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Family Story Time


Story time’s back. Let’s talk about the family shall we?

My curfew in high school was midnight if I was just in town or 1 if I was a little farther out-of-town. I never broke curfew. I was a good kid. When I graduated high school, I moved out of my parents’ house exactly a week after graduation and a job like 3 days later, so I got independent fast and got used to setting my own curfew. I came home the first “independent” 4th of July and I was hanging out with my friend H and she was going through some stuff so I didn’t get home until like 2. My dad wasn’t happy. I didn’t understand because they knew where I was at and I was technically not living under their roof. I still don’t quite understand but it is my father, and so I’ll let him worry. Fast forward to this past 4th of July I had gone east of my parents’ house like an hour or so to Mandan and I didn’t get home until 1. I’m 25, so they know I’m responsible and I had called telling them I was leaving to come home. I walk in the house and my parents had fallen asleep in the living room and I walked in and my mom said groggily “Megan’s home” because she either heard me shut the door or seen my headlights coming in and dad says “yeah, she’s right there”. Mom, not being awake totally looked over and jumped out of her skin. My parents are going to be the funny old couple, I swear.

I think I’ve said this before but I’m the youngest of 3 and my brother (who’s the oldest) farms with dad. At that time, we got together a lot for birthdays or just meals. Not so much any more because I don’t live at home and everyone’s so busy. I was kind of a quiet kid but I did have a tendency to be a smart ass teen. It was bound to happen and I got away with a lot because I’m the baby. But sometimes I did get punished with random things like whisker burns (there were some actual punishments but most of the time if it was little, whisker burn). Pretty sure whisker burns hurt more than floor burns. But one time, we were celebrating my 16th birthday and I was in my pajamas, big tee-shirt and shorts, and everyone was there and I said something and I instantly knew I was in trouble. I started running. Let me tell you, there’s only so many places you can run before you get caught in that house and it’s really hard to out-run 2 men (my dad and brother) that are over 6 feet tall (6 ft. 3 and 4 and I’m 5 ft. 9) and they’re both strong farmers and both former athletes. So I got caught and they picked me up by the arms and feet because I do kick and hit and they brought me back to the kitchen. I got put into the sink and the water got turned on and made sure it went down my shorts and then the sprayer went on.

My dad and his brother are 14 years apart and so our uncle was around for a good amount of our growing up. More for my siblings and oldest cousin but still around a lot. My grandma helped watch us a lot when we were growing up so obviously, uncle was there then as well. One time my sister (age 5) didn’t say thank you and she got placed in the tall garbage by the uncle and was left there to sit.

I’ve talked about cousin E before. He’s my favorite and we’re about 6 months apart in age and we spent a lot of time together growing up. He broke my pool. We had this ledge at the house back in the day and my pool was at the bottom of this ledge, you had to walk around to get there and E threw a rock in it and put a huge hole in it. I wasn’t pleased.

Being farm kids we had some awesome hide and go seek games. We played in grandma’s trailer. That usually didn’t last long. We played in bail stacks, I got left one time in the stacks. We almost played in the barn but the barn had this weird green tile that gave it a weird green hue so that didn’t last long either.

Those are just a few stories. Not to entertaining. But still something to get through Friday.


A-Z Question Quiz.


Strike Me Down did this, it’s a good idea and I didn’t have anything to post today (not even random news) so we’re doing this. And you will read all of this because I said so.

A: What are your favourite smells?
Rain, babies, coffee. Pretty sure if I had it my way, my babies would be coffee addicts born on a rainy day.

B: Can you go a whole day without caffeine?
Yeah, probably not. I could try but it probably wouldn’t be pleasant.

C: Who knows more about you than anyone else?
I don’t know. My mom? I really don’t confide everything or a lot to people. It just depends on what it is. So that’s a really tough question.

D: What song did you last listen to?
Frozen by Tigirlily

E: Do you have a crush on anybody?
No. I’m pretty much a hermit that doesn’t want to be a hermit so I really don’t get out so I don’t see anyone of the other sex or my own sex, for that matter. There’s just no sex going on in any way, shape or form. I did talk about boy a while ago but that wasn’t a crush, that was just someone I talked to.

Unless…..we’re talking fictional character crushes. But I’m guessing those don’t count. Fictional characters can’t give me coffee addicted babies that I push out of me in the rain.

F: Do you like The Beatles?

G: If you could choose one colour to wear for the whole year, what colour would you choose?
gray/grey. I kind of like shades of gray. Not the book. Haven’t read it and don’t plan to.

H: Do you cook often?
Relatively often. It gives me leftovers for a while. I wish I didn’t have as many leftovers as I do. I had to learn at an early age to cook because I had to make meals for the guys in the summer. I think I was in charge of the noon meal at 11? 12 for sure. I got really good at tator-tot hot dish. And I’m used to cooking for like 3 or 4 so it’s weird for me to cook just for me.

I: What was the last film you watched? Did you like it?

In movie theaters? The Heat. Yes, I liked it. But if we’re not talking theaters, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It’s decent.

J: Can you sew?
I can embroider and I can fix holes in clothing but I can’t make my own clothes.

K: What is your favourite fruit?

L: Are you health-conscious?
HAHAHAHAHA. Whoever asked this question hasn’t met me.

M: Go do the Kinsey scale test. What number result did you receive?
0. Yup. I like guys. Could have told you that.

N: Do you curse a lot?
I’m mild compared to most. I curse more in my mind than out loud. I guess it was just ingrained in me not to curse growing up because it was inappropriate. I did accidently curse in church once. It was only me and my friend H, picking out music for worship, and she pointed and laughed.

O: When was the last time you had a pint of beer?It’s been a while. A month ago? It was with R before we went to the movie. I’m okay with not drinking, I don’t depend on it so I go far between drinking because, as I said before, I’m a hermit and drinking alone makes me think of alcoholics and it’s funner with a group of people.

P: Are you Pro Life or Pro Choice?
By definition, I’m Pro-life but with the choice of not keeping the child in your custody if you are not the best parent or in the best situation. It’s complicated because I have this weird thing about not wanting the government telling me what to do with my body. It’s a grey area.

Q: Is there a certain food you often crave for no reason?
popcorn puffs with milk.

R: What was the last book you purchased?
Into the Wilderness on my Nook

S: Where was your last vacation?
Vacation? I don’t know what that is. I went home for 24 hours on the 4th of July. I’m going home this weekend for a while. But actually going somewhere fun with someone, yeah I don’t do that.

T: Do you shave your pits.
Yup. I also shave my legs but not as often. I hate shaving my legs. It also helps that I don’t have anyone to impress with my legs so they’re covered up all the time so I don’t have to shave all the time.

U: Did you ever play Seven Minutes in Heaven?
No. I was always above that……..I actually never wanted to play and I was never somewhere where we played Seven Minutes in Heaven.

V: Girls, when was the last time you went without a bra?Like in public? never. But I sleep braless…..sorry t.m.i. Guess you can’t unread.

W: Guys, when was the last time you went shirtless in public?Some guys shouldn’t

X: Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen?
Yup, I fell off a horse and broke my wrist. I had a good 14 year run of being the only one of us 3 kids to break a bone and then my brother got caught on loose gravel and flipped the 4-wheeler and he broke his wrist. But moral of the story is that there’s a difference between breaking your wrist at 11 and at 32.

Y: How do you like your eggs?
omelet. I’m not normally a big fan of just eggs, but omelets at Perkins are usually good.

Z: What was your last argument about and who with?
A board member. It lasted like 5 seconds. I was on the phone talking to someone and she cut in and was like that’s not right. I go leave me alone and she kept talking while I was on the phone. I’m pretty sure she overreacted. But that’s my opinion.

Coffee Relapse


I decided to get coffee this morning. A large black coffee to go. If you were here a few months ago and saw the posts with me on coffee, you know that I get a little spastic on coffee. And lately I’ve been good. I haven’t gotten any coffee because coffee makes me go a million miles an hour. Forget pop for sugar to keep me going, give me coffee. I relapsed today. It’s so hard to sit still and work on a project while waiting for people to show up at the museum and then when people do come in, I can’t run around getting things done to get the coffee to wear off. I’m really in a bind here. This made me pee like a Russian racehorse. The worst thing about this is that I didn’t even need coffee to wake up this morning. I just craved coffee. So this post will be sporadic.

I was going to do a story time post today but I couldn’t come up with a good story to tell today. Maybe another day. Maybe a Medora edition because stuff goes down there. Or a Sunday School version because those were entertaining.

Because I’m classy and maybe a little obsessed, I did research on flying monkeys today and what do you know, the majority of things that came up was Oz related and really nothing on real flying monkeys. I will take this stance again. Flying Monkeys might be the most terrifying thing in the world. Let me share my logic. Monkeys have this screech right? Yeah. And you know how some people are pretty criers and some aren’t? Monkeys aren’t pretty screechers and just imagine that face flying at your face. That’s enough for an empty bladder to fill and empty in like 2 seconds. Then they can scratch out your eyes. Can you imagine if there were flying gorillas? That might be worse. Of flying Buffalos. Yup flying buffalos trump all.

I was reading last night. Into the Wilderness to be exact. Big surprise there. I got a pretty good amount done. You know who was mentioned? Ian Murray, Claire and that big, red-headed husband of hers. I was pretty psyched. Actually I held up my nook and went “Ahhhh”. But it was kind of a quiet “ahhh” because I have upstairs neighbors. Then I was totally excited that the authors communicated and in my head they’re bffs. I don’t know if that’s true. But that’s my story for now.

Last night I had a craving for homemade chicken nuggets. So I made some while trying to decide where my life is going next. 2 things about that. One: still don’t know where my life is going. Two: I love me some homemade chicken nuggets. I have this three-year-old that comes in all the time with his grandma and he knows everything about dinosaurs and he was jealous about my left over nuggets. Which is totally justified because they’re awesome. Life is better with homemade chicken nuggets. Just like coffee.

I hate shedding but being I have long hair, it happens frequently. I find hair everywhere. My vacuum is filled with my hair. I am surprised I have hair left on my head. My poor future roommates/husband. They’re going to find long blonde hair everywhere. It bugs the crap out of me. What if I go bald? That would be a change. I’d have a hard time with that.

Now that I’m not on my coffee rush I have no other random stories. I was going to promise to post something more cohesive soon but that would probably be a lie. I’m not supposed to lie. And whenever have I been cohesive? Pretty much never. So no lies.

Couple Thoughts


I’ve been talking about how I’ve been reading Into the Wilderness. It’s over 700 pages long so it’s taking me a while to get through and I’ve been highlighting and commenting in it. There is one passage that kind of struck me and has kind of almost bugged me since I read it.

I want to watch you with Hannah, see what you’ve got to teach her. To take you into the wilderness in the spring and show you where you where the flag lilies grow. When it’s hot, to sleep with you under the waterfall. To kiss you whenever I please. To take you to bed, and have you there with me whenever I reach out for you…To get you with child, and watch it change the shape of you as it grows. (pg. 184)

So the back story of this passage is: This is said by Nathaniel, Hawkeye’s son, father of Hannah, also a widow and he’s got the hots for Elizabeth. At this passage Nathaniel and Elizabeth are having a tender moment, they’re expressing their feelings for each other. He says this and it strikes me that this passage and his feelings are completely selfish. This man has a child, he has people he has to provide for and he’s thinking “Boy do I ever want to have sex with you and knock you up”. Why this passage struck out to me as being selfish when there’s other passages that describe the personalities of both characters just as well and has stuck with me for a long time? I don’t know. But I did come to a conclusion.

Love is this weird mix of selfishness and unselfishness.

Now before I develop that thought. Let’s talk about me for a little bit. Talk about selfish right? I haven’t ever been much of a dater. So the question I have to present myself when thinking about my conclusion is: Have I ever been in love? After thinking about this, no, but I have been in lust (which is, I think, more selfish than love) and I have cared deeply for someone. But I don’t think I’ve ever been in true love. And since I’ve never been in true love, I still have a lot to learn about it. But I have theories which is a not so close second.

Now back to my conclusion. The moment I thought about it, I realized that it made sense. There’s a romantic view of love that it’s always unselfish. But from what I can gather, from friends, family, etc. You end up thinking about yourself some of the time when you’re in love. How much better you are with them, how you want to be with them, how you want to knock that person up in Nathaniel’s case. All these statements are “us” statements but you end up thinking about yourself as well. Hence the selfishness of love.

Another thing about this book is that they just had premarital sex and compared to Beyond the Highland Mists it was, let’s say, gentle. No, let’s go tactful. After the deed was over, they’re lying there and Nathaniel asks Elizabeth what she was thinking and she doesn’t say it but she’s thinking “your baby? in that stomach part of me?”. Part of me goes: dang that’s cute, another part of me goes: at 29 you would think that she would know that 2 seconds after sex you don’t know if you’re pregnant and then a third part goes: that’s kind of annoying. I don’t mean to say that these two are overly in love, like I want to puke from all the sugar. It’s just that was almost cliché.

While I’m talking about random things in this book, Nathaniel keeps saying ain’t. I know it would have been in his daily vocabulary but it drives me insane. Ain’t isn’t proper. Even my spell check is freaking out about it.

So lesson of the post. Love can be a little selfish,(which is a little bit of an opinion) a tender moment after sex that’s a little cheesy can be a little annoying and ain’t isn’t proper.

Day at the Rodeo.


Earlier this summer, I was so excited that at the county fair, I didn’t get burned during the parade. That’s usually the only time I get burned. Little did I know I was just waiting for another county fair to get burned. And this is the second time I got burned this summer. Actually if we’re being technical, the first burn was like end of March because when I went home for Mother’s Day, my mom laughed at me. If you get the ambition, go find that post where I go out with Paleo, that’s when I got burned. I’m failing here at life.

So I went to slack and then I went to the rodeo yesterday so I was out for like 4 hours yesterday watching rodeo, hence the sunburn. Now I have never rodeoed. I like to watch and I wish I had rodeoed. I’m not well versed on rodeo but I can follow. Just like football. I think that this love for rodeo started with my father. He used to break horses and he used to rope. He likes watching rodeo, it was a bonding thing for us.

I’ve been to more rodeos in the past 2 1/2 years than I ever have. This area of North Dakota cannot get enough rodeos. So I’ve developed a short, not complete list. These are things you will see at a rodeo.

What you will see.
Long sleeved shirts. No matter the temperature. It’s one of those things where, it’s tradition, it’s practical. If you rodeo, you pretty much have a large selection of long-sleeved shirts.
Hats Another thing that every competitor will have. They’re practical. They keep the sun out of your eyes and keeps you focused.
Wranglers Thank God for Wranglers. I appreciate the fabric of the jeans…..Can we go with that?
Boots with spurs I guess for me it makes sense why you have boots with spurs but for some people it won’t. Spurs help in an event, especially with the rough stock. (saddle bronc, bare back) Helps the score.
Alcohol. Even on a Sunday morning. Recently, I had a post when where I bust out characteristics of my friends. They’re like this too. We/they can handle alcohol.
Girls who think they’re country Let’s not talk about this. I get annoyed.
Pickups and trailers Some of those outfits are nice. More money goes in some of those outfits than I make in a year, maybe 2.

I also decided that if I rodeoed, I’d do breakaway, that’s if I stayed a woman. I would be really good at it. If I were a man, I’d be a steer wrestler. I would probably do some calf roping as well. I’ve always known that I wouldn’t date a rodeo cowboy because of the injuries and they’re generally players, but if I had to, it would be a roper or a steer wrestler. Steer Wrestlers are usually the big guys and I don’t see myself ending up with a guy who’s smaller. (I don’t mean that in a dirty way.) I said I wouldn’t date a rodeo cowboy but would totally date a rancher.

Random story that could have been a lot worse: They have these gates that you open to let the horses out after they buck and not hard to deal with they push out and they bring the gate back in. There was this really rank horse and they were going to get out of the outdoor arena and they got the horse to stop bucking and they kept going round and round and round. The gate was jammed. I haven’t ever seen a gate jam. They had 6 guys trying to get this gate open. Finally they took the pins out and they got the horse out and the gate got fixed.

Still hacking away at Into the Wilderness. I didn’t make much of a dent in it this weekend due to the fair. I’m going home this weekend and hope to get more done in the book then.

Is this a nerdy post. Yeah, I guess. But I don’t care.

Monkey, Bison, Fair, Monkey.


This morning I talked to my nephew. He is still upset that he couldn’t play instruments in music because he’s really good at playing drums. At 5 he knows how to play all ready….I guess. Don’t know where he picked that skill up. He hasn’t seen me since the 4th of July and won’t see me until the 22nd of September and he asked how many days until he sees me and I told him and he goes, which is always what he says “Wow, that’s a long time”. Then he told me he made friends with this kid and he had freckles on the face and he couldn’t remember the kids name. And then there was something about monkeys. Yup. This kid is definitely related to me. Because it always leads back to the monkey.

I’m always the friend that people are excited to show off their vocabulary off to. I’m not sure why because I don’t see me having a larger vocabulary than most people, but I may understand a little bit more. So anyway. This leads me to texting my friend R today. There’s this potluck tomorrow after church and she asked me if I would be there because we’re kind of inseparable at church stuff. I told her no, do I have to be and she goes “Yeah, it’s hard to be the 2 marketeers when one is gone” and then asked what marketeers were because that’s what her phone autocorrected musketeers to be. I looked it up on because I had an idea what it was and was just curious if I was right, I was. I texted her back and told her and she knows me well enough to know that I would just pull an answer out of thin air and tell her so she asked if I were shitting her. Nope. And then there was a discussion about us being marketeers and how it sounded super hero like and there’s going to be capes and no masks or tights. Because that’s not how we roll.

Fair has been going well. I think I know more people at this fair than the county fair of the county I live in. It’s more laid back than the fair in July. It’s also not as air-conditioned as in July, as it not air-conditioned at all. I have to go 25 miles to get to this fair and I was driving this morning and there’s this place north of town that has buffalo (bison) and the buffalo (bison) are mostly always where you can see them. There were people, pulled to the side of the road taking pictures of them. I wouldn’t do that. Not because I’m used to seeing buffalo (bison) or I’m also slightly terrified of them but they’re dangerous. They’re fast and they have horns. They will kill you. And I’m not being dramatic. I had a friend whose dad had buffalo and they weren’t allowed to go to the corrals themselves and they’d severely damage their young. I’m not being dramatic about them. But I guess since there’s a fence they were safe…….hahaha.

I made a dent in Into the Wilderness last night. I actually stopped reading about 1 this morning and was up at 8 getting ready to go to the fair. (was going to do an all nighter but I’m getting to old for that.) It’s really good so far. It’s like a continuation of The Last of the Mohicans. I have a lot of opinions on it and there’s a lot of highlighting going on. That’s a good thing about an e-reader. You can highlight easily and you don’t have to decipher scrunched words in the margins.


Reading Bubble


Small Rant: I deal with people all the time. Tourists, museum board members, staff and volunteers, city and county commissioners, random people on the street, the media, vendors, family and friends among many other people. I can handle most people. If I can’t, I usually get myself out of the situation. But the one kind of person that I can’t get away from EVER is the slow talker. I know you want to think before you speak and how you speak but hurry up with it. I can keep up with you, I promise. If I don’t I’ll ask you to repeat what you said. If only people would talk and respond as fast as my brain worked, we wouldn’t have this problem of me getting annoyed. Rant over.

I have another fair to be at this weekend. 😦 I dread county fairs.

Funny Story: My nephew had his first music class in school the other day and he told his mom, my sister-in-law, that they got to dance and sing but not play any instruments. His mom said that they probably wouldn’t be playing any instruments for a while to which the reply was “What? We have to be 14 to play?” No, just in the 4th grade to be in band. I feel like he’s going to continue the grand tradition of our family being involved in music. We all thought my niece would hit that stage before he would but surprise, he’s interested.

I have this problem. I read a book and I’m really into this book and I’m in the middle of a reading marathon and then the character is addicted to coffee and I look up and go “Coffee”. I then crave coffee for like a week. And I was just weaning myself off of coffee. Sigh. I suppose I should be glad this happened with coffee and not something horrible like heroin. I don’t just do this with coffee. I’ll be reading a contemporary piece and they’ll be at a café, eating a burger and I’ll go “mmmmmm. Cheeseburger”. Books can lead me to crave random things and dream ridiculousness. It’s like pregnancy.

I’ve noticed some interesting things about myself when I’m reading. I don’t necessarily eat (I’ll crave things but not eat), I forget to drink if I have a drink by me. These things just are a distraction. I usually look homeless when I’m reading (remember my laundry attire? same thing) and it’s seriously like being in a bubble. When I go Book Marathoning, nothing can be going on. No television, no music, no speaking. Just me, the actual silence and the words (honestly words can be noisy enough). It’s weird to me that I do that with literature. I do that with nothing else. Not with music, not with work (let’s face it, I have to pay attention to 300 million things at work. I can’t be in a bubble). What makes my life so bad that I have to block it out, get lost in someone else’s life and read? Nothing. I have it good compared to some characters that I read about. Can anyone say Jamie Fraser’s jail experience?

I think I do this reading bubble thing because I lived far from my friends growing up. When you live 17-20 miles from the majority of your real friends growing up, you need a substitute. Books were my substitute. I’ve gotten very good at making myself a reading bubble and not letting anyone in. It also makes me an awesome speed reader. Reading was my highest score on my ACTs.

Someone said this before but they transform into the characters when they start reading and really get into a book. They start worrying about the character’s worries and start thinking about the characters. I do this too. Because I sure have to worry about the Jacobite uprising or if Mr. Wickham will ruin my family. I almost develop an accent when reading a book.

These reasons are part of the reason I am really good at living alone.

Speaking about reading, still reading Into the Wilderness. I have some notes on it all ready and it should be interesting how this all pans out. It’s interesting to read or listen to reviews on this book. People generally love it but there are a few that don’t like it for whatever reasons. I almost like reading the negative reviews more because it’s easy to love a book but when flaws are pointed out, it’s easier for me to read it with a clearer head.