I Rant. I Rave. It’s Now out of my System.


Is it just me or do the covers of a lot of y.a. resemble the covers of romance novels? How overly sexualized is our culture getting? I know that if you are going to get a large percentage of teenage girls to read you have to put in a really hot guy and have a love triangle and someone wins the girl, who’s usually brooding and dark and handsome, and someone who loses the girl, usually being the best friend. You have to have a cover that represents this. But you don’t have to have a couple groping each other in the middle of the street while they’re in period costume. Did you notice I called the main guy a hot guy? Do you know how many times I say a guy’s hot? I think that was like the fourth time in my life. I don’t appreciate the shallow ways of complimenting a female with calling her a hot chick so I return the favor.

Which leads me to a point. I don’t do it often, due to the lack of male friends in my life at the moment, but I can hang out with guys. Watching sports, being around while video gaming, occasional beer, I can handle it. I totally get that the way a guy speaks about a girl (or anything) is different depending on if he is talking to his guy friends or his girl friends. But when I’m hanging out with you, dear male friend, don’t call me a chick unless we’re doing something like 4-wheeling or I’m pushing calves up the chute. If I’m sitting there in “I’m a museum manger” attire, I’m not a chick. Show me at least a little respect. Am I totally going Jessica Spano on this? Yup. But I don’t care.

I also totally get why guys sometimes hate hanging out with girls. Speaking guy does not come easily to us. Just like girl speak isn’t easy for them, guy speak isn’t easy for us.

Then you get the girls who are like, “I just get along with guys better, there’s less drama”. First of all, depending on the situation, are you the drama? Second of all, again situation, are you sleeping with half the guys you’re “hanging out” with? Third: You need to find some better girl friends. I have a decent amount of them. Drama-dodging girls do exist. Granted guys don’t p.m.s. but they do have their cranky moments that make them not fun to hang out with and how many smelly moments can you handle? Now these three instances aren’t for every relationship but still, don’t complain about how you’d rather hang out with guys rather than females. Because it’s hardly ever just a face value thing.

I touched on this a few posts ago but I hate the girls that depend on a guy. Did their parents teach that they’re not strong enough to deal with life without a man? Because then there’s something wrong with how my parents raised me. I was out helping move cattle and trucks, making meals, cleaning house, doing laundry, taking phone messages, all before I entered the 6th grade. Seriously, dependent girl, life alone isn’t the end of life. The guy in your life doesn’t have to come up in every conversation, you don’t have to speak to him or see him every day and if you don’t see or speak to him one day, it’s not the end of the world and if or when you break up, he’s not worth crying over. With your personality, you’ll find one soon.

And guys, don’t think I forgot about you, don’t be a douche. While I’m all for getting my own chair, ordering food myself, etc. Do things that are nice, you can totally open my door or OFFER to pay for dinner. I’m not an expensive date but I’m not cheap either.

Honestly, don’t know how this post happened. I’ll be posting more normal stuff later. I think. I hope. I hope this ranting doesn’t last forever, that would suck. And don’t be offended by this post, I’m just ranting on things I don’t understand or that bug me.


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  1. I dislike when women make a point of saying they don’t have female friends and prefer guys, and some even go further and say they hate women. That’s a lot of self-hate there. And you make a point, if a woman says whenever there are women around there is drama, she might be the source. Some women need the attention they receive from being the only woman around. Shame. You never hear a dude say, “I only hang out with women, I can’t stand all that man stuff.”

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