in my car because of the fair. During one of the trips, I had on the Wally Show. It’s a Christian radio show based out of Nashville. They were talking to, I think Tenth Avenue North and the subject came to their new song. One of the guys said: “Before God fixed us, he felt us”. I never thought of that. I always think of God giving us the tools of fixing us, not feeling us and then fixing us.

So I’ve mentioned in a past post that I am a believer in dreams. I had a dream about boy last night. He was a total loser in it. He was engaged and still flirting with me. I was mad. Maybe it’s because I’m still not talking to him. He needs to man up and talk to me first. Petty? Possibly. But……Never mind. I shouldn’t complain about him.

So I’m at the fair today right? Right. And in our town, during the summer, we have these weather mods come into town and they always have a booth. The guy who comes out with it was here last year and last year he and his wife bought a stuffed dinosaur for their little boy. He came over today and I haven’t seen him for a year and I go, “need to add to your collection”. He told me that the one they got is the little boy’s favorite. I fist pumped.

Talking about pumping, no. Let’s not tell that story. Trust me, all you male readers will thank me for using discretion and not telling that story.

I randomly had to go on the radio this morning. I made a really bad joke about how it was a good hair day so no one should pick my brain too much. Random story: I’m sitting at the museum and this couple comes in and I explain to the lady that it’s $3 for an adult. She explains it to her husband. He then asks me where the museum was and then says “oh, I’ve been in it.” Mmmmmm. Ok?

This morning I had the television on while I was getting ready and the program was talking about monuments and they were talking about Devil’s Tower. Did you know there are 21 Native American tribes that talk about Devil’s Tower and they all have different names for it and they all have a slightly different story about how it was created? Now you know.

So yesterday I mentioned Harry Potter. I have read the whole series. I got the first book when it was still relatively unknown but not necessarily very new. I really didn’t know about it. I do remember taking the first book along one day when I was like 12 or 13 and my dad came in that day (it was summer vacation) and goes “We’re going to South Dakota to deliver a bull, get in the pickup.” That was only one of two times that happened. I don’t know why it didn’t happen more. I’m great company. I didn’t get the book done or started or do anything with the middle that day. But I did eventually get the book and the rest of the series.

Here’s what I like about the series. It’s a world. An elaborate world. I almost have to compare it to The Chronicles of Narnia because you start in the real and then go to the new world and get sucked in. They have their own language, their own way of doing things and their own sense. I think that these books will be good for generations to come. But for people my age, you grew with the Harry Potter characters. There’s definitely a connection between a lot of people my age and the Harry Potter series. It’s definitely a series for my generation. I really liked the writing and how it kind of matured through the series with Harry and the readers. I wasn’t a big fan of the movies. They’re entertaining but nothing I’d watch all day.

Well I suppose I could go back to work or to the fair. Blah. Someone come visit me and entertain me.