I’ve been dealing with kids all week. I got talked into helping with crafts at VBS at church and I had two groups of story time in the past two days. Let’s think about this. I’m single, I live alone, I have A niece and A nephew and am typically alone a lot of the time and if I’m hanging out with people, they’re typically my age or older. And who knows that 3-7 year olds typically like to talk and let you know everything they know and like to point random things out? And there are 3 year olds that like to run….and not take direction….and kind of ignore your instructions? That’s been my week. It’s making me rethink this whole toddler age thing. I want the babies until 3 and then give them back to me at like 17 1/2 well-trained. If I ever get married and the topic of children come up, we will be agreeing on this. Will this happen, mmmmm probably not. That’s illegal isn’t it?

Confession: When little kids come in the museum, I ask them to look for the big dinosaur skeleton in the museum and then when they come out I ask if it’s still there and when they answer yes, I said good, I don’t have to go look for it. Some of them aren’t fans of me saying that. Imagine that.

One Cute Thing: we had a little brother and sister in VBS last night and they brought in their crafts to where they put them for the last night. They were holding hands the whole time. Little blonde kids, cuter than all get out, holding hands. I just wanted to hug them.

My friend R and I were totally jealous of the tambourines the kids made out of branches, wire and bottle caps so us and R’s son made our own. And it was completely amazing.

Question: What am I reading? Answer: Nothing. I’m still getting over the ending of The Redemption of Callie and Kayden. It’s not that I hated it, it just wasn’t what I wanted. If I were a true fan girl of these books, I’d totally have a tantrum, and I’m not having a tantrum.

New Song Obsession: “Look at What I’ve Done” by Chris Cagle.

Where did July go? Where did the summer go?

I wanted to talk about something super deep today. But when I sat down and got the screen to start blogging, I blanked. Yesterday was easy, I had a book I had an opinion about and then I saw a YouTube video that I had an opinion about. I looked deep inside me and wondered what was going on there, not much. Looked on YouTube, looked on Pinterest. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find any inspiration. So what did I do, gave up and turned on “Dance Academy” on Netflix. I was never one of those girls that wanted to be a ballerina. I wasn’t into dinosaurs. I just wanted to play under the quilt that grandma was making and hang out with my family. My greatest ambition at 5 was to be a hobo. Oddly, that was the same ambition after college when I was looking for a job.

I have never seen myself in a position like a farmer, dancer, an accountant or even a mother. (that last one came later, in high school) I’ve often wondered if that’s normal. What is my purpose? Do others see it more clearly than I do? I have to constantly reminding myself that not everyone knows their purpose right away. Sometimes, your purpose is like God’s voice or your conscience, it’s a quiet and still voice. Anyway, I figuring stuff out. And that’s all I have.


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